Modern fireplace decoration

The home environment changes in an amazing way if the languid power of a fireplace’s fire appears in it. Everyone bows under this power of tranquility and eternity, comfortably seated in an armchair, covered with a blanket and enjoying tea burning lips.

The fireplace today can be located in almost any house or apartment, because the numerous finishing options organically fit into a different interior.

Features of internal and external decoration

Fireplace consists of a portal and hearth. A hearth is a place to burn or imitate it. The portal also performs a decorative function and is richly decorated with various materials. Every detail requires a specific finish.

Trilateral fireplaces

According to many, the trilateral fireplace best shows the beauty of the fire and looks great in a house or apartment. It is a fireplace with a combustion zone, closed on three sides by a glass-ceramic window.

In most cases, a false wall is used for the exterior of a three-sided fireplace. Less often you can see a similar model located in the center of the room. The forms of the fireplace are different. It can be a cube, a pyramid, a cylinder and other original variants.

The design of trilateral fireplaces stands in the way of modernity. Here you can see such styles as modern, high tech and country.

Raised Fireplaces

For those whose dreams are constantly led away to thoughts about the fireplace, but the possibility of placing it in an apartment does not exist, false-fireplaces were invented. They have no fire and no fire, so they are the safest.

What is a false fireplace for? All for the same comfort. For example, this design can close an unaesthetic type of batteries, place a heater for additional heat, use it as a stylish shelf, arrange candles or supplement a cozy interior.

For the base of the fireplace, drywall is most often used; it is decorated with wood, artificial stone, decorative brick or ceramic tile.

Artificial fireplaces

In most apartments, to put a fireplace with real fire is problematic and, as it turns out in practice, unreal.Indeed, it is much safer and easier to save the soft light of a real fire for a country house. For an apartment, the optimal solution would be an artificial fireplace.

For its decoration are the same materials as for a false fireplace, because it does not constitute a threat and any danger, working from the outlet. Drywall, brick, tile - here are the options for finishing artificial models.


The modern decoration of the fireplace is varied. Here you can find materials characterizing the classics, and you can find something original and individual.


Marble is one of the most noble materials for finishing various types of fireplaces. Perhaps that is why today it is very popular.

It is worth saying that marble can be used for the construction of the whole fireplace design, and you can add a finished fireplace in the form of cladding. For the first case, a rubble stone is used, for the second - a plate. The thickness of the facing plate is not more than 1 cm.

Advantages of marble finish:

  • pure material that does not emit harmful substances when heated;
  • high strength;
  • does not absorb moisture;
  • does not react to high temperatures and their drops;
  • the price varies depending on the naturalness of the marble;
  • has an aesthetic appearance;
  • relevant for all styles.

Marble can be artificial and natural. According to experts, this is the case when the substitute is superior to the natural competitor. So, artificial marble has the ease and plasticity, it is easy to strengthen it on any surface, be it brick or drywall. The great weight of natural material requires professionalism and the fundamental nature of the fireplace.

About the beauty of marble said not enough. Indeed, the thin streaks of contrasting colors cannot be confused with any other stone. The color palette here is multifaceted. Pink with black, gray with white, black with yellow tones will please the most picky aesthetes.


Fireplace from wood finish looks very warm and cozy. However, this material has its advantages and disadvantages, which are important to familiarize in order to obtain the best result.

So, the wood in the decoration is used only for false fireplaces, as well as with an artificial flame, because it is no secret that wood is an easily combustible material. In addition, wood should be used in homes and apartments with constant heating.Country wooden house with a chic fireplace made of wood - a dream that can not be realized. The tree accumulates moisture, and later cracks appear on it.

And even if the wooden fireplace is in a permanent place of your habitat, it is important to keep an eye on it, and not just wipe dust off with a damp cloth. Certain means for wood processing, periodic surface renewal - a pledge of a beautiful fireplace for many years. Unfortunately, without proper care, the wood quickly darkens, loses its gloss and presentable appearance.

The tree weighs a little, so the fireplace can be finished with his own hands. In addition, you can decorate the model with stucco, give different shades of natural material. The cost of facing is different and varies depending on the type of wood.

Porcelain stoneware

Making a fireplace natural stone is not cheap, so often with the aim of saving the choice of buyers becomes artificial material. The best of them is considered to be porcelain. The material has high strength and durable color, because the color mineral pigments are added directly to the mixture for preparation.With the help of porcelain stoneware, you can create the effect of natural marble, granite, serpentine and other valuable types of stones.


For this and artificial fireplace, you can use different materials, so one of the most durable is a brick. Surprisingly, this material, which is familiar to everyone, can easily compete with natural stone in aesthetic characteristics. For finishing use ceramic bricks.

Bricks of various colors, glossy and matte, can be laid directly during the laying of the fireplace itself, or after construction. Brick is not susceptible to temperatures, and also has no property to crack, which is especially important for country houses.


Fireplace with tile trim is an interesting, but rather rare solution. And it's all about the special preparation of the surface for lining, because small mosaic can repeat any unevenness.

Features mosaic finish:

  • not afraid of moisture;
  • does not react to temperature changes;
  • can be made of glass and tiles;
  • suitable for modern fireplace design.

When deciding on the choice of mosaic as a finish, it is important to find out from the supplier its composition, because some options are created exclusively for artificial and false fireplaces.

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Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt - a unique natural material from the Himalayas, with a pink hue. Today this material is actively used in apartments, for example, as salt lamps, wall decoration or a fireplace. What he deserved such popularity?

Advantages of the Himalayan salt:

  • the ability to absorb excess moisture in the apartment in the unheated season;
  • the possibility of using as a room ionizer and humidifier;
  • original appearance;
  • possibility of use for any kind of fireplace;
  • antimicrobial action.

The effect of Himalayan salt is great, because it is not for nothing that salt caves and visiting them with the whole family is gaining all the great popularity. According to the owners of this unique material, colds and illnesses bypass the house, which means you can think about buying it. In the aesthetic sense, the crystals have a stylish radiance, which is perfectly emphasized by the flames, as well as additional lighting placed by the fireplace.


Truly luxurious fireplaces are obtained as a result of finishing tiles. And this is not surprising, because in the Middle Ages, it was this material that richly decorated temples and palaces.The composition of the tiles is simple, most often representing terracotta clay. Tiles will be suitable for any kinds of a fireplace, at the same time, the pig-iron fire chambers are necessary for the real models.

Another advantage of this material is its versatility. So, glazed tiles are filled with glossy shine and resemble glass, unglazed - similar to earthenware.

Tiles are admired in classic, modern and vintage styles. The rich painting makes each tile unique, and the fireplace takes on a unique look, becoming the main focus in the interior of the house.


Another beautiful natural stone used to decorate the fireplace is onyx. It is impossible not to recognize him, because smooth transitions, stripes and spots, and besides, transparency belongs only to him - a stone worthy of admiration. It is the transparency of onyx that has become a fashionable trend in decorating the fireplace. Using the backlight of various colors helps to reveal the beauty of the material in all its breadth, however, onyx looks superb without such.

Continuing the theme of the advantages of onyx, it is impossible not to note its durability and strength.Such a choice will certainly delight its owner a long period of time. And onyx is a limited natural resource, which means that facing the fireplace with it will become not only a stylish addition to the interior, but also a useful investment of money.


Granite - one of the most durable materials for finishing the fireplace. His color palette will conquer picky critics, since starting from a white tone, turns into red and purple, and ends with completely black.

Granite is a confirmation of the status of the owner of such a fireplace. Due to labor-intensive mining, its prices are high, so often the choice falls on artificial stones. Nevertheless, granite remains a popular material for finishing real and artificial fireplaces.

Foam block

Finishing using foam concrete blocks is ideal for false fireplaces, as well as artificial models. The real fire for foam blocks is contraindicated.

This material will please the simplicity of the work, because it is cut in shape with an ordinary hacksaw. As a decor, a staple is applied, so, when applying it with a sponge, a unique rough surface appears on the light.Acrylic paint is also used to produce a presentable look.

Fiber cement panels

Fiber cement panels - cement-fiber material used in the decoration of houses, fireplaces, stoves and steam rooms.


  • long service life;
  • democratic value;
  • a variety of imitations of various surfaces: brick, wood, metal;
  • temperature tolerance from -80 to +80 degrees, i.e. They are ideal for artificial fireplaces.


Designers even metal could organically fit into the decoration of fireplaces. First of all, this material perfectly maintains the neighborhood with hot surfaces, which can not please the owners of this fireplace.

Metal types for cladding:

  • polished steel;
  • textured rust panel often becomes the choice of designers;
  • patinated metal;
  • copper.

Metal plates can be placed asymmetrically with respect to the floor, and also transformed into intricate shapes.


The tile represents plates from the burned clay. For finishing artificial and false-fireplace any tile will be suitable, for the present - it is important to take into account certain conditions.So, the tile should be dense and have small pores, because large ones will quickly darken from fire and lose their presentable appearance.

Suitable types of tile for real fireplaces:

  • terracotta;
  • majolica;
  • heat-resistant clinker tiles;
  • ceramic granite;
  • tiles


Natural material called "slate" is relevant for finishing real and artificial fireplaces. Its appearance is comparable in beauty with marble, because the composition of this stone is unique. Quartz and mica included in the material fill it with an amazing radiance, which is revealed when playing tongues of flame.

The sawn stone and the "wild" are equally relevant. In the first case, the owner of the fireplace gets a glossy smooth surface, in the second - a convex and very relief.

Slate combines perfectly with other materials. For example, marble in combination with slates is ideal for classic models, the “modern” style will decorate a fireplace decorated with slate and sandstone.

Liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is often called "silk plaster", because in their composition, indeed, may include silk, cotton, cellulose. Distinguishes the material from the plaster absence in the composition of the sand.

Artificial fireplaces are often decorated with liquid wallpaper, because their design and decoration can be thought out to the smallest detail and updated at any time, in addition, the entire decoration can be made independently. And with the help of liquid wallpaper, you can create almost any surface that imitates natural stone.


Wanting to create a truly unique fireplace, pay attention to the decoration of the bas-relief. The volumetric surface with a pattern is an exclusive work of designers, because all the finishing is done manually, which means that two absolutely identical fireplaces do not exist.

The bas-relief can be filled with plaster. It is he who is preferred by beginners, because the bas-relief by the master is an expensive work.

To add brightness to the bas-relief, paints and a game of half-tones are used. However, according to experts, with the right lighting, a bas-relief without painting looks no less luxurious.


Decorating a fireplace with glass is a rare but very attractive solution. For real fireplaces can only be used special baked thermo-material. He is not afraid of even direct fire, so often he finds use as an element for closing the firebox.


Natural stone, created from volcanic lava, has become an extremely popular material for finishing stoves and fireplaces. And this is caused not only by its luxurious look, but also by its healthy properties. So, being near a real fireplace with a talcotrolite finish improves blood circulation and reduces pressure. And this stone is able to serve up to 30 years, delighting the owner.

Style decisions

Today, designers and ordinary people who have begun repairs, want to bring the interior to a certain style, because it always emphasizes the delicate taste of the owner. The fireplace is an element that vividly reflects the style load, so it is important to treat it with particular care.

High tech

Hi-Tech is a style of advanced technology. Surprisingly, even famous for centuries fireplaces can be transformed and made part of this modern style.

The fireplace in this interior has such characteristics as:

  • fanciful shapes: pyramids, cubes, cylinders, etc .;
  • non-standard materials for finishing: fireproof glass, steel, mirrors, glass-ceramic.

A bright prototype of high-tech style fireplaces are trilateral fireplaces. Popular today and round fireplaces in the form of an aquarium.The most original are the rotating models with a waterfall, performing the idea of ​​romantics about the eternal observation of fire and streams of water.

English style

English fireplace style is often called classic. Its main feature is a classic U-shaped portal with no doors on the firebox. Indescribable delight brings observation of an open flame and a soft crackle, is not it?

As a finish, the English style accepts natural materials such as marble, brick, granite, onyx. Designers advise to leave the natural colors and beauty of natural stones. Wood can also be used, such as noble oak, alder or pine.


For a country house will be relevant antique fireplace. For its decoration, a brick, a “wild” stone and unglazed tiles will become a harmonious solution.

For aristocratic fireplace, stucco, and also marble. Carved wood will add a soft atmosphere.


The warm and cozy French style "Provence" conquered the inhabitants of noisy megalopolises. This is the style of French village houses, which are alien to bright colors and unnatural forms.Pastels, original patterns and natural motifs are all that is required for a stylish fireplace.

Fireplace finishing methods:

  • crackle is an aging technique using a special lacquer that forms cracks after drying;
  • sanding the surface - the lower tone of the paint begins to shine through the upper light layer;
  • metal aging;
  • stucco decoration.

Wood, forged metal and light natural stone will suit the fireplace in this romantic style.

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