Fake fireplace with his own hands

In a cozy house you want to come back again and again. This article will discuss how to improve the interior with the help of a dummy fireplace. About the hearth that anyone can build with a little effort.

The fireplace will perfectly fit into the interior of any room, will give an additional atmosphere of comfort and will be a reason for pride of its creator. Home fireplace with your own hands - easily, you will say to the enchanted guests and households.

It is not necessary to be a professional builder to make a model visually close to the original. But it requires careful preparation, desire and capital investment.


To begin with we will decide on the room in which the fake fireplace will be located. If this is a room in a private house, then a brick fireplace can be constructed. For a city high-rise apartment, such a construction will be heavy. We will talk about models of a fireplace made of drywall, plywood, stone, brick, foam plastic and cardboard.The last two materials require minimal costs for tools and materials. But the rest of the selected materials are more durable, look more spectacular and richer.

Manufacturing process

Step-by-step instructions will help you easily plan the construction of a dummy home in your apartment.


To start, choose a place to decorate. Considering that the flame in the false fireplace is not real or very weak, you should not place the fireplace in front of the window, if you plan to light it in the daytime - it will be hard to see. For evening and night gatherings fit any location. Think of a comfortable corner around your design. Soft carpet and beautiful furniture will nobly complement the fireplace and give the whole room warmth and warmth.

Product Design

Choose a design for a model fireplace so that it harmoniously fits into the interior of the room. Not only the appearance, but also the size of the hearth, it is important to choose the right. After you need to decide what to put inside your model.

In the event that heating your apartment becomes one of the functions of your fireplace, then take care of the outlet near the building.Access to electricity will be needed also in the case of installing a plasma TV simulating a fire on the screen.

Hearth drawing

Think over the drawing of the fireplace. The result of your work depends on a properly constructed foundation. Take into account the features and dimensions of the room. After that, boldly go to the store to buy the right materials in the right quantity.

Purchase of materials for construction

We decide on what to make the hearth frame. This may be a metal profile or wooden slats. Will the fireplace be static and wall-mounted or portable?

Drywall, foam or brick? When the main material you lead a stone or tile, then the frame must be made more durable.

We choose fastening tools (screws, glue, etc.) and decoration elements.

Drywall is easy to process and affordable. For beginners in the fireplace business - just right. The composition includes ordinary cardboard, impregnated with a special substance. Fire resistance is the main advantage of the material. Also crucial in his choice of play resistance to moisture and temperature changes. But drywall can not withstand heavy loads.

Plywood is also easy to handle and affordable. Environmentally cleaner natural product. In the case of installing a fireplace in the bathroom, in the kitchen or any other room where there is dampness, remember: plywood does not like moisture.

Constructions of foam plastic and cardboard are the easiest to build. You can make a false fireplace with glue and adhesive tape. The main thing is to make the drawing correctly. Consider that such a fireplace is extremely short-lived.

Stone and brick materials are weighty, so before installing, make sure that the product does not bring down the ceiling. These materials do not require a frame, but be sure to make a drawing version of a decorative hearth in order to purchase the right amount of a fairly expensive material and to verify the correctness of the layout process.

It remains to purchase the necessary tools that you do not have. Depending on the materials chosen, you may need:

  1. Metal profile or wooden slats;
  2. Screwdriver (nails do not fit tightly);
  3. Glue (when the fireplace is foam or cardboard);
  4. Perforator;
  5. Hacksaw for cutting;
  6. Brushes, spatula, putty

Or it could be tile, mosaic, stone, wallpaper, wood, etc.There is only your discretion and possibilities.

For sure the product turned out perfect, get the level to align.


Cut the parts out of the chosen material and fix them with screws (or glue). Act carefully, follow safety precautions.


Based on the chosen interior solution, start creating. This is perhaps the most interesting part of the process of creating a fireplace cast.

In the building materials stores you will plunge into a variety of ready-made materials that will make the fireplace exquisite and unique. Starting from putty, similar to leather, stone or wood, ending with finished decorative cuttings of foam or drywall. The budget option can be wallpaper with any suitable pattern or self-adhesive paper.

If you can draw, with paint you can create any pattern that comes to mind. And by adapting to the business of the household, you will create a family heirloom.

Fire in the home

To heat a room, consider options such as an electric fireplace or a convector. At observance of the recommendation on equipment of fire safety, it is not forbidden to decorate a chimney product with artificial or real firewood.

Candles will also be an interesting solution.Do not forget to cover the place for candles with refractory material. Several candles of different sizes or small candles in the candlesticks in the form of firewood look win-win. It all depends on your taste.

10 a photo

Consider the lights, LED lamps or lamps in the form of a hearth.

Plasma TV is also a great design solution. As if by magic, the TV in a spectacular stand will turn into a cozy beautiful fireplace with a dancing crackling flame.

Finishing touches

Beautiful accessories in the form of stones, coal, logs, poker and blades will add realism to your exposure and complement the ensemble. Fill the area with the desired atmosphere of relaxation decorative carpets in the form of bear skins, rocking chairs with a coffee table.

A handmade fireplace will turn out to be an incredibly valuable piece of interior of your home and an excellent opportunity to gather your family and friends and to have spiritual conversations. Fireplace area will be a fabulous place for photo shoots and your personal trophy.

Mental rest to you.

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