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Who does not dream about the comfort of a home fireplace, about the hearth around which the whole family or closest friends would gather for unhurried conversations? Today it is realistic to install a fireplace in the conditions of even a small apartment, and especially at home. The Russian company Meta knows a lot about fireplaces, as it has been producing them for more than twenty years.

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About brand

The Russian brand for the production of fireplaces and stoves Meta entered the market at the sunset of the last century - more than 20 years ago and became one of the first domestic manufacturers of heating equipment for the home.

Features and advantages of products:

  1. Production of fireplaces and stoves located in the Moscow region and Belarus, which allows to reduce the cost of the final product due to transport costs - they are minimal.
  2. Meta company has its own production facilities, where new modern equipment is installed, which allows to produce high-quality fireplaces and stoves, fireboxes and additional elements.Technological equipment of production allows the fireplace to be considered a highly competitive product, which is chosen even by the most demanding customers.
  3. A wholesale company produces large quantities of fireplaces and stoves, making the unit more accessible; In addition, Meta sells its products wholesale and retail - as it is convenient for the buyer.
  4. In the Moscow region there is a brand store of Meta fireplaces brand, which allows you to get acquainted with a huge assortment of the company and learn about the characteristics of a particular first-hand model. Meta brand has representative offices in many cities of Russia, it is possible to purchase Meta products - fireplaces and stoves in the construction hypermarkets of the city and specialized stores selling and servicing heating equipment for the home.
  5. In addition to fireplaces, the Meta brand's assortment includes stoves, fireboxes, bath stoves, claddings, doors, accessories and accessories, landscape products for the local area.
  6. In addition to the sale of goods, Meta offers services for the installation and dismantling of fireplace installations and stoves, the development of landscape design.

Model overview

The assortment of the Russian brand Meta allows you to find one or another fireplace installation or stove for a house, apartment, bath or decoration of the local area - gazebos, benches, decorative elements for the garden.

  • Meta fireplaces made of steel or cast iron, with a water circuit or classic heating - a great opportunity to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Meta steel fireplaces are presented by the Angara, Amur, Valencia, Oka, Yenisei, Neva, Lava, Moscow models and look like corner or rectangular constructions with a glazed firebox. Each furnace requires the installation of a chimney for proper operation of the structure and can only be installed in a private house.

Stoves, fireplaces with stoves allows you to install them in the kitchen and use for cooking - the food they get especially tasty and healthy. The “stove-stove” has a metal body and is distinguished by high rates - it is able to heat a house up to 100-150 square meters (depending on the size of the stove-fireplace itself), besides, cooking on a similar stove will be a complete pleasure for the hostess, so for the master of the house.

  • Meta wood-burning stoves are used in separate small rooms - private baths. Due to the special design, Meta stoves can create the atmosphere of a traditional Russian bath or Finnish sauna with dry and heated air. The basis of the furnace is made of durable steel of various thickness (5-8 mm), which allows models to have their own advantages. The external painting of the furnace is resistant to extremely high temperatures and is called the silicone enamel - an environmentally friendly building product.

Models Karelia, Altai, Sakhalin and others have a different configuration, for example, there are models with a grid for larger stones, but the stones themselves are not included in the set. Additionally, in the Meta brand assortment, economizers are presented - units for reducing the load from the chimney.

  • The furnaces: cast iron, steel, combined and aqua - all this can be found in the assortment of the Russian manufacturer Meta. Another type of firebox - Caminetti is a classic fireplace insert of non-standard design, due to which it has no need for lining. Kaminetti has small dimensions and is suitable for accommodating any format, while giving the space a special charm and appeal.Caminetti models: strict "Ranger", exquisite "Viking" or classic "Bastion".

Cast iron fireboxes are presented by models Aurora, Camilla, Promo, Vertical, Prism, Panorama and others, different in their characteristics and sizes.

  • Meta claddings can transform a fireplace installation or stove to create a homely and cozy interior. The “Music of Fire” collection is represented by stone — an eco-friendly and durable material for facing a stove or fireplace; Meta-stone, as a material, does not fade and does not give in to deformation under conditions of high temperature and humidity, moreover, the choice of the color of the material and its texture in the Meta brand allows you to create that interior that you have long dreamed of.

"Classic Stone" offers a wide selection of stone finishes from natural stone of natural origin, in contrast to the first collection, where technical solutions are used. In addition to solid material, the decoration of the Classic Stone brand uses solid wood as a shelf or an additional decorative element to create the classic interior of your kitchen or living room.

The Antika collection is represented by marble, the most expensive and sophisticated type of natural stone.It is surprising that the New Antika collection has “moving” structures that are more plastic in installation and allow you to create a neat and elegant interior of your home. The Europa collection also features marble of noble shades - brown and beige.

  • Doors in the Meta assortment take not the last place, since it is this element of the stove or fireplace that sometimes requires timely replacement to ensure your safety. The basis of the door for the stove or fireplace is made of solid steel or high-quality cast iron, in addition, all the accessories of the models are made of heat-resistant components, including glass and cords.
  • Among the accessories Meta, there are technical accessories, ventilation grills, fireboxes, fireplace sets, chimneys, and other components for the operation of sauna stoves.
  • Landscape elements - the final stage of the range of the Russian brand Meta, where barbecue, garden benches, stools, florists are represented.

How much are

The cost of fireplaces and stoves Meta is different from their size and principle of operation. How much will the stove-fireplace of the Russian manufacturer Meta cost? Cast iron installation, for example,will cost about 30-50 thousand rubles, because each fireplace-fireplace differs in its size (albeit slightly) and a set of functions. Some models are concise and devoid of additional features such as the presence of a stove on top, while other models are designed for cooking and heating at the same time.

Chimney fire chamber Meta will cost from 12 thousand to 130 thousand rubles; low-power cast-iron plants of low power are cost-effective, the price increases depending on its purpose, the base material (steel is more expensive), power and size.

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How to distinguish the original

To buy an original model of a fireplace or heating stove for a house or a Meta bath, go to the brand's brand shop - this will serve as a 100% guarantee of an excellent purchase and the opportunity to get additional advice on the installation and maintenance of equipment. If it is impossible to come to a company outlet, go to trusted stores - official representatives of the Russian manufacturer of fireplaces and stoves Meta. The list of manufacturers is on the official website of the brand.

If you doubt the authenticity of the origin of the goods (stove, fireplace, chimney or furnace), ask for a certificate confirming the words of the sales assistant about the brand and product.

Each genuine Meta product has a brand mark - the name of the manufacturer on the front or inner surface. Meta is a manufacturer with a history and an excellent reputation, so the genuine quality of the product is noticeable even at first glance - try to open and close the firebox, this movement should be easy and comfortable for you.

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Meta is spoken about the Russian brand as a worthy analogue of fireplaces and stoves of foreign and sometimes expensive brands. A company with more than 20 years of history is unlikely to spoil its reputation as a product of dubious quality, especially when it comes to fireplaces and stoves - items unsafe.

Buyers mark a wide range of fireplaces and fire chambers for them, stoves and additional accessories of Meta brand, therefore they prefer this time-tested brand to foreign alternative. Consumers are satisfied with a decent lifetime of fireplaces and their fairly easy maintenance, besides, the manufacturer can always purchase additional items such as fireplace and stove doors.

Consumers pay great attention to the price-quality ratio, and the Meta brand is 100% compliant with it.

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