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Creating a home interior, everyone wants it to be cozy and elegant, and its components do not take up much space and adorn the space. When it comes to the method of heating for the house, many prefer a stove with a fireplace. They are not only beautiful, but also successfully cope with the main function of heating. But, unfortunately, they have one drawback - this is a large size. Well, if the room allows you to give a large enough part of the room for this, but if this is not the case, then a modern and already popular solution will come to the rescue - a fireplace with a glass door.

Special features

You can choose any design of a fireplace stove, it all depends on the overall design of the room. The glass door can also be an additional decoration, but do not forget about its functionality and security. Standardly the door consists of a metal frame and a door with a double-glazed window connected by hinges and placed between them with a special sealantsealing. Additional elements on the door are:

  • The locking mechanism is a bolt embedded in the sash.
  • The handle is part of the bolt mechanism, secured from the outside to control it.
  • Ventilation channels - openings in the frame, which provide the flow of air into the furnace.
  • Blinds in the form of plates on the ventilation ducts, they allow you to control the flow of air.

The size of the door kamonopechi is selected depending on the size of the furnace. General parameters vary in width from 15 to 20 cm and from 80 to 120 cm in height. Selection of glass for the door is also a responsible matter. Glass is of several types: flat - one front glass, segment - prismatic, consisting of three glasses and circular.

Preference is quartz glass, the linear expansion of which when heated is minimal. It belongs to heat-resistant glass, has a high transparency and a yellow or brown shade. You should not choose refractory glass, despite the fact that it is many times cheaper, it can withstand a much lower temperature, and often collapses when it is first kindled.


Doors with thermal glass with a complete set are expensive, but they will also serve longer. This is explained by the quality of the source materials and the complexity of manufacturing.The production of heat-resistant glass goes through three stages:

  1. Batch or continuous production in a glass melting furnace.
  2. High temperature polishing or hardening. It is carried out with the aim of giving the surface perfect smoothness, without cracks and chips, which can lead to a resolution of the glass during use.
  3. Glass surface treatment with special chemicals that increase strength and wear resistance.
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Cost increases and the use of other technologies, for example, installation of laminated and tinted glasses. The doors also come in various simple or combined steel or cast iron and glass, with a mechanism of opening in a horizontal, vertical direction or sliding. Another reason for fluctuations in price is the country of the manufacturer of the products. Thus, simple traditional doors with the lowest cost, ranging from 10 to 30 thousand rubles, are presented by Polish and Finnish companies, for example, Kratki and AITO. However, if the set includes a cast-iron frame and a prismatic or “exhaust” glass, two flaps or an unusual opening mechanism, the cost will increase to 40-45 thousand.

If the product is made in Germany, equipped with heat-resistant SCHOTT ROBAX glass and non-heating handles, as in the Adbar catalogs, then the cost for such quality will be appropriate, from 55 thousand rubles and above.

Glass doors for fireplace stoves have a number of useful features. They:

  1. They ensure the safe use of the stove in the house, allow you to admire the flame, but do not allow coals and sparks to fly out of the furnace.
  2. Prevent the spread of odor, which appears as a result of burning fuel. Since the glass and the door itself are reliably and hermetically interconnected and unpleasant odors do not penetrate into the room with the firebox, the fact that all doors have a blown system also contributes to this.
  3. Soundproofing the space from the sounds of cracking firewood, which is an undoubted advantage in cases where the fireplace stove is installed in the bedrooms.
  4. They increase heat transfer due to the fact that with the door closed, the heat is concentrated inside the firebox, and the draft increases.
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The only minus of glass doors is their soiling. Manufacturers put a thin layer of iron oxide on the surface of glass, which makes cleaning easy, but they still require regular maintenance and compliance with some rules.For example, it is not advisable to use firewood of their coniferous trees, especially wet ones, this will lead to the formation of soot. For cleansing it is necessary to take only special means, they should not contain aggressive components that can harm the protective layers. In addition, be sure to wait until the glass is completely cooled, and not be zealous when rubbing with a brush or sponge.

Clay furnace with a glass door can, if desired, and the ability to fold at home on their own. If the house already has a ready-made fireplace, but its door does not fit the interior, you can also replace it with your own hands by first selecting the desired glass and frame design.

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