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The fireplace in the interior is the center of attention. If before the fireplace could be imagined only in a country house, today this stereotype is completely destroyed. The modern design of this beautiful element of the decor allows it to occupy the most honorable place in a city apartment. Today the range of fireplaces is presented in a huge variety. In order to correctly choose a beautiful model that will become a real home decoration, you need to familiarize yourself with various features.

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Fireplaces by stylistic belonging can be divided into the following 4 types:

  • Classic style. The main difference between the fireplace, belonging to this style, is the presence of a U-shaped portal. The portal is the upper decorative part of the fireplace, which is usually made from materials such as wood, metal, cast iron or marble. Cast iron is often used in the decoration of English fireplaces, for the decoration of the traditional type mainly used elementssculpture or bas-relief.
  • Country music. The word "country" is translated from English as "province" or "village". For the fireplace, belonging to this style, peculiar D-shaped portal. Another distinctive feature of the hearth in the style of Country is the presence of wooden beams placed on top of the portal. The outer shell of the tract for the removal of smoke in products belonging to this style, usually made of plaster. Country style, as a material for the manufacture of the fireplace, prefers porous stone.
  • Modern. Modern style is based on the elements inherent in the classical style. However, the design idea of ​​this area allows you to combine a fireplace with a modern design not only for residential premises, but also for offices. These combinations are notable for novelty and preservation of harmony in the interior. The centers, related to the Modern style, have the shape of a rectangle or semicircle, and occupy a vertical space from floor to ceiling.
  • High tech. The High-Tech style, which appeared not so long ago, embodies modern high technologies. Fireplaces related to this stylistic direction are very different from their predecessors.High-tech models are made of materials such as concrete, refractory glass, fireclay, periclase and, oddly enough, water. The design of high-tech fireplaces can be extremely surprising and unusual.

Overview of destination

The most beautiful fireplaces in the world admire and attract admiring glances. To properly arrange the living room or adjust the fireplace on the street of a private house, you need to understand the classification of beautiful fireplaces by purpose:

  • Wood burning. This type of fireplace is considered the most homely and cozy. Having settled near a beautiful large hearth in a family circle you can have a great time and relax. Wood burning fireplace requires a large area for the location of the hood and chimney, so this type of fireplace is suitable only for a private house or penthouse. In addition, a wood burning fireplace will not only decorate the interior, but will also heat the room on its own.
  • Electric. Models of this type do not need exhaust system and arrangement of the chimney, they work at the expense of the consumption of electric current, which is certainly an advantage. Electric fireplace will become a real decoration of a cozy city apartment.But, of course, competing with an electric wood fireplace gives way, because nothing can replace the real flame and the sound of crackling logs. The advantage of an electric fireplace is the possibility of heating the room, with the inclusion of this function. In addition, an electric fireplace is much cheaper than wood.
  • Bio Fireplace. Such modern invention as biofireplace allows to be present in the house of the real flame, at the same time without feeling of a smell of burning. The biofireplace carries out the work due to burning of biological fuel. When this fireplace is used, water vapor is emitted and carbon dioxide in a minimum amount, which is comparable to the burning of several candles. The only disadvantage of using this fireplace is the high cost of biofuels.
  • Raised fireplace. This option is an imitation fireplace. You can make it yourself, using the materials at hand. For the construction of the portal, you can use drywall, stone, wood and more. The beauty of a false fireplace depends entirely on the imagination of man. You can decorate the portal with the help of candles, firewood, garlands, Christmas house or lanterns.

Installation Methods

  • Corner fireplace. This type of installation is the most popular among others. This arrangement fits perfectly into the interior, due to the possibility of placing a chair or sofa in a semicircle. The design of the fireplace portal can be made absolutely different - from stone, metal or lined with a cast iron frame. The chimney of the corner fireplace is usually located in the wall of the dwelling. The surface of the chimney is optionally decorated with decorative plaster or natural stone.
  • Wall fireplace. This type of arrangement implies the presence of a fireplace by the wall, protruding beyond its contour. Wall fireplace can be arranged in the room at any time, without spoiling the overall interior. The portal of this fireplace is made of refractory bricks, artificial stone or tile. Wall fireplace occupies a large space, so it must be located in spacious rooms.
  • Built-in fireplace. This method of installation involves the embedding of the hearth in the wall. The advantage is that this fireplace takes up very little space. But the construction of such a fireplace must begin at the stage of the erection of the walls of the household.Otherwise, in addition to high financial costs, you can bring yourself a lot of trouble at the expense of the complexity of this process. You can decorate the portal to your taste, thereby making it individual.
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