Outdoor fireplaces

In the modern world, fireplaces are most often used not so much for heating a room, as for giving it a special coziness and romantic atmosphere. Modern fireplaces are very practical and functional. They can be installed in a variety of areas - from small apartments to country houses. One of the most original, but at the same time, very functional options - a floor fireplace.

Special features

Outdoor fireplaces organically fit into the interior of even a small room.

In general, they can be divided into several subcategories. The classic version is an outdoor fireplace with wood. It is the most natural and provides room heating through the use of natural logs. The only drawback of outdoor fireplaces on wood is that it is sometimes too difficult to install. In order for this construction to fully work, it is necessary to provide a fireplace with a good chimney - otherwise there will be too much smoke in the room.

Much more practical in the conditions of modern houses and apartments, such an option as an electric outdoor fireplace. It looks exactly like the real one, but when it is installed, much less complexity arises. A high-quality fireplace is equipped with a screen in which the flames are almost identical to the present.

A warmer version of the fireplace - ceramic. Such fireplaces warm up rather slowly, but then for a long time they give off heat. In addition, ceramic fireplaces are highly resistant.

More budget and practical option - Biokamin. Such heaters with the real flame work at the expense of bioethanol. This salt solution allows to provide full heating of the room. This fireplace has another advantage - it does not need any chimney.

The fact is that when burning a special fuel for a bio fireplace, only carbon and bioethanol get into the air. In order to provide complete air purification, it is desirable to place several flowerpots with plants in the room.

The disadvantages of biofireplaces include, first of all, the high cost of fuel.To fully heat the room you have to spend a lot of money. In addition, it can be very difficult to work with such a fireplace. The rest of the biofireplaces are very good - they look attractive, and do not take up too much space, and it is quite simple to install them.

Floor protection

True, when installing such fireplaces, it is worth remembering a few important points. First of all, it is necessary to observe certain precautions very clearly. Whatever the fireplace, it does not stand under too heavy objects. Ideally, the fireplace should not be a stand for a cabinet or TV. But if necessary, such a floor fireplace can withstand a weight of 20-28 kg.

It is possible to strengthen the surface of the fireplace using durable shockproof glass or high-quality ceramics. The opinion of experts here is one - a floor fireplace must be very durable and, if necessary, withstand at least minimal gravity.

It is desirable that next to the floor fireplace was refractory tiles. The height from the floor to the fireplace should not be too critical. This will protect the surface of the floor from accidental fires.Also, there should not be any inflammable items near the fireplace - furs, wooden tables or sofas with soft upholstery. This is especially true for the interior, which is a functioning salt fireplace.

Installation nuances

In addition to protecting the floor, there are other nuances of installing a floor fireplace. It’s almost impossible to do it yourself without any experience. The most logical solution in this case is to hire a specialist who will help you put up a fireplace and work on the floor covering.

We have already found out that the tile near the floor fireplace should be fireproof. But it is also worth remembering that if you place the fireplace close to the wall, such coverage should reach to the ceiling. High-quality substrate protects you from unforeseen situations. The fireplace is most often installed on the floor filled with a special grout, which allows the device to remain immovable.

It is also worth remembering that to install this fireplace in a private house or apartment you need permission from local authorities. You can get it only by demonstrating to the staff of the relevant services the complete safety of your fireplace.

Interior design

The outdoor fireplace is a universal solution for decorating a room in any style. Regardless of what your room looks like, such a simple and practical fireplace can always make it more attractive and cozy.

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