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Special features

It is very pleasant to gather in the evening with the whole family, talk and warm up around a warm fireplace after a hard day’s work. This piece of interior makes the house cozy and warm. The presence of a fireplace in your house will surprise guests, in addition, a classic fireplace with a firebox is quite large in size and will perfectly fit into the traditional interior of a spacious living room. This type of fireplace is the most versatile, since the classic is eternal, therefore such a fireplace can be a highlight of many types of home interiors.

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  • English. Classical types of fireplaces received the name English fireplaces, they differ from other types in the design and material of which they are made. Traditional English fireplaces have a U-shaped portal, and the portal in this embodiment is open. The portal is the most important, protruding part of the fireplace. Opened are such portals, on which there are no partitions or doors

This kind of fireplace is the most natural, since the flame in the fireplace is open, nothing blocks the view. You can watch the fire and burning wood. In addition, in the silence you can hear the characteristic sound of crackling, which brings peace to the house. The English fireplace spends a great time relaxing.

But the English fireplace has its drawbacks. This kind of badly heats the room, because due to the abundance of incoming oxygen, the combustion process is very accelerated, and all the smoke rises up and goes along with the heat through the chimney. In addition, an open flame is the most dangerous. Therefore, now the models of classic English fireplaces complement the heat-resistant glass or door, which do not block the type of fire and perfectly protect from the flame.

  • American. A more modern classic is the American fireplace. Americans brought to the traditional design of the fireplace a bit of modernity and democracy. Designers call American-style fireplaces a skillful combination of classic and innovative. Such a fireplace can be a highlight of absolutely any interior.It can be installed in a large house, in the country, and in an apartment in the style of a penthouse.

Another advantage of the fireplace in this style is its practicality and high functionality. American-style fireplace is the central part of the whole composition of the apartment or house. As a rule, the American fireplace is made from materials of neutral and pastel colors, such as white, black, brown, beige, gray and others.

Electric. Residents of city apartments can also diversify the interior of their home with a classic fireplace, only in this case, an electric fireplace is a suitable model for them. It looks no less luxurious and attractive than a real classic brick fireplace.

There are a huge number of models of electric fireplaces: some only play the role of an element of decor, and some, besides the aesthetic function, perform the heating function in the apartment. Electric fireplaces have only positive qualities, since they are very easy to use. The owner of such a fireplace can independently select and adjust the appropriate temperature.Designers offer a huge selection of classic electric fireplaces, so you can easily choose the one that is ideal for your home interior. In addition, the classic electric fireplace is very beautiful and at the same time completely safe.

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A fireplace is a model of a fireplace, which, although it does not have a chimney, has a real open flame. This model is perfect for both the apartment and the house, if you can not build a chimney. Although this model has a flame, it is completely safe. The biofireplace carries out both heating function, and esthetic function. Bio-fireplace is very easy to ignite and refuel bioethanol.

A feature of this type of fireplace is that with it you will not be concerned about cleaning the ash and cleaning it from soot, the fireplace will perfectly complement the interior of the room and not pollute the air in it.

Many models of biofireplaces are visually very similar to real classic fireplaces, so they will perfectly decorate any classic interior. Such models are decorated with stone or imitation bricks. There are more versatile classic models of bio fireplaces that fit into any style of interior.


A feature of the classic style fireplace decor is that mainly natural materials are used for this purpose. The most popular is the decoration of a classic marble fireplace, since such a fireplace will look very luxurious and elegant, but at the same time it has a rather high cost. Some prefer to use natural stone, tiles or bricks for decoration. No less popular is the wooden decor of a classic fireplace. A special rule when finishing the fireplace is that these materials do not stain, they are left in their original form to emphasize their natural nature.

When decorating a classic stone fireplace use balsam, because its pattern is unique, as well as durable stones granite and malachite. These minerals are heat-resistant and do not change their external and quality characteristics from exposure to open fire. If your choice fell on the woody décor of a classic fireplace, then you'd better prefer the wood of spruce, pine, juniper or oak. In addition, wood can be aged out of old, slightly wiped and covered with specialized paint.

In addition to finishing the fireplace itself, it is equipped with shelves on which you can put decorative items, such as beautiful figurines or vintage watches. Particularly advantageous will look mantel clock in bronze. Some preferred to decorate fireplaces in classical style with old and well-dressed books or beautiful works of art, for example, paintings. Fresh flowers and vintage vases look very impressive on the fireplace.

Very nice and at the same time the family photo will look luxurious in a picturesque frame on the mantelpiece. In addition to horizontal shelves for various stylish items, some will equip the fireplace with vertical shelves on which firewood is stored. And as a rule, this element of the classic fireplace is more appreciated not because of its functional purpose, but because of its design.

Interior design

As a rule, a fireplace is installed in the hall or living room, so such rooms with this element of the interior have a more classical design, because the fireplace, as a rule, belongs to the classics. Therefore, it is important that this design fits well with the interior design of an apartment or house.

Best of all, the fireplace will fit into the living rooms, which are made in vintage style. In modern times, this style is very fashionable and relevant.

This style is a combination of light walls and floors, lacquered wood furniture. It is very easy to choose a fireplace model for such an interior. As a rule, fireplaces in vintage style are selected under the wall in a similar design and colors. All modern fireplaces perfectly fit into the interior of the living room, decorated in country style. Some models of fireplaces have such a universal design that they will look great in the modern surroundings of houses in high-tech style, modern modern style, and in houses decorated in a more classical style, such as retro-style, Provence and even in living rooms, made in a minimalist style.

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