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Properly chosen fireplace trim helps in maintaining its aesthetic qualities for a long time. Choosing the type of installation, consider your capabilities, will you manage to finish the fireplace with your own hands or should you turn to the services of specialists? The most popular types of cladding include tiles, natural minerals and porcelain stoneware.

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Due to the wide range of such materials you can make a fireplace in any subject, but at the expense of working with your own hands you will save a significant amount on finishing work and on masonry.


Facing actions with fireplaces, as well as with stoves, should be performed with the help of decorative elements and mortar, which have a similar splitting coefficient with brick. Otherwise, the lining will quickly begin to crumble. In this regard, experts advise to use the following material:

  • terracotta tiles;
  • natural stones;
  • artificial stones;
  • porcelain stoneware.

The method of finishing is directly dependent on the material used in the work.

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Porcelain tile

Ceramic tile has properties similar to refractory bricks. The similarity in the structure allows the tile to be resized when heated, along with the material of the fireplace insert itself. At the same time the glaze protects the tile from the adverse effects of water and soot.

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The porcelain tile can have the different form and the sizes. In stores there are products that are designed specifically for decorating with projections, corners and shelves. The color range of terracotta tiles is similar to natural materials. It is easy to lay, so when working with it you do not need special tools. For fitting and cutting elements fit the usual Bulgarian.

How is tiling

The process of finishing porcelain tile consists of several steps:

  • Initially, the upper layer of the fireplace insert should be cleaned of whitewash, plaster or paint. Then the seams expand one centimeter between the bricks, and dust is removed with a brush;
  • with the help of flame retardant mastic or clay mortar, it is necessary to seal and dry uneven edges;
  • if your portal has a poor brickwork, and the mortar layer has a thickness of more than 5 millimeters, it is necessary to align the surface of the structure using a grinding machine;
  • then you should heat the fireplace. The bricks should heat up to 30 degrees;
  • A primer is applied to the surface of the bricks. This solution reduces dusting, promotes good adhesion and even drying of the adhesive liquid. As a rule, the primer dries for a couple of hours;
  • finishing work with tiles must start from the bottom. If necessary, you can cut protruding parts and grind. If there are corner elements in your project, they should be glued first;
  • glue dilution is made according to the instructions on the box. Use a drill, which is attached to the nozzle of solid wire, as it is able to effectively mix the solution;
  • Use a wooden spatula to apply the mortar. After that, it is necessary to hold the notched trowel over the surface and press the tile tightly. Glue several tiles at a time to keep the level and plumb under control. A plastic corner helps to create equal distances between the elements;
  • it takes two days to dry the materials, after which the joints are grouting. As a trowel material, you can use special tools or a clay solution with fine sand and dye;
  • If your tile does not have an auxiliary protective layer, you can apply a fire-resistant varnish on its surface. It facilitates the care of the facing material.

Finishing the firebox with natural and artificial stones

Stones such as marble and granite are characterized by high prices. To handle this material, you will need experience with special cutting and grinding tools. Therefore, when finishing on their own, many people buy shell rock, limestone or rubble stones.

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Artificial stones are made from Portland cement, natural stone crumbs and expanded clay. When creating them, vibratory casting and pressing is used, thanks to which decorative materials have high strength and moisture resistance. The wide range of materials offered makes it possible to make an exclusive lining in the fireplace room.

Special technology in laying stones does not exist. The basis is hot melt or mastic.If stones have heavy weight, then special anchors are used for reliability.

Features of decoration with natural stones:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the stove, which is concluded in cleaning the stove laying, jointing seams, removing dust and creating a flat surface.
  2. To create an attractive finish, it is recommended to sort the stones by color. If you want to use multiple tones, dark colors should be stacked on the bottom. Any irregularities and extra corners are removed by the grinder.
  3. The fireplace as well as when working with tiles should be warmed to 35 degrees and treated with brick primer.
  4. Dissolve the adhesive in accordance with the instructions until a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture should be infused for 15 minutes, after which it should be re-mixed.
  5. The laying with use of a natural stone is carried out in the same way, as well as a ceramic-tile. Glue with a spatula is applied to the stone, and the element is applied to the wall. Then it needs to be rubbed tight. All excess glue should be removed immediately. The seams between the stones should be 2-5 mm.
  6. Before laying the next row you need to put a tiled corner. After setting the glue corners are removed. The remaining rows are laid out in the same way.
  7. When the glue is dry, fill the joints with a solution. If you want to leave the natural texture of the stone, you should not align the seam.
  8. After you finish the cladding, the surface is covered with a protective varnish.


If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive option for facing the existing portal, pay attention to plastering. This material is available to everyone and does not require much effort in the work. It should be noted that the plastering does not contribute to the weighting of the main chimney masonry, therefore, strengthening the base is not required.

The main condition for high-quality facing works is a competent choice of plaster. Choose a fire resistant option in which there are special fibers. Similar conditions are achieved by adding lime, hemp and straw to the clay solution.

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Decorative qualities are achieved by staining with a composition that is resistant to temperature changes.

How is plastering done:

  • clean the surface from dirt and old plaster;
  • using small nails, fix the reinforcing mesh on the brickwork;
  • The prepared solution should be applied with a spatula evenly over the entire surface;
  • after you finish finishing your fireplace, leave the surface to dry for two days. After that it is possible to put the painting solutions or decorative putty. If necessary, you can add a water-soluble color.


With the help of refractory drywall, you can create unusual fireplace forms. The workflow itself consists of two stages:

  • assembly of the metal frame;
  • The resulting frame is sheathed with plasterboard.

Keep in mind that screws must be screwed at right angles. This action eliminates the formation of chips on the surface.

Fireplace decoration

Not every city apartment allows you to install a fireplace. If you really want to see the fireplace portal in your room, you can make a false fireplace, which is made of any available materials.

As the finishing materials fit any available tools.Wood, plywood, drywall, foam plastic, cardboard and even brick are popular. Use your imagination and create your own fireplace in a city apartment.

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When you choose a cladding material for the fireplace, you need to consider the quality of the raw materials. For example, the characteristics of cast iron fireplaces include their high coefficient of thermal conductivity. Due to this property, such stoves transmit heat 1.5 times faster than steel furnaces. Such fireplaces are used actively to heat the cottages. If you are the owner of the iron portal, you can use a talcloride finish.

The tile is often used in saunas and baths. It perfectly proved to be a facing material for heating fireplaces. With its help, the room warms up evenly, without overdrying the air.

It is up to you to decide how to decorate your fireplace. Analyze your financial capabilities and taste preferences, and this article will help you correctly implement the decorative decoration of your fireplace.

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