How to choose the hearth for the fireplace?

Varieties of electrocenters

Electronic fireplace has long ceased to be a luxury. Today, such an interior item is affordable for most families with above-average incomes. Some premises require compliance with fire safety standards - and this is actually the only obstacle to the installation of a home fire.

It is worth considering that when buying a fireplace, you will have to invest additional funds in its installation and subsequent maintenance. The acquisition will faithfully serve those who want extra comfort in the house.

Fireplaces with the effect of fire are practical and safe, there are no additional questions in the field of fire safety. In addition, it is a very beautiful element of decor.

The product usually consists of a wooden case (options of metal and plastic are possible) and a reflector with a heater. The heating effect is created due to the reflection of air from the inner walls; heat is not dissipated, but directed through a special opening - focus.

Most home foci are mobile, this means that they can be moved to another room, a prerequisite is the presence of an outlet.

There are several types of electronic fireplaces. The equipment is classified by type of heating - autonomous fireboxes, electric fireplaces with removable fireboxes and built-in hearths, other options are also possible.

A fireplace with a built-in fireplace is easily transferred from one room to another, as it is produced in small sizes. Such a device qualitatively simulates fire. The big disadvantage is that a fireplace with a built-in hearth is more of an element of decor than a means for heating. It can easily compete with a real flame, since the imitation of the elements of nature is extremely realistic. Pay attention to the shape of the device, often produce fashion models - if you do not have enough money to change the fireplace every few years, choose the classic options.

A more expensive option is electric fireplaces with removable fireboxes. The cost of the device includes the price of the portal. At the same time, you can design and form that will fit perfectly into the interior, you can always choose to your liking.

Autonomous furnaces are more often found in the classical style and more resemble traditional household hearths. It is possible to insert the cassette in the usual fireplace, but in this case, its function will be rather decorative.


The steam fireplace has a steam generator as a core, so there is a feeling of realism of the flame. The centers are well suited for use in city apartments, where chimney is not provided. A big advantage is the lack of need to obtain special permits for its installation.

In addition, the steam home is safe. The only detail that needs attention is that the electrical network is in good condition so that electricity does not close. Ensure that the wiring in the room is good. Required important condition - outlet grounding.

Steam fireplace has several functions. For example, one of them is air humidification. This is an additional advantage of the device in comparison with its analogues.

The center creates a cosiness in the house at the expense of let out steam, harmoniously fits practically into any interior.

Also, do not have difficulty installing the device.Enough electrical outlet and the presence of water. It is recommended to remove carbonate deposits several times a month, they appear on the parts when the liquid evaporates.

Without heating

Electric fireplace without heating works due to infrared rays. The function of such a focus is rather decorative, designed to bring aesthetic pleasure.

The device heats the room a little, since the fire is only simulated with a scarlet tape or a strip of foil. The fireplace works with steam and light, you can add an accompaniment in the form of sound.

At will the picture changes, for example, a forest, a stream, a waterfall appear on the screen - everything that helps relaxation.


An open fireplace is a device that simulates an open firebox from several sides. The fireplace has a large air consumption, so the room must be regularly aired, otherwise there may be some discomfort due to dry air.

Imitation of a natural flame

Imitation of a natural flame occurs with the help of a fan and incandescent lamps. The fan raises the cloth strips, and the light bulbs shine on them. Thus, a picture of fire is created.

But this is a rather outdated version, since today there is no need to invent mechanisms - they were replaced by flat screens with different images, often in the form of video.

Decor and decoration

Decorate the home can be, depending on personal preference. Much depends on the interior of the room, the time of year and the mood of the owner.

Since the fireplace is one of the central objects, often located in the living room or dining room, it is customary to decorate it as richly as possible. So the hosts demonstrate their social status, financial wealth to the guests.

The hearth also becomes a place where memories are stored - souvenirs, photographs, some favorite things. Many people enjoy watching the flame, relax and recall certain life moments, share memories.

How to choose

The choice of focus depends on the design of the room and its functional purpose. It is important to understand the purpose for which equipment is purchased - to decorate a room or to heat it. The purchase price will depend on these parameters.

Consider the technical characteristics of the unit, pay attention to the availability of accompanying documents, including quality assurance.

When purchasing real fireplaces for gantry fireplaces, consider the possibilities of the room, the presence of chimney in it and other conditions to ensure fire safety.

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Cost of

The minimum price you should expect when buying an imported fireplace starts at $ 400. The cheapest option can cost 150-200 dollars. But here it is worth remembering that the quality guarantee is very low.

Among the more expensive models you can find home hearths worth $ 1,000. Here the choice of design, form, colors, and functional purpose of devices is richer.

Accessories and elements for decorating the fireplace can be found at a price of about 50-60 dollars. Products with a guarantee of quality is recommended to purchase abroad.

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Overview of global brands

The most famous global brands that produce electric fireplaces include Tokyo 33, Corsica, D Helios, Freeport, Afrodita and Stafford.

For example, such a brand Eugen from the manufacturer Afrodita is characterized by manufacturability and safety, serves as a good addition to the modern interior, suitable for those who lack the aesthetic pleasure in the house.

But the Stafford fireplace with the Panoramic function includes four flame modes and protection against overheating. It is possible to turn on with the remote control, the effect of live fire.

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