How to overlay metal fireplace with bricks

Metal furnaces are practical and convenient devices that allow the room to warm up to the desired temperature very quickly. Although such structures are capable of retaining heat for a long time, but outwardly they do not always fit into the interior design. The solution to this problem is the decoration of the fireplace by the method of external facing with stone or brick. After that, he acquires a pleasant appearance, creating a home comfort and giving a good mood.

Stocking up with all necessary

The process of finishing a cast iron fireplace is a complex process that requires the use of a special tool. For such purposes, experts use a set of specific products and mechanisms:

  • level;
  • roulette;
  • hammer pickaxe;
  • plummet;
  • Master OK.

You also need to stock up on small tanks for mixing the solution and transporting it to the place of laying (buckets, pallets, etc.).To enclose a metal fireplace with a brick, you should also stock up on materials:

  1. Brick. This product should be designed to operate at high temperatures. Do not use building bricks, and give preference to refractory substances. Many experts recommend immediately buying decorative materials, which will exclude additional finishing of the outer side of the masonry.
  2. Solution. You can make such a mixture yourself from clay, cement and sand, but this procedure requires adherence to a certain technology. It is much easier to buy ready-made products for laying, which need only be diluted with water to a certain consistency.
  3. Asbestos cardboard, metal corners, etc. All these attributes are auxiliary and are used to optimize the design (insulation, reinforcement, the formation of arches, etc.).
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We prepare masonry solution

The basis of virtually any mixture for masonry is a substance that is similar in composition to the material used for walls. Therefore, in the case of a brick fireplace finish, it is desirable to use clay solutions. The algorithm for their preparation is relatively simple and consists of several steps:

  1. Initially sand is mixed with clay (2: 1) in a special container. Please note that the sand mixture should be as clean as possible and consist only of this substance. Therefore, it is pre-sifted through special fed, which allows you to remove all the organic components (plants, etc.) and large stones that cannot be stretched to a uniform consistency.
  2. When the mixture is ready, it is poured with water in the ratio of 1 to 4 and allow the solution to acquire the desired plasticity. To do this, it is initially left for about 3 hours, then thoroughly mixed, and then allowed to stand for another hour. To minimize the evaporation of water, the container is closed with a lid or similar structure.
  3. At the end of the time, the mixture is checked. For this, a small bundle of about 1 cm thick is rolled out of it. Then it rolls up into a ring with a diameter of about 5 cm. If during this process the solution looks like soft clay and there are no cracks, then there is a lot of clay in it. This is eliminated by the addition of sand and additional infusion. When it is difficult to form a ring with a substance or it has large cracks,this indicates a lack of clay, which must be added to it and left to infuse for some time.

In the absence of these components, you can use a cement-sand mixture as a solution with the addition of a certain amount of PVA glue or purchase ready-made products in the store.

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Firebox decoration

An iron fireplace is not only a heavy, but also relatively dangerous construction. Therefore, it should be operated in accordance with all safety standards, according to which it must be installed on a metal or concrete base. The process of finishing the fireplace insert is carried out in compliance with some consistent rules:

  1. To ensure an optimal level of heating and movement of warm air, a gap of about 5 cm should be left between the walls of the stove and the brickwork. This parameter is taken into account when marking the basis of the structure.
  2. The brick is placed on a flat surface, often using the same metal sheet on which the furnace is placed. Therefore, buying it you need to take into account this small nuance.
  3. Laying the first row should be solid without any holes or slots.Before construction is carried out, the brick should be slightly wet. The solution is applied with a trowel in such a quantity as to form seams with a thickness of from 3 to 5 mm.
  4. All subsequent rows are stacked on the same principle, observing the binding of bricks. In the second row, experts recommend leaving 2 small holes acting as ventilation.
  5. After the location of several rows, the level of the masonry and the verticality of each of the corners must be checked. To do this, use a plumb line or flat rail.
  6. In the locations of the doors, they form special openings that allow easy access to the firebox and perform the necessary operations with it. In the same way, the entire construction of brick is built, observing the previously discussed rules.

Upon completion, the fireplace can be decorated with special clinker tiles that can withstand high temperatures. is selected individually and depends on the desires of the owner.

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