Marble portals for fireplaces

The fireplace in the house is not only an additional source of heat, it is a very important part of the interior of the room. The unique and original design of the fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Facing the fireplace may be different: using natural stone, such as marble or granite, have metal elements or be decorated with expensive varieties of wood.

The most popular type of lining not only the fireplace itself, but also its portal, is marble tile.

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Main advantages

  • Increased strength - marble withstands large temperature drops. You will be able to apply different patterns to the marble portal without damaging its surface. Marble is resistant to impact.
  • Ease of maintenance - a marble fireplace rarely gets dirty, you will not need expensive cleaning products to bring it to its original appearance.
  • Durability - you do not have to constantly polish it.
  • Preservation of heat - marble perfectly accumulates heat and will warm you for a very long time after you have extinguished the fireplace.
  • Large selection of models - various models of marble portals will appeal to both adherents of classical design and followers of modern trends.
  • Security. Marble is an environmentally friendly material, its use will not cause harm to health.


Due to the fact that marble is perfectly treatable, using this material you can make a portal of various designs and shapes. It uses a material with medium hardness.

The most common colors of finish:

  1. Gray marble is rich in various shades: from very light to dark colors, with a small or large grain. On the surface there may be many different lines or specks of white.
  2. White marble - can change its color depending on the lighting in the room. This is due to the presence on the surface of the marble barely noticeable stripes of gray, pink and yellow shades.
  3. Color marble - the color spectrum is wide enough: pink, blue, yellow.

If you make a marble portal for a fireplace from solid material, then its cost will be quite high. A more democratic option can be obtained from an artificial stone - algomerate. The main advantage of artificial cast marble (agglomerate) is a huge choice of colors. The main disadvantage of artificial marble is less durability than natural stone. Because of this, such a material is more difficult to polish.

The marble portal for the fireplace is not cut from a whole stone - it is assembled from several elements.

Fireplace insulation

Before proceeding with the lining of the fireplace, it is necessary to sheathe the side and back walls of the fireplace with thermo-insulating material. Use for this plate, made of material superzaizol.

The advantages of the plates superisol compared with other materials:

  • Quick and easy installation technology. You can cut the plates of Superisol using an ordinary saw for wood. To install the plates you need Isol Glue glue and screws.
  • Thanks to the special production technology, Superisole plates do not emit dust and are hypoallergenic.
  • Under the influence of high temperatures, they can not be deformed.Resistant to squeezing.
  • Superisol plates are produced in large sizes, which provides a very fast and easy installation.

Do it yourself

You can invite a specialist for facing the fireplace, or you can make a facing with your own hands.

Before starting work, it is necessary to carry out preparatory operations:

  • Wet the outside of the fireplace with water (use a spray gun for this), and expand the joints to a depth of 1 cm.
  • Clean the surface of the fireplace from dust and dirt (use a brush for this).
  • Use cement to seal chips and other holes.
  • Grind uneven brickwork (grinder with a special circle will help you with this).
  • Grasp the surface of the fireplace reinforcement mesh (size 5 to 5 cm).
  • Fix the reinforcement mesh with nails with washers or screws, placing them in the joints of the masonry.
  • Warm up the fireplace to 30 degrees using a small amount of wood logs.

Step-by-step instructions will help to make the lining yourself:

  1. Marble fitting - draw the full size contours of your fireplace with the chalk on the floor. Spread the marble, choosing tiles based on color, thickness and shape.
  2. Marking tiles - in the center write the number of the tile, and on the edges of the number of faces with which the tile is in contact. So you can easily find the desired piece, when the installation of tiles will be carried out. Do not use tiles that are significantly different in thickness, as you will have to use a large amount of glue to put them on a level with each other.
  3. First, put the thickest tile, in its thickness, you will be guided when installing the rest of the marble tiles. Small pieces of marble tiles, which remained with you after cutting, should be put in inconspicuous places.
  4. Start the tile laying process at the bottom of the fireplace and move up. After you reach the top of the fireplace, lay the top row horizontally. Continue laying the marble from top to bottom. To fasten the cladding parts, use S-shaped wire fasteners. They will strengthen the structure. They need to be fixed on the reinforcing mesh, using the lower end as a support for marble tiles.
  5. Once you have completed the complete laying of the marble, you must wait until it dries. Usually this process takes two days.
  6. When the installation is dry, you can begin to rub the seams. Before this, it is better to check whether hard-to-remove traces of grout remain on a separate piece of unnecessary marble.

This technology is suitable for laying artificial marble.

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Popular brands


Bella is an Italian brand that produces marble portals for high-quality fireplaces and elegant designs. Bella produces marble portals for fireplaces in two colors:

  • soft pink - "tea rose";
  • white - "Sinai pearl".

The lining of fireplaces from the Bella trademark is excellently combined with cast-iron fire chambers of various European manufacturers.

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Bella manufactures marble portals for fireplaces in two forms:

  1. Classic look - U-shaped marble portals.
  2. "Country" - there are two types: angular and wall marble portal for fireplaces.

Distinctive characteristics of the Italian manufacturer Bella:

  1. In the manufacture of fireplaces for decoration used precious wood, so the marble portals for fireplaces have a gorgeous and unsurpassed appearance and elegant forms.
  2. Marble portals for fireplaces are made with glass, so you can enjoy the spectacle as the flames flare up on the logs.
  3. Marble portals for fireplaces from Bella, along with high quality, are distinguished by affordable prices. You get a fireplace with a unique design at an affordable price.
  4. Marble portals for fireplaces are perfectly combined with cast-iron furnaces from the French manufacturers Invicta and Laudel.
  5. Steel doors for stoves will complete the unique design of the fireplace, they will look great in your interior when you do not use the fireplace.
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Marble portals for fireplaces will be a great addition to your hearth. Due to their environmental friendliness, durability and presentable appearance, they fit perfectly into any interior.

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