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At times, people settled their homes with the help of a variety of items. It is important that the thing fits perfectly into the interior. The desktop fireplace is just that subject which will fit into absolutely any style.

Pockets with real fire are installed in country houses. Not everyone has private residences, but you cannot put a good fireplace in an apartment. So the designers and craftsmen came up with a mini-fireplace, which, even if remotely, resembles a home.

Special features

As the name implies, desktop fireplaces have small dimensions and the possibility of transfer. Therefore, these mini-foci have gained immense popularity among residents of apartments. A small fireplace can be placed anywhere without worrying about security. Such products do not have a mass of stone and metal fireplaces and do not emit smoke.

From the above written it follows that the main feature of the desktop electronic fireplace is practicality in use. They are also remarkable in that in appearance they may not differ at all from the classic hearths with live fire. They are made from a variety of materials in any color. And the design of some products is so unusual that a mini-fireplace becomes the most important piece of furniture.

How to assemble a structure?

Have you acquired the most popular? It's time to install it and highlight your interior. First you need to carefully get the mini - hearth out of the package and inspect it for the presence of marriage and damage. If you are satisfied with the appearance, you can safely continue.

The second stage of the assembly is the installation of a container with fuel. Alcohol and biofuels are often used as combustible material. When the container is in its place, you can lay a grid and wick on it. At the very end you need to spread the stones evenly over the grid. Everything! The assembly of the desktop bio fireplace is over.

Terms of use

Special knowledge of the use of the fireplace does not require. The main thing, as in any case, to comply with safety.

Here are some simple rules that owners of mini-fireplaces need to know:

  1. Filling the tank for fuel is possible only when the fireplace is turned off. Some models have special openings through which fuel is poured without removing the vessel. This rule applies to all options.
  2. It is recommended to fill the vessel with fuel by no more than two thirds of the total volume.
  3. In case of accidental spillage of flammable liquid, you should immediately remove the stain. It is possible to light a torch only after cleaning. Failure to comply with this rule results in dangerous fires.
  4. It is necessary to light a torch with a special lighter with a long handle.
  5. Extinguish the flame is recommended only by shutting off the supply of oxygen.

With all the rules, the use of the fireplace will bring only good and good mood.

Burner features

The main part of the desktop fireplace is the burner, which looks like an ordinary glass cup. This part is made of refractory material only.

There are several options for burners:

  • Double or triple burners. TThis design will not only look original, but also generate more heat. This is the most common and cheap type of burner.Still, there is a minus burner - it is impossible to regulate the flame on your own.
  • In the manufacture of biofireplace often create fuel blocks - a special type of burner, but with a more complex structure. The basis of this burner is to close the compartment. This allows you to extinguish the flame before it burns all the fuel. The undeniable advantage is the ability to adjust the flame. Minus is also available - a relatively large price.

One of the most popular types of fuel for mini-fireplaces is ethanol. By mixing this alcohol with special plant materials, the ideal fuel for a biofireplace is obtained. When the fuel burns, it emits only heat. An alcohol tabletop fireplace is considered absolutely harmless, as it does not pollute the air with dangerous smoke or gas.

Fireplaces in the interior

Mini-fireplaces very quickly gained their place in the global market. Their main feature is mobility, so you can install not only in your apartment, but also outside it. Many enterprises ennoble their establishments with the help of a table hearth: cafes, bars, restaurants.In addition, mini-fireplaces do not require large expenditures to maintain their work: a piezo lighter and a certain amount of special fuel that is consumed very economically.

A small but functional biofireplace fits anywhere, be it a bathroom, a romantic bedroom or a study. Table fireplace can be installed on the veranda or simply in the open air, as the flame is reliably protected from gusts of wind using a glass-ceramic screen.

Irradia desktop fireplace looks very harmonious and unusual. This delightful mini-hearth fits perfectly into the interior and easily warms any room in your home. Its smooth and subtle features, along with fascinating flames, are able to influence a person better than any sedative. Therefore, most often these models are chosen for installation in an office or office.

Philippi Burn desk fireplace looks very original and takes up very little space. A small but very bright flame harmoniously coexists with a dark shade of smooth stones. This model is great for creating a romantic atmosphere, so put it best in the bedroom or living room.

Now fireplaces are practically not associated with massive structures made of heavy materials, such as iron and brick. At present, the home has become tantamount to a high-tech device that fits into the interior and home and apartment. Such devices are effective and safe to use, so they are considered environmentally friendly facilities. A variety of shapes, colors and decor, allows you to choose a desktop fireplace to the most demanding taste.

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