Overview of popular stoves Meta

Over the years, Meta has been producing stoves that differ in design and price.

At the same time, the quality of products always remains on top.

Iron and steel furnaces are assembled in Russia and Belarus, despite the fact that the components are made by imported manufacturers.

About brand

The company "Meta" appeared at the end of the last century.

She specializes in the production of furnaces, the assembly of fireplace portals and stoves.

For two decades that the company exists on the market, it has become famous as a brand that brings warmth, beauty and comfort to the homes of the population. The manufacturer is constantly expanding its product range.

The company employs only professionals who make changes to past models, thereby helping their customers find a rational way to heat their homes and apartments. Today, the company has its own production facilities.

Meta constantly cooperates with foreign suppliers:

  • the French trademark "Invicta" produces molded casings of furnaces;
  • Belarusian company "Metafire" is engaged in the manufacture of steel housings for the furnace.
  • The Japanese company "Neokeram" is responsible for the production of glass-ceramic glasses for iron framing.

Features and advantages of products

If you compare "Meta" with imported manufacturers, then everyone will be able to note the affordable cost of products. At the same time, Russian products are not inferior to their foreign competitors in the quality and design of fireplaces. Among the advantages of fireplaces are the following features:

  • a wide range of products, the company offers modest fireplaces, aristocratic marble portals, products with a hob, constant production upgrades that contribute to improved quality;
  • use of modern technical equipment;
  • Meta fireplaces are focused on the Russian climate. All properties of materials are selected taking into account the maximum heat transfer, so each model of the fireplace has a high performance.

These advantages of domestic products allows for many years to take the company "Meta" leading position in the implementation of fireplaces.

Model overview

The company offers a wide range of fireplaces, among which every buyer will be able to find his own version. It will take a long time to list all the names of the “Meta” fireplaces, so you should familiarize yourself with the most popular models:

  • the company offers a model of the fireplace "Viking", which is characterized by heat-resistant paint and the original design of the panoramic door. This portal will look good even without a frame, but if you want to do facing, then think about creating the foundation, since without a frame the model weighs 195 kg. This fireplace is able to heat 100 square meters. It is one of the most recent models;
  • Fireplaces "Duet", presented in the form of fireplace inserts with veneer in the form of artificial stone, are widely spread. Specially designed stone is intended for framing furnaces, so the cooling time of products is significantly reduced;
  • Oka furnaces are a modern and productive unit that combines an open firebox, along with the safety of closed portals.The manufacturer has installed a transparent glass in this model of the fireplace, which transmits about 70% of convection heat;
  • fireplace "Neva" refers to the category of corner fireplaces. It allows you to save free space and give a comfortable and original atmosphere in the room.

If you can not choose between the fireplace of this manufacturer, you should pay attention to some features of the models, which are invisible at first glance:

  • Fireplaces "Volga", "Angara" and "Ladoga" are the same model with a power of 9 kW. The only difference is in the unit doors. The Volga has only one door in the center and two glass on each side, there are two doors in the Ladoga, and in the Angara all the glazing consists of one door, which imitates a large area of ​​glass in the fireplace;
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  • if you like corner models, then pay attention to the “Cupid” 12 kW. He, like the Neva, will help save space, only has more power;
  • "Narva" is the smallest fireplace, which is bought to heat the attic or a small cottage. Not bad, he copes with the heating of the rest room in the bath.Also for heating cottages suitable fireplace "Laura", which appeared in 2014.

The group of companies "Meta" produces its products under three trademarks: "Meta", "Metafire", "Anderfire". Each unit uses foreign components, which due to their qualities have achieved fame:

  • the fireplace "Lava 6" has the smallest power of 6 kW;
  • model "Varta" is characterized by a power of 9 kW. Unit "Warta 3" has a three-dimensional glazing.
  • the device “Baikal Aqua” has a capacity of 11 kW and a heat exchanger for 5 liters;
  • cast iron models are the "Normandy" and "Corsica", "Bordeaux" and "Lyon". The first model is the heaviest - 170 kg;
  • the fireplace "Varyag 9" has a brutal appearance. The unit is made of stainless steel, the air supply function is made in the form of a large gear that emphasizes the industrial image;
  • The Ohta model differs from other devices in that this fireplace stove with a stove. It heats the room well, and you can cook food on it;
  • Selenga is a high-wall oven with a large glass door. It perfectly heats rooms with an area of ​​35-75 square meters.

Installation Features

If the installation of the fireplace "Meta" is correct, then it will serve you for many years. In order to avoid possible complications in the work, you should use the instructions:

  1. Firewall sheets must be installed before installation.
  2. Then you want to do the finishing work. If there is a firebox and lining complete with fireplaces, you can add your design solution.
  3. Installing these fireplaces is simple, as they have a closed firebox, but you also need to take measures to improve traction and minimize the ingress of carbon monoxide into the room.
  4. Installation of the chimney should be done correctly. If you do not have skills in this area, it is recommended to contact specialists.
  5. Keep in mind that you need to withstand an angle of 45 degrees in the adapter, if you do not have the ability to output the chimney directly. Roofing aperture should be sealed with sealant and heat-resistant material. When you fix the deflector on the top of the chimney, the work is completed.

Cost of

The manufacturer offers high quality fireplaces at an affordable price. The cost of products from "Meta" is much cheaper than similar products of Spanish or French origin.Depending on the size, power and design, the company offers different prices for fireplaces.

You can choose for yourself the option that fits your financial capabilities. Prices for fireplaces start at 21,000 rubles. Before you make a choice, decide for yourself what functionality should be present in your fireplace, what sizes are suitable for your room, what facing material you need.


Most consumers appreciate the affordable price range of products, along with high quality. Anyone who has bought a “Meta” stove in his house notes that this fireplace quickly heats the room and retains heat for a long time.

Such products are distinguished by a mass of design solutions, are easy to install, and anyone with building skills can easily install a fireplace in their home. Convenience in operation, along with a long service life, allow this manufacturer to continue to occupy a leading position in the market of heating units.

Interesting design solutions

The brand "Meta" for more than one year takes the lead in the quality and quantity of design solutions.Despite the fact that the products have a low price, the company is famous for its high quality products.

Designers improve models every year. Some devices are equipped with retractable legs, thanks to which consumers can control the height of the fireplace. A minor design solution, in the form of a retractable leg, can increase the choice of tests for the fireplace. Now they can be moved to the house or push.

Another interesting solution is to equip the door with angled, prismatic or straight glass. The models can vary the number of doors. A variety of materials allows you to create unique fireplaces.

After reviewing the range of the brand "Meta", you can be sure that the manufacturer offers fireplaces for any interior. Every buyer, even with the most picky taste, will be able to choose for himself a unique fireplace that will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in your home.

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