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Who does not like outdoor recreation: a fragrant kebab, the smell of smoke, which excites the smell of smell, and those who hypnotize the dancing of the flame? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to go to the forest and spend time in the lap of nature. But, in fact, it is not necessary, because you can build your own fireplace in the yard for a gazebo in your yard - a convenient, beautiful and reliable device for the realization of any wishes associated with outdoor recreation.

Plans to have a wonderful time with close people and friends, considering flames and enjoying delicious dishes just cooked on the grill, will not be spoiled by bad weather, will not force you to cancel the planned.

What is a fireplace-brazier

Why are braziers so popular? This fact is explained very simply - the multifunctionality of accessories for giving is indescribable. These buildings are quickly becoming the center of the recreation area, where benches and swings for sitting are set up, around which gazebos are arranged.

Owning a fireplace-brazier, you can cook barbecue, barbecue, grill, you can organize a holiday in any weather. The time spent in the fresh air, near the fire of the brazier-fireplace, will be remembered for a long time, will lift your spirits, will charge you with energy. In addition, this device will be an excellent decoration of the landscape, because it fits perfectly into the natural setting.

Externally, fireplaces, braziers are not too different from the fireplaces erected in enclosed spaces. This is the same foundation, firebox for firewood and chimney, nothing supernatural.

If desired, if opportunities permit, it is possible to make the structure more complex by arranging around it a table, a sink, an oven with a hob. A cauldron will fit into its opening where various goodies will be prepared. Thus, in one place you can build the whole kitchen. Be that as it may, the center of the composition will always be the fireplace.

It is possible to decorate the structure with various finishing materials of natural origin, for example, stone tiles or tiles.


The braziers fireplaces equipped in open space share:

  • Detached street buildings without a roof and the presence of exhaust hood, similar to the usual grills, but made of brick with a niche for firewood.
  • Units with a stone or metal chimney. These fireplaces, braziers, many are often associated with fabulous stoves.
  • Barbeque fireplaces in combination with other devices for cooking food on fire.
  • Braziers, fireplaces, located under the roof of summer buildings.

In addition, braziers-fireplaces can be divided according to the features of their design - they can be triangular, semicircular, square and round, there are also exclusive asymmetric devices.

Charcoal grill - the pros and cons

The veranda will not withstand a brick fireplace with a brazier, and for an arbor it is too heavy a structure, therefore a very solid foundation is needed, which will not be influenced by the enormous weight. It is necessary to ensure that it does not precipitate or skew, otherwise it may provoke deformation of the entire structure.

It is impossible to allow sediment and distortions of the foundation, since they can lead to the complete destruction of the whole structure.

But despite everything, barbeque fireplaces have several advantages. They:

  • reliable;
  • strong;
  • durable.

The design allows you to cook any dishes of any complexity. As a result: in summer, the gazebo is easily transformed into a cozy summer kitchen, where the whole family can gather at the same table in the evening.

But even in such a barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment.

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The disadvantages of mangal fireplaces include:

  • the cost of construction is quite high relative to other materials;
  • the designs are very heavy, so they need a solid foundation, which also affects the purse of the future owner;
  • the need for the manufacture of the chimney.

Materials and tools for the construction of the fireplace-mangal

Before you start the independent construction of the fireplace-brazier, you need to make sure that you have bought all the necessary tools. First of all it is: a container where the solution, a shovel, a rubber hammer, a trowel, a meter, a level, a plumb and a square will be mixed.

Since the fireplace will stand on the street, you need to consider that it will be influenced by environmental factors, for example, wind, rain, sun. That is why it is better to abandon cheap, and therefore not very high-quality building materials. For the construction of the fireplace-brazier needed:

  • brick red and silicate for firebox;
  • cement, sand, crushed stone, pebbles, expanded clay;
  • reinforcement for the foundation;
  • facing material;
  • boards for formwork;
  • metal corner;
  • waterproofing.

These materials will provide the construction of the simplest design. If you want to do something more functional (for example, so that there is a smokehouse), you need to understand that you will need many other construction, decoration and even plumbing materials.

The main work on the construction of the fireplace-mangal

Brazier-fireplace can not be put on the eye. It is laid out according to a previously prepared plan and scheme.

At the initial stage of the construction of any brick buildings is preparing the foundation - the foundation. For him, digging a pit, on the bottom of which is laid a pillow of gravel and rubble, everything is tightly tamped.

The next stage is the installation of formwork. The reinforcing structure can be welded or simply drawn from stainless steel wire. For the upper part of the foundation, a solution is made of sand and cement. If a deeper trench is needed, then it should be poured with two layers of different solutions: the bottom one will consist of pebbles and cement, and the top one of sand and cement.

Reinforcement mesh need to pass through all layers. Align the upper part of the foundation with horizontal beacons, and leave to dry completely. On the upper part of the base, a sheet of waterproofing is placed, on which the first row of bricks further rests.

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