Mini fireplace

Most mini-fireplaces have the following dimensions: at the base - 1020x510 mm, the height of its main part - 1120 mm. Average volumes typically range up to 120 liters.

To increase heat transfer, the fireplaces are supplied with two air heater channels located on its side walls. Cold air from the outside enters these channels, heats up, and then warm through the order goes back into the room.

Are they suitable for a country house?

Home mini-fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere that everyone likes. When his work comes not only soft warmth, but also the atmosphere of romance.

Under the term "mini" each represents something of their own. But if we talk about the fireplace, it becomes obvious that it should have a set of basic components: a brick building, an open firebox, a cooking surface and, if possible, an oven. At the same time, if we talk about the purpose of the fireplace in a country house, then this should be a device that can heat a large enough room.

Therefore, to give the best option is a finished fireplace insert. This is a full-fledged heater, which mainly uses firewood as fuel.Regarding the usual fireplace, its size is too small, but you still need to build a chimney for it.

Also a good option to give is a stove, made of cast iron. In addition to the installation of the chimney, it does not require anything at all, even the base.


The electrofireplace is both simple, and safe in use. It is considered a worthy replacement for a wood-burning fireplace. It can be installed not only in a private house, but also in the apartment.

There is no need for an electric fireplace in the chimney or additional fuel, therefore, its maintenance should not cause any difficulties. And thanks to the wide product range it is possible to choose a model suitable for any interior.

Due to the fact that fireplaces have recently become increasingly used as a decorative element, their visual component becomes an important part. Thanks to new technologies, it became possible to create such an imitation of a flame that is almost impossible to distinguish from a real one. The work of some mini-fireplaces is accompanied by realistic sounds of crackling fires.

Types of electric fireplaces

When choosing a fireplace you need to understand exactly which one you need after all. And the first question you have to deal with is their varieties.

Built - mini-fireplace, which is built directly into the wall.

Floor - one that can be installed on a horizontal surface. Outdoor fireplaces are also divided into two types: regular and corner. The latter has a more refined design, but also takes up more space in your room, do not forget about it.

Autonomous - the so-called portable, they are usually light and small in size.

The second important issue is the type of lining. Mini-fireplace can be made of stone, wood, plastic, metal, or ceramics.

The appearance of the fireplace, or rather, its size and shape, should be combined with the layout and design of the room in which it will be located. For the premises, made in the English style, the most suitable built-in mini-fireplace. And for an interior with a more modern style, a wall-mounted fireplace that looks like a plasma panel will be suitable.

How to make a choice?

Before buying a mini-fireplace, to make the right choice, you need to understand how the proposed models differ from each other and what their determining technical characteristics.

On the shelves of stores you can find a really large number of various models of mini-fireplaces that perform their basic functions at a high level. But we have practically no production of our own electric fireplaces. There are really too few manufacturers, and those that exist produce products using imported components. Thus, we see that our market is filled with goods of foreign production.


Electrolux is a leader in the manufacture of electric fireplaces. The effect of the flame in these mini-fireplaces is plausible to the extent that it is impossible to immediately say whether it is reality or imitation.

Fireplaces of this company have a number of indisputable advantages over wood: ease of installation, saving energy consumption, safety and environmental friendliness.

Due to the variety of styles and models, from classic to modern, Electrolux electric fireplace can be chosen for almost any interior. It is worth noting that the color of the most popular models is black.

Special features

The living flame of a mini-fireplace can not be distinguished from the present. Its only difference from the usual flame is that it is absolutely safe, because its main fuel is simple filtered water, which is filtered using an external filter.The flame effect is achieved by operating a steam generator, which converts water into steam (the fireplace has a steam principle), and illuminates the orange halogen bulbs, which give the flame a realistic color.

Water is poured into a special tank with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters. This allows the fireplace to run smoothly for up to 8 hours. You can also adjust the intensity of the flame, and in some models there is a function of heating the air.

It should be noted that in addition to the aesthetic function, mini-fireplaces perform a practical function - air humidification, which allows you to create the most comfortable microclimate.

Bio Fireplace

It is quite popular type of mini-fireplaces, due to the fact that it has several advantages:

  • no chimney needed;
  • takes up little space;
  • can be made by yourself;
  • easy to use;
  • for its manufacture using scrap materials;
  • attractive appearance.

For the manufacture of a desktop home mini biofireplace you will need: a small glass container, preferably heat-resistant of thick glass; stones or sand; aluminum can and ethyl alcohol.

First you need to cut the jar to the size of the container that you are using. Then you need to drill four holes in the bottom of the jar. Now connect the top and bottom of the jar. We install this jar into a container and from all sides we enclose it with sand and stones (small stones down, large ones up). In order for the fireplace to work, you need to pour alcohol and burn it.

This biofireplace can be used as a decoration, putting it on the table.

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