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The most common type of fireplace is open. Such fireplaces are known to all thanks to films and novels. Due to the fact that it makes it possible to bask in an open fire, the majority of such a fireplace is associated with warmth and comfort.

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Such fireplaces appeared a long time ago. They were present in the medieval castles. Then such fireplaces were used not so much because of their attractive appearance, but for practical reasons.

Fireplaces of this type were good because it was easy to put firewood in them and use them for heating. The smoke in these fireplaces went upstairs, and the fire helped to fully heat the building.

What is good?

Open fireplaces have a large number of advantages. First of all, it is worth noting the fact that this type of fireplace looks very attractive. Most often, open fireplaces are used specifically for the decoration of the room, and not to really heat it.This fireplace allows you to create a cozy atmosphere and give the room a special luxury. As for its functions as a heater, here it definitely loses to other options.

Another advantage of this type of fireplace is that, due to the characteristics of its appearance, such a fireplace can be located in any part of the room or house.

And finally, you can not ignore the issue of quality. A good fireplace warms much better than any heater. And in order to be guaranteed a quality device for heating, contact proven brands. Among the companies that create good fireplaces can be identified in particular the "Mainland".


But there are fireplaces of this type and certain disadvantages. First of all, we must not forget that the fireplace with an open fire takes oxygen from the room. Therefore, it is desirable to have it in the room that you can air regularly. An alternative is a room with a good ventilation system.

Another important point to remember is that such fireplaces can be quite dangerous. Open fire often provokes a random fire, so you need to be very careful with it.

In addition, the efficiency of such a fireplace is quite low, which means that it still will not be able to replace your full-fledged heating system. Such fireplaces also differ in that they cool down very quickly and do not allow to accumulate heat in the room. Therefore, it should be used only as an additional source of heat.

Also in many designs there is a so-called "draft effect". This term refers to the blowing of air from the chimney and the subsequent cooling of the fireplace. Therefore, very often such a fireplace is difficult to melt and it takes a lot of time.


Wall mounted

One of the most popular and practical options for the fireplace is the wall. He, as the name implies, is located under the wall. The design of this fireplace is quite practical - it easily connects with the existing chimney and does not take too much space. Wall fireplace is open on three sides and looks very stylish in any interior.

You should be careful only if you install a fireplace of this type in a house with wooden walls. In this case, there should be some kind of coating on the walls that will protect them from accidental ignition.Most often, for isolation from open fire, sheet steel is used or dense felt, impregnated with clay mixture, which is hidden behind dense brickwork.


Another popular type of such fireplaces - the corner. Such models significantly save space, so if you have a small apartment or room, then it makes sense to take a closer look at the corner fireplaces. Such fireplaces, as well as closed, can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Usually they are open from two sides.

The most popular ways to install a fireplace door

In open-type fireplaces, there is usually no door. But in rare cases, they can be supplemented with a transparent door that allows you to watch the fire. This door is usually located at the center, regardless of where you install your fireplace.

The order of installation of the fireplace open or semi-open type is not much different from the installation of the classical model.

How to protect yourself from fire

Since open fireplaces very often carry a certain danger, setting it, you need to follow certain rules.

First of all, you need to constantly monitor such a fireplace.You should not leave an open fireplace unattended for a long time, especially when you leave your house or apartment.

It is also desirable that near the fireplace was a zone protected from fire. Such a site can be covered with any refractory material - brass, stone, brick or copper. Also, there should be no wooden furniture, soft carpets or important equipment next to the open fireplace. Finally, it is worth noting that no ash should remain in the furnace after combustion.

In order to avoid any risks during the heating process, it is recommended to use only high quality logs. First of all, it is a hornbeam, birch or ash. Such logs burn most calmly and do not leave after burning a huge amount of soot. Also note that each full should not exceed two thirds of the volume of the firebox itself.

Choosing a fireplace for the interior

When decorating their home or apartment, the majority pays attention to the appearance of every detail - a fireplace is no exception to this rule. A well-chosen fireplace fits into the overall interior of the room and complements it.

So, a simple fireplace with a smooth or slightly rough surface, made in the style of minimalism, will best fit into the interior in the modern style. It is best if such a fireplace is made in classic colors and minimally decorated. Such a fireplace will look great on the veranda and in the bedroom.

Universal option for any interior - a fireplace in a classic style. It can be recognized by the quality marble cladding and the use of neutral tones. Such a fireplace is perfectly combined with antique furniture and more modern. The fireplace in a classic style looks cozy and family-friendly, therefore it is perfect for installation in an apartment and in the country.

Popular and fireplaces in the English style. They are distinguished by the presence of a small firebox and discreet design. This type of fireplace will perfectly fit into the interior of a small room and a luxurious living room.

Another popular option is the open fireplace. It looks great in all conditions and adds to the room comfort and a pleasant family atmosphere.

Another version of the fireplace - French. Such a fireplace with an open hearth is assembled from prefabricated blocks and is particularly practical.Such fireplaces are also distinguished by the use of mainly light colors of marble and brick, as well as the presence of specific decorative elements.

In general, open fireplaces are good because they look very stylish and complete any interior, in whatever style it would be made.

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