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In modern housing design stove-fireplace occupies a special place. This piece of furniture is not only a beautiful element of decor, but also gives the house warmth and comfort. Today, thanks to the unique ideas of stylistics, the stove can be installed both in ordinary apartments and in country cottages or in the country. Therefore, the majority of designers in their designs are trying hard to find free space under the fireplace area, which becomes the real center of housing.

The originality of this object lies in the fact that it gives the house a relaxing atmosphere, after daily fuss, close people can conveniently settle down near the hearth over a cup of warm coffee and discuss all their everyday issues in a relaxed atmosphere. Also, this symbol of comfort is well suited for meeting guests. In addition to all this, modern technologies allow you to install the stove yourself with their own hands. If the owner has no building skills,it is best to purchase a finished product version or use the services of a specialized company and install it in the house correctly with the help of professional craftsmen.

Installation Features

Recently, the construction market is represented by a huge selection of stoves-fireplaces of various brands, so regardless of whether the structure is installed in a private house or in an apartment, there are certain rules for its installation. This is especially true for fireplaces "Bavaria" and "Angara".

From the correctness of their installation will depend not only the appearance of the interior, but also ease of use. Therefore, during construction It is worth considering the following points:

  • The distance between the fireplace and the walls must strictly comply with the instructions specified in the instructions. You can not put the design close to the walls.
  • Before the start of installation work, it is necessary to perform wall cladding. To do this, as a rule, it is recommended to use non-flammable materials such as ceramic tiles and bricks. You can also additionally protect the surface of the walls with strong sheets of metal.
  • The stove is installed directly on the floor, even in the case when the design has built-in legs. Installation of an additional podium is not allowed. Since the product has a huge weight, it is recommended to substitute the stands for flooring to improve the strength, they will protect the boards from deflection.
  • An important element of the fireplace is a chimney. It is best to take it outside, but if there is no such possibility, the chimney is mounted inside the room and then displayed on the roof.
  • Chimney located outside the dwelling, it becomes multi-layered; it will protect it from overcooling of pipes, an airlock and condensate. Single-layer pipes are best carried indoors and brought to the roof through the attic.
  • In order to create the necessary draft in the chimney, its diameter must be chosen strictly according to the diameter of the outlet. The connecting parts of the structure should not be painted with heat-resistant paint, since during further operation the furnace will emit a smell of paint.

Installation in a wooden house

Furnaces-fireplaces inside wooden houses look beautiful, but they should be installed correctly in such a building,with all safety precautions.

In order to avoid fire when placing this element of decor in wooden housing, The following safety rules should be considered:

  • Frame fireplace stove it is mounted in the house according to the project of furnace equipment.
  • The wall intended for the firebox Be sure to be refractory. To do this, additionally impose a layer of thermal insulation of a metal alloy or aluminum foil. When using a cast iron furnace is recommended to build a pedestal.
  • During the installation work Special attention is paid to the protection of the surface from exposure to high temperatures. As a reliable partition, plasterboard sheets are often used, which are easily closed with metal bars.

Step-by-step installation of a fireplace stove in a wooden house is in the next video.

In a country house made of wood, designers recommend installing a corner, frontal or separately located fireplace-stove.

In this case, the frontal model is directly mounted in the wall itself, the corner version is perfect for small rooms and allows you to uniquely decorate the interior.When mounting the structure, it is not possible to combine the walls of the stove with the walls of the house, since during operation it is possible that the wood will show deformation. To ensure that the heating structure is safe, its outlets are necessarily insulated with heat-resistant materials that will protect the wood from fire.

Installation steps

Like any other construction process, the installation of a stove is laborious and requires certain knowledge and skills. For the correct installation of the structure, first of all it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions and find the right place, then proceed with the work which consists of the following steps:

  • Installation of the chimney. The walls of the house achieve a protective structure, preparing a concrete substrate.
  • Warming pipes. The outer part of the pipe is covered with insulation, lined and fixed with a sheet of roof.
  • Installation of metal box.
  • Joining stove-fireplace. This process is performed with enamelled pipes. The distance between the pipes is filled with non-combustible material and the joint is decorated with an apron.

We offer you a video: how to make installation of the fireplace with your own hands.

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