How to decorate a fireplace

The living room is the most comfortable place in the house of every family. It is here that the family gathers on winter evenings and on holidays. The most honorable place is given to the fireplace in the living room, as it not only warms everyone with its warmth, but also decorates the room. A tastefully decorated fireplace will bring a lot of positive emotions to both households and guests.

Holiday Decoration

The fireplace is always installed in the most advantageous place so that it not only warms the room, but also attracts everyone's attention. The presence of the hearth improves the room. In order for the fireplace to always remain the main part of your interior it is necessary to decorate it correctly. This is especially true of the holidays.

New Year's option

Decorating a fireplace is not at all difficult. For starters, you need to decide what you will decorate the fireplace with. You can buy the necessary toys and tinsel for the New Year in the supermarket, and you can rummage in the pantry and find there many interesting things.If you wish, you can make jewelry yourself.

When you create a New Year's mood in your home, two things should be remembered:

  1. Safety. During the winter holidays, many people prefer to decorate their homes with garlands and candles.
  2. Matching colors. It is very important to choose suitable colors both for the interior and for the holiday in general. The main New Year flowers are white, green, blue, gold, red and all their shades.

It is possible to decorate a fireplace absolutely differently. In this case, it all depends on the imagination and your capabilities. Here are some good examples of a New Year's fireplace:

  • The decor of the fireplace is made in red and white. A minimum of jewelry - a maximum of beauty. Photos in beautiful frames, homemade snowflakes, candles, garlands - that's all you need to create a New Year's mood by the fireplace.
  • Golden-green extravaganza of tinsel, Christmas tree decorations and garlands is perfect for the New Year.
  • Fireplace decoration in green and gold tones without too much tinsel. A cute wreath on the wall, a scattering of Christmas toys on the mantelpiece and the symbol of the New Year by the fire.

Valentine's Day

Since ancient times, it was the custom that Valentine's Day should be filled with delicate pink and bright red tones. Both red and pink symbolize love.In this light and tender holiday at home, you can easily create a romantic atmosphere with the help of hearts, balls and beads. By February 14, you can buy all the attributes of the holiday in the store, and you can try and make them yourself by investing in their creation love and warmth.

It is possible to decorate a fireplace in this holiday both in red, and pink color, without forgetting to dilute an interior with less bright shades: white or silver.

What decorations can be made from improvised means:

  • Wreaths of rosebuds, peonies and lilies;
  • Heart garlands;
  • Big hearts with cardboard arrows;

And if there is no time for handicrafts, then you can inflate a couple of balls and place some candles on the mantelpiece. Figurines in the form of doves and angels will be useful.

Several interesting options:

  • Decorative fireplace is stylishly decorated with rag hearts, which are organically combined with teddy bears and fresh flowers.
  • The appliqué on the shelf blends perfectly with the live flower on the table, and the small heart pillow complements this elegantly discreet style.
  • Maximum pink shades, delicate buds and hearts.The main accent is a statuette in the form of a loving couple.


You can create a festive atmosphere even on Easter. It is on this bright day that fire has a special meaning, because the whole family gathers at the hearth. For decorations on a holiday mantel is ideal. It can be placed as traditional cakes and eggs, and themed garlands.

Examples with photos:

  • Very beautiful pale yellow decor of the fireplace is made with fresh flowers and baskets of eggs.
  • Candles, tinsel, a garland of paper eggs are in perfect harmony with each other. It creates the impression of comfort and tranquility.


On Christmas, as on any other holiday, households love to decorate their homes. The fireplace in the house takes the main place, so you need to decorate it. Festive attributes can be spread out on the mantelpiece, and you can hang a wreath or a picture on the wall. The main attributes of the winter holiday are candles, decorative socks, ribbons and garlands. The small candles and mistletoe sprigs will perfectly fit into the Christmas interior.

Here is a wonderful example of how to decorate a fireplace for Christmas by yourself:

  • The fireplace is decorated in traditional red and green colors. Decorative candles, socks with gifts are wonderfully combined with a nearby Christmas tree. A huge clock, decorated in a wreath of live branches, look very original.

Wedding motifs

At the wedding, the fireplace is decorated no less than on any other holiday. The hearth is a symbol of a new family, so it must be highlighted on this day. For the decor fit large candles, fresh flowers, wide ribbons and much more. On the wall you can hang pictures of the bride and groom, decorating them in bright frames with satin ribbons. There are a lot of options, the main thing is not to break out of the general style of celebration.

Here is a vivid example of minimalism in decorating a fireplace for a wedding: fresh flowers and white candles, tender and beautiful.

Styles and themes

Decorate the fireplace not only for the holidays, it can be done for any reason. The arrival of spring, a change of interior and just a good mood can be the impetus for a new decor of the family hearth. There are a lot of styles and trends in the design of rooms, so most often the fireplace is made according to the interior of the room.

Spring Flower Theme

Spring is not only a time of love, but also a time for transformation and a new life in general.Therefore, at this time, the fireplace is decorated according to the season of the year: delicate flowers and greenery. Here you can experiment with fresh flowers: suitable as a pot type of lilies and violets, or bouquets with roses and peonies. And you can draw or cut out applications for a spring theme and hang them in frames above the fireplace.

Here are some inspiration ideas for spring or March 8:

  • A minimum of jewelry in the form of delicate flowers and the heart sings of joy and emotion.
  • Homemade textile balls and flowers remarkably transform a decorative fireplace and fill the house with a good mood.

Marine theme

Very relevant is the maritime theme of the fireplace in the summer. Various knick-knacks and antiques look beautiful: seashells, caskets, chests, ship models, etc. The interior in white and blue colors in combination with natural wood looks organically and expensively.

Here are photos where these ideas are combined:

  • Blue and white tones in combination with shell, reminiscent of shells.
  • Minimum colors and ship model as the main symbol.

Autumn Rhapsody

In the autumn decor natural materials are especially beautiful. The choice in this regard is huge: dried twigs, leaves and berries, ripe fruits and vegetables, cones, nuts, spikelets.The basis of the decor of the fireplace can serve as a composition of all the listed items. You can make wreaths, garlands or bouquets, which can be placed both on the wall and on the mantelpiece.

Photos - ideas for inspiration:

  • Ripe fruit, a bouquet of feathers and natural wood - the key to a harmonious decor of the fireplace in the autumn.
  • The stone hearth is complemented by ornaments made of dried twigs and wicker baskets.


Graphics in the decor of the fireplace can be present in very different forms: drawing, painting, applique, statuettes. This style is distinguished by the clarity of lines and the restraint of colors. In the graphic style, you can decorate the fireplace with the help of an original picture or application.

You can create a graphic interior using stucco. It is also worth considering that you have to work with putty, paints, glue and decorative tiles, so you need to stock up with everything you need beforehand.

Graphics in the interior:

  • This photo organically combines graphics and Scandinavian motifs. The result was a discreet and original decor.


Classic is a great choice for every day. Not only on holidays I want to be surrounded by beautiful things.Classic style implies the presence of mirrors, paintings, lights. The basic rule is discreet colors and large or medium sizes. Black-and-white details are ideally combined with a fireplace.

Classic fireplace decoration:

  • The combination of dark and light shades, a minimum of items on the mantelpiece, a delicate bouquet and an inconspicuous picture - this is the key to stylish classics in the interior.
  • Low-key wallpapers in combination with indoor flowers and stucco create an interesting and at the same time classic image of the home.

Country style

Country style is the prerogative of country houses. Where if not in the country you can equip a large fireplace, where you can sit in the evening with the whole family. Rustic style in the interior is characterized by the presence of coarse furniture made of natural wood, combined with household items. Often rustic style combined with hunting. This variant of decoration is most often chosen by men.

Here are examples of fireplaces, where the rustic decor is combined both in the cottage and in the apartment environment:

  • A wooden fireplace, iron candlesticks on the ceiling, forged figurines are just some of the details that can be used in your interior.
  • The picture with the landscape, in combination with river stones and the rough design ideally emphasize the rustic style.

Old castle

Some lovers of fireplaces prefer to give the fireplace the status of not a hearth, but a kind of castle. It is possible to make a medieval castle out of the fireplace with your own hands, using the special decorative stone “Old Castle”. This material has a huge selection of shapes and colors, so that everyone can choose their own version.

Photos - ideas for inspiration:

  • The massive fireplace is decorated with white columns and original stucco.
  • The hearth of decorative stone is in perfect harmony with old gizmos.

If you wish, you can decorate the fireplace with anything, and no matter what time it will be, as long as it pleases you and everyone who will look at it.

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