New Year's fireplace

Decoration ideas

New Year is a time of miracles and comfort. This is the time when you want to take a break from everyday fuss, relax in a rocking chair and drink hot tea.

To create a relaxing atmosphere, one thing is missing - a festive fireplace. The most beautiful decoration of the house is what you do yourself with love. For example, a home can be decorated with paper snowflakes, appliqués, toys, ribbons. But there is another way to bring the Christmas mood to your home - to make a fireplace out of cardboard.

Creating a festive mood is best done with family or friends, it will strengthen the relationship, provide an opportunity to exchange the latest news during the creative process and tell interesting life stories.

New Year's fireplace is made of available tools. It is enough to find several cardboard boxes, take scissors, colored paper, pencils, paints and any other stationery sets.The process of decorating the hearth is solid creativity and a flight of fantasy. It all depends on how you want to see the end result, what ideas you have on the design of a particular house and interior.

Do not forget to involve children in creativity, they have unlimited imagination, an endless flight of fantasy. In addition, so time will pass more pleasant and faster.

It is also possible to decorate a fireplace at night, it will double the festive mood. For a great atmosphere of the arrival of the New Year or Christmas, scented candles are lit, preparing herbal tea, mulled wine.

Materials for decor

For decorating the fireplace in the course are various materials at hand. Silver paint, coniferous twigs, cones, small and large toys, pre-made boots, shiny objects, balls, wreaths, wood products are used.

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Silver imitates snow very well, both silver ribbons and special paint with a spray are selected. Imitation of precious metal, creates a festive mood, the colors seem to flirt, sparkle, shimmer. A good option would be a combination of silver elements with coniferous twigs.Then it creates the feeling of walking through the woods. This decoration replaces the presence of spruce in the house.

Coniferous twigs gather independently in the forest. It is enough to go to the nearest city park or forest park zone. Sprigs are also purchased at specialized New Year and Christmas fairs.

The resulting composition is often diluted with a multi-colored, flashing garland. Pre-prepared boots are hung on the fireplace. In them for children from fairy characters in the future you can put gifts. Boots are decorated at the discretion of the one who creates the Christmas mood. For example, if there are those who are strong in embroidery, places an image of reindeer on them, appliques are made, decorated with beads.

Another way to decorate a fireplace is to create compositions. On the upper part of the hearth are all sorts of figures, thematically associated with Christmas and New Year, Christmas balls, sprigs of coniferous trees, fairy tale characters, figurines. Beautiful glass balls turnaround, filled with snow.

In the presence of rich imagination, one large garland of balls and Christmas decorations is composed.Ribbons, strings, preferably of silvery, golden hues are woven into it. Cooked snowflakes covered with brilliant varnish are added at will.

A beautiful Christmas wreath is able to create a mood in combination with a hand-made hearth. Sometimes the product is hung on a mirror, so it seems that the Christmas decorations are filled not with a separate corner, but with the whole room. Fabulous mood is added by barely noticeable magic applications, located everywhere - from the decoration of a wreath, and ending with the placement on the windows and festoons.

The most original way is to decorate a home hearth in eco style. For creativity, wood, plastic and other improvised, secondary means are used. Composition looks favorably against the white wall. Such a decision to decorate the interior not only contributes to the preservation of the environment, but also its own budget.

A conservative solution is to decorate a cardboard fireplace with silver dishes and candles. The method is suitable for those who already have a majestic interior in their house: expensive furniture, dishes, high-quality repairs.It is recommended to have a monophonic background - then the dishes and candles will stand out, and focus on themselves attention. Small decorative pillows embroidered with gilded or silver threads will look beautiful.

The base of the fireplace is made of boxes. It is advisable to choose a thick cardboard, it can be packaging from appliances, shoes. Sometimes the material is purchased in stores specializing in the sale of stationery and art tools.

Making a fireplace

First imagine the hearth of your dreams. Next - follow it, bring it to life.

From the previously prepared cartons, glue the frame, which will resemble a fireplace. It is advisable to choose a stronger adhesive, as cardboard is a very hard material that requires strong bonding.

The first and easiest option is to prepare large pieces of cardboard for a false fireplace, measure distances, carefully draw rectangles and necessary parts, cut and fasten them. The second option is to collect dozens of boxes, for example, from cornflakes, glue them together in such a way that a rectangular frame is obtained, it is necessary to leave room in order to decorate the hearth.

Allow some time for the product to dry.Take the cooked wallpaper, the ideal option would be imitating the texture of bricks or stones. Carefully cover the surface of the cardboard blank, try to glue the structure in such a way that there are no visible seams of your creativity. Excess glue can be removed with a cloth or napkin.

Dry the resulting product, if there is such a need, revive it, add more colors. For decoration, you can use, for example, adhesive tape, gold. Beautifully paste around the edges of the fireplace.

In the place of the hearth, you can put pre-cooked firewood. It will be enough for a few of these logs. Parts of the tree are wrapped with a garland, later it imitates fire.

The location of your product is important. To the place it will look in the living room, it will be interesting to place in the kitchen, especially if there is a place for receiving guests. Try not to overload the room, it is important that there is enough space around the hearth, because it involves not only the delivery of aesthetic pleasure, but also the gathering of loved ones near it.Comfort is created with the help of chairs or inflatable chairs placed around the New Year item.

In the end, it is recommended to decorate the New Year's hearth, made by hand. Make the most of your imagination, look for interesting, unusual tools and jewelry. Try to make the fireplace create the festive atmosphere, set the mood for the whole house.

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