How to choose a clock on the fireplace

Today in many houses and even apartments you can find such an interesting and dimensional decorative element as a fireplace. The peculiarity of these models is that they fill the room with coziness, make it more homely and comfortable. Today, many fireplaces perfectly combine beauty and functionality at their core, as buyers have noted. Creating a cozy atmosphere in the room, the owners of the house try to supplement it with various decorative elements, and one of these common options is a clock.

How to put

Basically, fireplaces are used for arranging the living room, since it is in this room that the family spends a large amount of free time, gathering together. And therefore, the owners are trying to create a warm and cozy atmosphere here, which will have to share a fun time together.

A special place in the interior is occupied by decorative objects, and the matter concerns not only the fireplace.Every home has such a functional and attractive detail as a clock. If you pay special attention to all the nuances regarding the decor of the room, then you should not lose sight of this important component.

Here are some interesting ideas that will help to correctly position the clock in the right place:

  • small and beautiful models can be put on the fireplace along with various figurines and vases, which will make the room more comfortable;
  • The clock in the original design is best hung over the fireplace;
  • Wall options should be supplemented with lighting elements in the side parts.

If you decide to hang such an item over the fireplace, pay special attention to its design. No need to choose the boring and common options, as they do not introduce into the interior of any diversity.


Modern manufacturers produce a huge number of models of watches, and a special place here takes a fireplace look. These are original and interesting options for design, which are used in interiors for quite a long period.

The peculiarity of such products lies not only in the luxurious design, but also in the fact that they are designed precisely to decorate a fireplace.This tradition came in today since the XVI century, when people paid special attention to detail in the environment. At that time, even small elements of luxury made it possible to understand that wealthy and rich people live in the house.

If you look closely at the design of such watches, even in a more modern version, you will notice that they are decorated with many small elements, ornaments and various inserts. Basically, these models are the result of hard manual work, and therefore the cost of them is quite high.

Particular attention should be paid to both old and modern watches with candelabra. The elegant and luxurious performance favorably complements any classic interior. The presence of gilding, fine ones made, the observance of a single style - all this makes the watches unique, making them real pieces of art.

How to choose

Choosing a suitable clock, you need to focus not only on the design of the fireplace, but also on the overall decor of the room. Particular attention should be paid to the size, shape and material of which the item is made.

  • If you want to decorate a classic interior with such a decorative element, pay attention to the fireplace models made of wood.A good choice would be a watch, the design of which uses a thread or small parts.
  • For more modern directions, a more concise watch is suitable. You can refer to the wall options, and arrange them above the fireplace in the center.
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