Fireplaces for fireplaces: how to choose and which is better?

Fireplace firmly took its position in the interior of many country houses and apartments. It is a device that is characterized by beauty and functionality. Heating, it envelops the room with a cozy and warm atmosphere. To the fireplaces with maximum efficiency to perform the tasks, you need to pay attention to the correct choice of the furnace for the portal. Much depends on how well you choose this component in all respects. What exactly, we will consider in this article.

Basic construction elements

The design of the fireplace insert contains the following elements:

  • Wall. The number and dimensions of the walls depend on the type of heating unit. If you have an entirely open model - there are no walls, in the panoramic version there are two elements, in the built-in model there are three elements. The walls can be made of steel, fireclay bricks or heat-resistant glass;
  • Base.For metal structures, it is made of cast iron, and brick units are made from stones or bricks;
  • Smoke box. It is designed to accumulate and discharge the flow of smoke, which is formed during combustion. This component of the fireplace insert can be made as a separate unit. In this case, it is attached to the chimney or to the upper walls of the furnace. Often, smoke collectors play the role of chamber for afterburning of gases in the pyrolysis oven;
  • Door. It can be made of glass, which makes it possible to observe the process of the fire of the portal;
  • grate. This component is used to transport ash from the fireplace insert. Through the openings flows fresh air that contribute to the combustion process. As a rule, this part is made of cast iron, as it is exposed to high temperatures;
  • Ashpot This component is a ash collection chamber. It is placed under the firebox, right under the grate. The ashtray may be a drawer or fixed camera, which are made of fire-resistant materials;
  • Gate valve.It exists for partial or complete overlap of the chimney, thus regulating the draft and intensity of fire in the fireplace.


Fireplace inserts are divided into species according to several criteria. For example, a fireplace insert is closed or open type. Also there is a division into the air furnace, or products with water circuits. The latter design is responsible for several actions: heating the room, getting hot water for household needs.


If you want to install a fireplace in your house that requires good functionality along with security, then a portal with a closed firebox will suit you. As a rule, the doors and walls of such devices are made of heat-resistant glass. With this type of fireplace you can admire the flame without worrying about the possible sparks from the fire in the room.

There are many proposals from manufacturers, which provide lifting doors, due to which you can convert a closed unit into an open one. For those who like to admire an open flame, this option is the most preferred.

The advantages of these models include:

  • high performance;
  • long period of use;
  • fire safety;
  • particles of ash do not spread around the room, as they are sent straight to the ash pan.

The disadvantages include:

  • closed fireboxes are more expensive when compared with open versions;
  • if your model does not have a self-cleaning glass option, then you will have to clean it yourself.


This is the best option for a relaxation zone. Observation of the view, the smell and the sound of burning wood, can bring everyone to a state of relaxation. This heat gives observers a sense of safety and security. The advantage of the models include affordable price. Among the shortcomings noted the following:

  • low productivity;
  • fire hazard. If you decide to install in your house a fireplace with an open hearth, then pay attention to the requirements for fire safety. These portals should be installed on a brick refractory foundation, and floor protection with non-combustible material will also be required.
  • Such fireboxes carry a danger to children and animals, as near them you can easily get burns.


Such fireplace inserts are called inserts. They are products with advanced technologies that are embedded in pre-selected facing material or in the fireplace portal. Installation is carried out simultaneously with the installation of cladding and chimney. In most of the built-in furnaces there is a double afterburning, control of the properties of combustion, temperature, glass cleaning and other functions.

Double sided

Double-sided fireplace inserts are called structures with two facades that are opposite each other. They are used in the corner, wall and island type fireplaces. When installing a chimney with a single firebox, you can admire the flame in adjacent rooms.


For bio fireboxes no hood or chimney is required, because they do not emit harmful substances during combustion. This type of firebox works on special fuel, so special decorations are used for them, which serve as logs.


These fireplace inserts are open from three sides. They are divided into two types:

  • with the increased part and narrow glasses on each side;
  • U-shaped firebox with a narrow front wall and long side walls.


Round fireboxes have a peculiar shape of glass.They are loved by people who like stylish and unusual things in the interior.


Vermiculite furnaces are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation, and are popular, since the material itself, from which these structures are made, is distinguished by its ecological purity, resistance to high temperatures, fire resistance, and reflectivity.

With convection

Fire chamber with convection chamber is a profitable purchase. In this case, the chimney is closed with a special casing of insulating drywall, and between the firebox and the niche air flow is provided through the holes above and below the firebox.

Cross cutting

Through fireplace insert presentable looks. There are models from domestic and foreign manufacturers. The second name of such products is two-sided. They are similar to the angular type of two glass walls, but in them the glass is located opposite each other.

With the help of such a firebox you can differentiate the space in the room and visually connect the adjacent rooms due to the blazing flame.


Modern vortex furnaces are equipped with refractory ceramics When feeding secondarythe air flow in it is delayed for a long time combustible gases, which are completely burn out, forming the minimum amount of harmful substances.

How to choose

Before you put a fireplace in your house, you will need to make a choice of a fireplace insert. Many newcomers are wondering about product selection. A diverse range of products is scary, and most people don’t know where to start. The furnaces may have a different style, color, manufacturer.

To make a choice, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with offers from different manufacturers and choose the most suitable option.

Installation and Protection

On how correctly you make the installation depends on the performance of the entire structure. Experts advise to use some of the rules for installation:

  • Before you decide on the location of the fireplace should take care of the fire walls.
  • The base of the furnace must be equipped with a steel sheet, the thickness of which is 2 mm.
  • Wool basalt-based serves as insulation. It must be placed between the floor and the ceiling.
  • When laying, the firebox must be gradually rounded off, laying each brick row 6 cm closer than the previous one.
  • Remove excess mortar from bricks with a sponge.
  • The thickness of the side wall should be 20 cm, and the back 10 cm.
  • If you are installing in a stone room, then you can place a fireplace near any wall. When working with wood, you need to equip a protective layer of brick or building blocks.
  • To avoid damage to the surface during operation of the furnace, the chimney should be taken out of the roof at a distance of at least 1 meter.
  • The section of the chimney that intersects with the attic should be treated with thermal insulation.
  • The junction of the firebox and chimney should be airtight.
  • The firelighter should be located above the floor at a height of at least 20 cm.
  • The distance between the firebox and the wall must be at least 10 cm.


The modern market offers a wide range of fireplace inserts. Everyone who wishes can easily purchase the option that suits their needs. It is only necessary to choose the material for the production of the furnace. At the moment, stores offer products made of iron and steel.

To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the merits of each type of product. Cast iron furnace is a traditional production option that has been popular for several decades. On its basis various modern technologies and developments are carried out.

The design of a cast-iron fireplace insert consists of several particles, presented as separate components. When installing all the elements are assembled into a single unit. For the tightness of the design meets a special oven cord used at the junction.

Compared to steel furnaces, cast iron products can keep warm for a long time. This property is due to the remarkable heat accumulation properties of the material. The metal heats up more slowly, gradually giving off heat. Another advantage of cast iron is its thermoplastic. The fire chamber from a similar material is not exposed to deformation and destruction.

How to finish

Facing the fireplace insert is an important factor for the exterior of the portal. Also, its importance is determined by the fact that this design serves to heat the room and is considered an integral part of the whole room design.In order to maximize the pleasure of using the fireplace, you should decide in advance on the color scheme of the interior and the style of the room itself.

If you follow these rules, the fireplace will be a real decoration of your bedroom, living room or kitchen. A wide selection of materials for lining helps to satisfy any taste preferences.

Characteristics of materials are able to determine the effectiveness of the fireplace insert. As a rule, open fireboxes are used in the portals, which is laid out of bricks or stones. It is worth noting that its use is accompanied by some problems, because not every overlap between floors can withstand a large mass of the fireplace. In this regard, the installation of stone structures should be made only on the first floor.

Today, fireplace inserts made of cast iron and steel are popular, which most people decide to impose on ceramics, fireclay bricks or vermiculite. The current refractory materials greatly facilitate the work on the lining. Plasterboard structures, artificial stones make it possible to complete the facing work in a period of 7-10 days.

If you are thinking about how to impose a cast-iron firebox with natural stone, consider the duration of the work. Experts recommend contacting this issue with qualified craftsmen.

From a theoretical point of view, you can use the furnace and without cladding. However, the walls tend to emit infrared radiation. When firewood is burned, the body heats up almost to red, so you can easily get burned by touch.

Lining with the help of bricks is very popular. You can use the idea of ​​a loft style for the interior. Ceramic and facing brick types are used in this work, as well as clinker.

In recent years, facing the fireplace insert with aerated concrete has become widespread. The advantages of the method is the efficiency of work. The disadvantages: the required additional work on finishing, low strength of the structure, which requires reinforcement.

Drywall is a good option for self-finishing fireplace insert. With it, you can make classic and non-standard models of portals.

Cost of

Fireplace inserts offer many domestic and foreign manufacturers. Products differ in their functional additions and price range. There are several popular fireboxes companies that are trusted by consumers:

In Ukraine, the company Zharko has won the market, which offers the most modern developments with adaptation to local realities. "Hot" fully supports the quality requirements that are stated in Europe, Ukraine and Russia, so that it is located in the leading places in the implementation of stoves and fireplaces.

Fireplace insert from Air Long Lux "Snowflake" is characterized by increased performance, along with an excellent power of 20 kW. The mass of the structure is 192 kg. The original design and the wide diameter of the chimney 200 mm attract attention. Such furnaces cost about 60 thousand rubles.

If you want to get a prestigious version, then the French manufacturer Laudel offers corner models of fireboxes, the cost of which is 80,000 rubles. Many owners of country houses or prestigious suburban areas choose Laudel 700 Grande Vision Turbo.

For lovers of chic, there is a stylish XE Invicta Prismatic 700 firebox, which is characterized by a prismatic shape.The design is made of high quality cast iron, which is smelted in factories in Europe. The cost of this model is 61 thousand rubles.

The available model Ferlux C-17 Air ext has the function of full combustion of flue gas, along with the supply of outside air. This design is characterized by a power of 10 kW. Despite its small size, such a fireplace insert can heat a house of 75 square meters. The cost of such a firebox is 26 thousand rubles.

The cost of fireplace inserts may vary depending on the prestige of the manufacturer and its position in the market. Each buyer will be able to choose the option that fits his financial capabilities.

Corner fireplace inserts have the simplest configuration, which undoubtedly affected their cost: they are the cheapest among fireplaces. Such structures are easy to install and take up little space. It is worth noting their high degree of heat transfer, which is formed by the reflection of heat in the air from the walls.

Overview of producing countries

Not for nothing fireboxes are called the heart of the fireplace. It plays the role of its most important part, which affects the performance of the entire unit.The domestic market of fireplace inserts offers a diverse selection among manufacturers from around the world. The following are the most common brands:


The German company Schmid has long gained its fame as a manufacturer of high quality heating equipment. Production is located in Rathenau. This model came to Russian consumers due to its really good quality.

Fireplace inserts Spartherm belong to the world leader in the field of heating equipment. The devices present a modern style and good quality. In any country, this product is able to find its buyer, because the furnaces of this brand meet all stated international standards.


The company Edilkamin present advanced casting technology, so it produces the most modern fireplace inserts made of cast iron. Edilkamin is very popular around the globe.

The best European designers and highly skilled engineers participate in the creation of models. For the fireplace Edil has widely spread the patented technology from this manufacturer,which lies in the harmonious supply of air into the furnace, the technology of secondary afterburning, the option of aerodynamics of the removal of combustible products.


The fireplace stove Invicta 700 is considered a top seller. Its functionality combined with an affordable price attracts the attention of many buyers. These products are considered to be a model of the height of the designer’s style, which constantly gives joy to its consumers. The manufacturer offers options for antique, under the skin and other beneficial options.

It is worth noting another French company that owns the firebox Termovision vision 700 d. The main specialization of the company is the production of cast iron furnaces. The product has a slide valve, which is installed on the nozzle of the firebox and makes it possible to control the thrust, and with the heat retained inside the room.


In Russia, the production of fireplace inserts is engaged in the company Optima Aqua. Each product is distinguished by a water circuit, side doors, and a gate valve. The trademark Lyra is also in great demand among the population.


The Czech company Liseo has become famous for the production of fireplace inserts using advanced technology.These products are not inferior to Western European manufacturers in their quality, although they are much cheaper. Czech products received approval from experts and consumers.

In its production, Liceu uses rugged cast iron, which is produced by the German plant Sud Guss, but the furnace itself is built in the Czech Republic.


Meta fireplace inserts are intended to be built into the veneer. Meta company produces fireboxes under three trademarks: Metafire, Eukrakamin and Ardenfire. All products are made from high quality materials, differ in advanced design and reasonable price.

It is worth noting that the company cooperates with the French brand Invicta and orders from it a cast case for the fire chambers of the Anderfire cast iron. For Metafire a steel case is used, which is assembled in Belarus.


Among the Finnish companies can be identified Tulikivi, which produces fireplace inserts on the basis of talc chloride. Due to this, the trademark products are unique. The fire chamber quickly conducts heat and perfectly accumulates it.Tulikivi company is a family brand that has gained worldwide distribution.


Products from the Nordflam brand are made from high quality cast iron. Country of manufacture of such furnaces - Poland. The products are made on one of the most modern equipments, therefore, they are referred to as high-tech permanent burning devices. Nordflam is constantly expanding its range of fireboxes and currently a large number of different models are available for purchase. A distinctive feature of the fireplace inserts from this manufacturer is their special type of combustion.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Installing a fireplace in your home has always symbolized consistency and livability. If you have such a hearth, you can admire the flame in a cozy atmosphere at any time of the year.

It is necessary to think over the entire design to the smallest detail so that the fireplace insert combines with the rest of the interior. To date, the network there are many interesting proposals in the interior. You can use any of them, depending on your taste preferences.

For example, open fireplaces look great in the center of the room, thanks to which they instantly immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the ancient years, when people gathered around the fire for cooking or just to get warm. Such fireplaces are able to heat the entire room and emphasize its stylishness and uniqueness.

In small rooms you can install corner fireplaces, for lovers of unusual things manufacturers offer high-tech style. This is the most unpredictable solution for your interior, which depends entirely on the courage of your imagination.

Facing material will help to make your fireplace insert unique and unique, as well as fully fit it into the environment.

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