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In the modern world, even residents of small apartments can get fireplaces. Small-sized bio-fireplaces have a lot of advantages and features. Such designs differ in special environmental friendliness. Fireplaces of this type can be completely any size. Instead of the usual once firewood in such a fireplace use alcohol.

As a rule, small fireplaces are more decorative than functional. But the tabletop fireplace can warm a small room or just help to warm up in the winter evening. Ethanol is used as a fuel for fireplaces. This is a completely safe, eco-friendly material. During combustion, ethanol does not emit toxic substances, and converts oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Design and features

Eco-fireplaces are arranged quite elementary. The burner with a reservoir for alcohol is inside. In the outer part of the burner is a special portal for decoration. In more modern models there are special automated mechanisms to control the intensity of the flame. And in older versions, the fireplace goes out when the fuel burns out.Glass fireplaces do not have coals and other elements that could be heated. This design is practically not dangerous.

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The burner has the shape of a glass and is made of heat-resistant material. Adjusting the intensity of the fire using such a burner will not work. These burners are low cost and are often used in home production of the device. Fuel units have a more complex structure and higher cost. In such a burner, you can block the flame until the combustion of fuel. Still such a burner prevents the ingress of foreign objects inside.

Depending on the location, fireplaces are divided into types:

  1. Desktop fireplaces have a variety of stylistic solutions and small size.
  2. The wall spirit fireplace is capable to bring special notes in your interior.
  3. Corner fireplace set on a small area and visible from any point.
  4. Embedded unit can be placed in furniture. Looks interesting and fresh.
  5. Outdoor fireplaces - a great solution for lovers of permutations. It can be moved from point to point.

The standard kit contains a burner, fuel tank, poker, decorative portal.In some types there are strips for fastening structures.

Types of burners

For correct use of a desktop fireplace you need a burner. Usually this is a container in the form of a glass. All parts of the eco-fireplace are made of heat-resistant materials. The only drawback of such a burner is that it is not possible to control the fire. You will not be able to adjust the intensity of the flame and extinguish it before the flammable substance runs out.

There are quite clear advantages of such a detail:

  • Two or more containers can be placed in one fireplace. This will give more functionality and originality.
  • Burner for the fireplace is easy to use, does not require special knowledge and skills.
  • These burners are pretty cheap. Due to this design is in special demand. You can buy additional burners in an existing fireplace or parts for your own made unit.

In addition to these burners, there are fuel blocks. This is a burner of complex structure. Main advantages:

  • The fuel compartment can be closed. Thus, the access of oxygen is blocked, and the flame goes out.
  • The design prevents foreign objects from getting inside.This reduces the risk of ignition.

The cost of the fuel block is significantly different from the cost of a conventional burner. Both products have their advantages and disadvantages, the choice must be made on the basis of their own preferences. If you have kids or pets - pay attention to the last option.

Pros and cons of ekokamina

Such fireplaces work on alcohol, on dry alcohol, on ethanol. All these substances are convenient because they have no combustion products, emit only carbon dioxide. Using alcohol fireplaces do not neglect the rules of fire safety. Open fire should not come into contact with objects and is located near easily flammable substances. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the level of oxygen in the room.

Alcohol gives a flame of white and blue, and not yellow, like firewood. The bio-fireplace does not occupy useful space thanks to the built-in models and models of the small sizes. The fuel feature eliminates the need to make a chimney. There are some difficulties in the use of the unit. The area of ​​the room should be from 25 sq.m. Airing a room is a must.

Safety regulations

An alcohol fireplace is completely safe for the environment. Unlike other fireplaces, this unit combines a real fire and the absence of harmful products of combustion. But fire burns out oxygen into carbon dioxide. This means that the room must be well ventilated. Due to lack of oxygen you can be seriously affected.

The danger is open flame itself. Cases of ignition are possible. It is necessary to install a fireplace so that there are no curtains or other objects that can catch fire. Do not use volatile flammable substances near the fireplace.

How to do it yourself?

  • Originally made glass base. Glass can be cut from photo frames or obtained in any other way. Suitable and glass from window frames. With the help of a sealant connect parts. It is very important to fix the parts and allow the sealant to completely harden on the surface. This process takes about a day. Then take the blade and carefully remove the excess sealant.
  • The fuel tank is a regular metal box. Choose products of square or rectangular shape, this will facilitate further manipulations.By the size of the box you need to cut a metal grid. We put the fuel can in the box, put the net on top and lay it with pebbles. This will ensure even distribution of heat and additional decor.
  • Now make an ordinary wick of lace. We lower it through the grid into the inside of the metal container with alcohol. This is the last stage, the fireplace can be used. One tank is enough for several heatings. Then you can replace it, or think up a way to add a flammable substance.
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