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The construction of a genuine fireplace, including a chimney, in the apartment only for the purpose of heating, unfortunately, is impossible, therefore today false-fireplaces (just as decoration to the hall) or electric fireplaces that can heat the room and replace the batteries, produce real fire are very popular but without smoke through the use of environmentally friendly fuels. In this case, the materials for arranging the fireplace zone will be wood, drywall or tile.

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The budget material for the manufacture of artificial fireplaces are boxes that need to glue and decorate at their discretion.

If you are going to install a fireplace in a country house, then the ideal option would be a lining of refractory, durable materials: brick, stone or granite.

Before making a fireplace should pay attention to the style of the room.


Before making a fireplace should pay attention to the style of the room.There is a huge number of options with which you can decorate the fireplace, tiling it so that it will look harmonious with the rest of the furniture in the apartment.


The classical Empire style appeared during the construction of palaces in France at the beginning of the 18th century. It combines massiveness and monumentality: columns and furniture, crystal, curtains made of velvet. Empire architecture combines elements of decor ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian countries. Nowadays, designers of modern apartments resort to this style.

It goes well with the interior of the room fireplace. It should be revetted with marble or natural stone. The main thing - to combine the antiquity inherent in this style. The choice of jewelry is wide: sphinxes, eagles and lions will fit perfectly into the design of the fireplace.

Country music

Country style is popular in country houses, in country houses, because it combines elements of a village house. For the fireplace in this style is characterized by the design of natural materials, which are given a simple, unpretentious form.

Fireplace, made in the style of country, features a zone made in the shape of the letter "D".The wooden beam mounted on top is a distinctive part of the style. In the decoration of such a fireplace are used porous stones (for example, sandstone). The flue is made of plaster. Such a fireplace will be an excellent element of decor in a small room.


Provence style from the last century is popular for finishing fireplace zones.

A fireplace made in this style should not differ in brightness and contrast, but should combine muted light shades diluted with white to create antiquality. You can use different shades of white, for example, blue, beige and other colors. Sandpaper will help you create the effect of an aged fireplace. This option will look great not only in this style.

It is associated with the spring, with the female beginning and holidays, for example, from March 8.


The hearth, made in Art Nouveau style, has a high shape, usually to the very ceiling. The use of this style gained popularity during the construction of rich, luxury homes. A standard fireplace usually does not fit into a unique interior of apartments, therefore fireplaces having the most diverse geometric shape are suitable for the design of any premises, except country and classics.Foci of modern style are made of the most modern materials, must be combined with walls, floor and ceiling.

The fireplace should be in contrast with the surrounding furniture or stand out among them. True, such foci are distinguished by smooth lines, but at the same time they have an unusual design that can be easily designed for any space.

Modern style is great for a person who does not understand the classics. Modern will help emphasize the uniqueness of your cottage or apartment.


The avant-garde style fireplace embodies the original, modern forms. The task of this style is to create a unique atmosphere without using intricate details and without overdoing it.

This style is used in many studios when taking photographs, and very often in such photographs one can notice the royal fireplace, which is an integral part of such a room. The hearth can be built in or placed near the wall, installed in the center, decorated with bright decorative elements and thus distinguished among other pieces of furniture.


Minimalism has received a special spread in our time, since strict design fits perfectly into any interior.The owners of rich apartments and houses prefer to install fireplaces in the same style.

Such foci are often hidden behind transparent glass, behind false panels, using the simplest facing of granite or concrete.

Some, on the contrary, prefer to focus on the fireplace, drawing attention to it. In this case, the fireplace is faced with a hue that is in contrast with the main color of the room, creating a unique composition.


Classic fireplaces are made of stone, the modernist trend has no effect on the unsurpassed classics.

Fireplace zones in the classic version are the letter "P" and a rectangular smoke eaves. They are not separated from the wall; they are one with it. Materials used in decorating: wood and marble. Such fireplaces are most often installed in strict cabinets.

Classic fireplaces look great with new TVs, especially if the TV is completely black.

Materials and decor

The fireplace not only warms the room and the house, but also is their decoration. To the fireplace looked great in the room, you need to skillfully use materials and decorative elements.


The fireplace, made of drywall, hides all the imperfections and will help to diversify the design of the hearth. For decorating the drywall itself use gypsum columns, polyurethane stucco, to complete the image of the fireplace. On top of the fireplace set shelves on which you can put different vases.

If you have an electric fireplace, which creates fire with the help of special fuel, then you can put a mirror inside, which will visually increase the space inside the fireplace.


Initially, when assembling fireplaces, only brickwork was used, since brick is one of the simplest materials that can be used in a minimalist style. Brick color looks great with warm colors, so there are no problems when combined with other interior items. Often use bricks for decorating fireboxes. The clinker - a waterproof and fire-resistant brick enjoys popularity.

For refined styles, white brick cladding is suitable, which will create a feeling of lightness and lightness of the whole room.

Ceramic tile or tile

Ceramic tile (tile) is a versatile material with high resistance to high temperatures for finishing the fireplace. The technology is very simple and does not cause difficulties. Be sure to use a special glue that can withstand high temperatures.


Designers prefer to use mosaic when decorating a fireplace. This material is of different types: glass, ceramic or mirror - it all depends on the preferences of the person. This facing material is the most favorite of all others.

You can combine different types of mosaics, creating an unusual atmosphere around the fireplace. For example, from a mosaic, you can create a drawing in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day or unusual hieroglyphs.

Self-adhesive film

Self-adhesive film is perfect for a false fireplace. The advantage of this material is that it does not need to use any glue, because it is applied on the film itself.

If you decide to invent your own design of an artificial fireplace, but you have a huge selection of self-adhesive films, which, for example, will help create the illusion of the portal.


When making fireplaces wood is rarely used, mainly in country style.

An excellent option would be to use wood for a brick or stone hearth to liven up the space of the room. It is also used in saunas to maintain heat and moisture levels.

Natural or artificial stone

If you are a supporter of naturalness, then a natural or artificial stone for a fireplace will fit into your home, especially if they are of an asymmetrical shape, in its natural state. You will have no problems with the choice, because in nature there is a huge number of suitable stones: shell rock, granite or onyx, which perfectly decorate the hearths.


Marble is distinguished by durability and a beautiful view, but it is not easy for them to decorate fireplaces due to gravity. If you choose this material, then use individual components, for example, curtain rods and slabs, which will be compiled into the composition at the installation site.

It is best not to use marble with drywall, as it is unlikely to be able to withstand the weight.

Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster will be a great decoration for the fireplace,because it can imitate modernly any material, be it wood or stone. For this property, this material has received special distribution in the modern world.


Thermal paint is used to correct the appearance of the hearth, which deteriorated over time. If the fireplace is lined with concrete, through which cracks have gone, then you can safely disguise these cracks under beautiful flowers of your choice.


Many create false fireplaces in preparation for various spring and winter holidays, for example, for the New Year or the Day of All Lovers. In this case, the simplest material for the manufacture will be foam - a light material from which you can quickly create something in a short period of time.


With the help of polyurethane, the fireplace can be given any style. This material is the cheapest, so that any owner of the hearth can buy it.


Tiles are used for the ultimate facing of fireplaces. This material is highly durable and heat resistant.


When decorating fireplaces with glass, many ideas have been created that will make it unique.Thus, a glass partition will help create a sense of the absence of a barrier between the room and the fire.


Cold metal is popular in modern art styles, many appreciate the unusual play of this material. Particularly relevant metal forging, which is used to decorate the external walls of the fireplace.


The cheapest and harmless material in the manufacture of artificial fireplaces. It is easy to use, it does not take much time to make.

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