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An open fireplace is often installed in a spacious house in the living room, which allows you to enjoy and warm yourself with its warm and genuine aroma, which creates a real comfort. Let's talk about open fireplaces: their types and features, advantages and disadvantages, interior design with a fireplace and some more details.

Special features

Despite the fact that open fireplaces are allowed to be installed only in a private house, their relevance does not lose momentum.

  • Open fireplaces often want to be used as the main source of heat for at least one room, but this is not the case. Heat evaporation from an open fireplace remains only 15-20% in the room and provides an insufficient amount of heat.
  • The power of the fireplace and the combustion rate of the “open” model is almost impossible to regulate, and the only way is to use a cast-iron shutter in the chimney - closing it or opening it more, which will allow at least a little to keep warm.
  • When installing an open fireplace, it is worthwhile to install the furnace of the firebox as low as possible so that the precious heat could warm the floor and the cold air to turn into warm.
  • Installing an open fireplace requires thoroughness and is possible only by an experienced master. Proper installation of the fireplace is a security, long service model and its functionality.
  • An open-type fireplace can be installed only in a private house with the possibility of installing (or using) a chimney to ensure correct operation of the “home”.
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Double sided

The model of a fireplace with two sides is gaining increasing popularity among those who wish to bring uniqueness and comfort to their interiors. Double-sided fireplace is a model that does not have a blank back wall, that is, the firebox itself is transparent and through. The transparency of the design of such a fireplace makes it possible to observe flaming tongues from two sides: in one room or in different rooms, depending on the location of the fireplace itself.

A double-sided fireplace will be the way out when you want to zone a spacious room in some other way.It is convenient to place a fireplace model with two sides in the portal between different rooms, which will significantly save on the installation of two models and solve this problem simply.

It is possible to arrange a double-sided fireplace between two doors, which will make it possible to arrange an interior item in both rooms.

Among the drawbacks of a double-sided fireplace, its low functionality is worth mentioning: such a fireplace would rather act as a decoration for your interior than its heater. When opening such a fireplace, the room smokes and the oxygen consumption is more likely.

Moreover, the double-sided model of the fireplace is more dangerous, that is, the risks of fire are twice as high if the fireplace is completely open. In this case, on one or even two sides, you can install a protective glass that would not allow the flame to escape.


An even more open type of fireplace is called “trilateral” and allows you to fully enjoy the red flame. The design of the three-sided fireplace is an elegant and original version of the traditional fireplace with three open compartments, which, if possible, can be equipped with protective glass.

Speaking about the trilateral fireplace, it is impossible not to note its uniqueness and novelty, and especially this type of “home” will succinctly fit into the modern interior in the style of “minimalism”. Usually, a three-sided fireplace is installed in a thick wall or it is artificially created so that its three sides can be clearly traced. Thanks to a three-sided fireplace, it is easy to originally zone a large space, separating the living area from the kitchen, for example, sharing an already spacious living room. A good idea would be the zoning of the three-sided fireplace in the guest room and home library, and it’s a real pleasure to stay at the “home” with an exciting book.

One of the significant drawbacks of the trilateral fireplace will be its high cost in comparison with the fireplace “one-sided” or cross-cutting model - with two sides. All fireplaces of the three-sided format have installations in the form of heat-resistant glass, therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to call such a model “open”.

Premium class fireplaces (all types are “triangular”) have a unique self-cleaning system, which is a huge advantage.


This open fireplace model is traditional and popular in contrast to the above models. In addition, the price for the fireplace and its installation does not seem "space", and the care of the product will be reduced to a minimum of effort.

Let's talk about the features and benefits of a one-way open fireplace:

  • Such a fireplace has good warming properties and can be another source of heat. Alas, he is unable to warm the whole house.
  • It is better to have a classic fireplace on the inner wall of the room to ensure the living room is warm and not to lose it.
  • If you decide to place a traditional fireplace model between two windows, this will serve as an excellent design solution and will be able to give your living room warmth and comfort. Installing a fireplace between two doors is another reason to diversify your interior.
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Choosing a fireplace depends on your budget and interior bias. One of the major drawbacks of the open fireplace model is the high cost of its maintenance - the purchase of firewood, and the fact that it is much longer than electric or ecological to melt such a fireplace. But the open-type fireplace will give its owners and guests that valuable comfort and a real homely atmosphere, which is sometimes lacking.

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