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As a wonderfully dank autumn or cold winter evening, sit by the fireplace. Especially if this fireplace is real and is heated with wood. The fireplace is considered to be the center of the house, its soul, because it gathers the whole family and guests around it, becoming the part around which the entire interior of the room is built.

Luxury or necessity?

And now the dream has come true: the fireplace has been installed, the beautiful tiles have been tiled with the tiles chosen by the owners, there are nice things on the mantelpiece, there is a fencing for the fireplace - the interior is thought out right up to the entrance doors. But the fireplace not only gives off heat, but also requires care. This process is rather laborious. Comes to the forged fireplace set.

The set for the fireplace is necessary for the proper functioning of your favorite hearth. Such a set decorates the interior and complements it due to its original and unique forging. It can be created in any style, starting with the classics and ending with high-tech.

The most practical and convenient is the set, which is a stand with a rack on which all the tools are placed - a serviter. Preference is better to give forged sets. They not only look elegant and noble, but also give greater stability to the structure. There are two types of kits:

  • Forged cast. This is a massive structure that requires a large area next to the fireplace.
  • Prefab. It can be packed in a box and conveniently moved. The usual height of the forged set is 70 cm, less often 80 cm.

Forged fireplace set placed next to the fireplace on the floor or on its side wall, or on hooks on the nearest wall. It will give completeness to the appearance of the fireplace area.

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The fireplace set can be made of different materials and presented in different forms. Practice has shown that the most convenient form is round, and the most popular material is metal or ceramics. To create forged fireplace sets use:

  • steel (it is durable, has a high heat resistance, scratch resistant). The sets are reliable and elegant.
  • cast iron (inexpensive material that differs little from steel by its strength and wear resistance).Good for forging and cutting.
  • bronze (it is an expensive and noble alloy). The sets of it are incredibly good.
  • brass (due to excellent casting properties). It is used in decorative castings.

To create brushes use horsehair because of its elasticity and flexibility. A cheaper option is artificial bristles, but it can be used only in those fireplace sets that are placed for decorative purposes with gas or biofireplaces.


Accessories for the fireplace are not only necessary tools, but also perform two important functions:

  • Keep the fire in the fireplace, making this process safe.
  • Decorate the fireplace area. A fireplace set chosen correctly is not just an element of the room's decor, helping to create a cozy atmosphere. He can say a lot about the owners of the house.
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Today, there are so many fireplace accessories on the market, both in sets and separately, that the only problem is the problem of choice. To any fireplace, in whatever style it was decorated, you can choose the right set.

Fireplace set consists of several tools, the number of which depends on the wishes and needs of the buyer, but each of them has its own purpose.The classic fireplace tool kit includes a poker, a brush, a pike, tongs, and a scoop. In fact, there are more.

Firewood for the fireplace must be stored somewhere, preferably near the hearth. Often they make a special niche near the fireplace or under it. Another option - the use of firewood.

  • Drovnitsa. This tool is designed to keep firewood at hand. And also protects the floor and carpet from bark, chips, dust from firewood. Close to the fire, a firewood place must not be installed according to the fire safety technique. At its core, the wood shaker is a stand with a handle for storing and carrying logs. Due to the variety of models, the shape, size and type of a firebox can be any. A kind of habitual shape is a basket.

To make it easier to use the wood bowl, it is put on wheels. Forged fireplace set with firewood is much more profitable and functional, and visually. It will become an integral part of the interior of any style and will relieve the owners of the house from other products that are not suitable for storing firewood.

  • Scoop. Its purpose is to free the fireplace or stove from ash, preparing it for the next use.The scoop must be metal to avoid deformation, because the ash is often removed while still hot. Therefore, you should choose a roomy, durable scoop, in which the handle does not bend under the weight of coal. Now you can find scoops with interchangeable handles.
  • The poker or peak. Without it, not a single set of accessories for the fireplace. She rake out the ashes, stir firewood and coal. The length of the poker - 50-70 cm., Depending on the height of the serviter, is matched to the height of the host. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the handle, as well as such factors as strength, weight and tenacity.
  • Metal pan. In the lower part of the furnace install a stand for firewood - grate. This is a cast iron grate, through the slots of which the ashes and coals fall onto a special metal pan.
  • Chimney grill. If the firebox at the fireplace is open, you need to install a protective screen. It can be made in the most diverse stylistics, starting with the classic, forged from bronze, and ending with the most modern, equipped with refractory glass. As a frame for the firebox they also use fireplace grates. They do not allow firewood and coal to fall out of the firebox of the fireplace, ensuring fire safety.If there are children and animals in the house, the gratings for the fireplace will become an obstacle for them, preventing them from approaching the fire.

There are the following types of fireplace grilles:

  1. Embedded. They are set right in the fireplace, next to the fire.
  2. Separate. These are lattices on a stand, they are installed near the fire.
  3. Decorative fireplace grilles. They can only be used with an extinct fireplace. Metal for their production using conventional. But such grates can be made out with any materials, including stones, glass, gilding.
  • Forceps. They will help to carefully lay the wood or fix them, to scoop the embers. The most common are two types of tongs in forged fireplace sets:
  1. In the form of scissors, with a tip in the form of a ring or handle.
  2. By type of tweezers.

In the old days, they used tweezers to rake logs, remove coals from the stove to warm the room. Now this item is used less frequently and is more a decorative element.

  • Furs. If desired, the classic wrought iron fireplace set can be completed with furs. These are small leather bags, fitted with wooden handles, with a spout, releasing air. Their purpose is the same as in the smithy - to increase the power of fire during ignition, or to inflate the embers, when the firewood in the fireplace is almost burned out.
  • Coal bucket.This item will need to pour ash into it. The requirements for buckets are the same as for other tools: with external attractiveness, high practicality (fire resistance, the presence of a handle with thermal insulation). If the fireplace is melted using coal and special granules, the bucket in this case will become a container for storing these funds.
  • Scraper and brush. Will need to clean the fireplace from the ash. The length of their handles is the same as that of a poker and forceps. The brush is also useful for cleaning up the bottom of the chimney. In a good brush, the bristles are made of horsehair or thin wire. The length of the bristles is from 12 to 18 cm. The brush should have a dense dense bristle. Bristles of synthetic materials for existing fireplaces should not be chosen, because it is easily spoiled by heat
  • Doors. Currently, fireplaces are increasingly equipped with special doors. There are many advantages to the fireplace doors, and there is only one drawback: since most often they are made of heat-resistant glass, they are very quickly contaminated, soot and soot settle on them. Pluses of chimney doors:
  1. Fire protection coals and sparks often fly out of the open firebox.
  2. No smell from burning fuel.
  3. Hiding noise from crackling firewood.
  4. Improved heat transfer, because behind the closed door the thrust is stronger, respectively, the heat is greater.
  5. Opportunity to calmly contemplate a live fire, enjoying a cup of coffee.

There are also forged cast doors - an intermediate option between the blind and glass doors. In addition to metal and glass for the manufacture of doors and used ceramics. The doors of the fireplaces are often decorated with various forged or cast details, relief elements or mosaics, pictures under a stained-glass window or regular tinting. As ornaments put all sorts of images, patterns and ornaments.

Doors for the fireplace are:

  • Straight or flat.
  • In the form of a polyhedron or prism.
  • Rectangular or arched.
  • Circular or panoramic.
  • Bay windows.

By way of opening the door can be:

  • Swing.
  • Sliding.
  • Folding.
  • Closing vertically.

In addition, like ordinary doors, fireplace doors can consist of one sash or two.

  • Candle holders Forged products that can bring a zest to any interior include candlesticks.They are wall-mounted and desktop, even floor-standing, designed for one and several candles. Wonderful forged candlesticks will look on the mantelpiece and on the walls near the fireplace. Forged candlesticks can be found for any taste, or make to order. Nowadays plant ornaments are especially popular. A skillfully made forged candlestick becomes a work of art.

Choosing forged fireplace set, guided by such parameters as: the completeness of its constituent tools, their quality and design.

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