Marcel Fireplace

 Marcel Fireplace

Meta company has been producing fireplaces, stoves and parts for them for more than twenty years. During this time, professional staff made a lot of discoveries and breakthroughs. A large product range is available from Ardenfire. You can buy goods in various specialized stores. A good example of professionalism is the Marseille stove.

Distinctive features of the model

Marseille has a number of characteristic advantages:

  1. Compactness and variability of dimensions. The oven looks neat and takes up little space.
  2. Installing a fireplace stove is easy. To do this, simply connect the structure to the chimney. Special installation work is not required.
  3. The model has 3 types and it allows you to choose the appropriate option.
  4. Safety and great heat dissipation blend perfectly in Marseille. The closed fire chamber has a transparent door. This allows you to observe the flame without the risk of foreign objects falling into it.
  5. The pig-iron case quickly heats up and qualitatively warms the air in the room.

Cast iron casting French production ensures that the unit will serve you for more than ten years. Cast iron furnaces are produced in France, and Meta assembles and manages the unit in its own workshop in Russia. Such cooperation explains European quality at an affordable price.

The main design focus is on the door. The firebox is closed with a door made of heat-resistant glass-ceramic material. This makes it possible to observe the flames without any attendant risk. The insert on the facade is made in Japan by Nippon Electric.

As fuel, you can use ordinary wood or brown coal briquettes. Marseille stove-fireplace was produced from 2011 to 2013 in three versions:

  • Mini. The power of this furnace is 7 kW. This is enough to feel the heat within 5-7 minutes after igniting the fuel. The small dimensions of the stove make it possible to install it even in small rooms. The furnace is able to warm the air in the room to 70 square meters. meters
  • Average. The capacity of the furnace in this variant is 10 kW. The weight of this model is just over 100 kg.The unit is uniformly heated and warms up the environment. A good option for winter gatherings in the country.
  • Big. Power of the furnace fireplace - 14 kW. This allows you to heat up to 250 m3 in a fairly short period. For more than 10 years, the cast-iron unit will heat your home and delight you with a pleasant bang and a beautiful dance of flames.

It is strictly forbidden to use coal as a fuel. This will cause significant damage to the chimney and the fireplace itself.

The elegant design distinguishes the stove Marseille among other models. Strict lines and regular shapes, the combination of cast iron and glass is practically a classic. The fireplace of this design will be a good decorative element in the house with any style of decoration.

Customer opinion about Marseille

The most significant characteristic of any product is the opinion of the buyer. Numerous reviews report on the quality of the fireplace. So, it becomes known that when the ratio of the power of the fireplace and the volume of the room heating occurs within 6-7 hours. The efficiency of furnaces of this model reaches 80%.

Impeccable design did not go unnoticed by consumers.Conciseness and severity does not distract attention from the main thing - from fire. High frontal window takes about half the total length.

In combination with the door, this makes it possible to observe the fire from any desired angle.

Pleases buyers and the fact that the fire is closed. This small element greatly increases the safety of the fireplace. The stove-fireplace Marcel perfectly combines the functions of heating and design. An indispensable thing to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere in the house.

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