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What creates comfort in the house? Of course, first of all, it is a calm atmosphere, as well as a beautiful interior or its individual objects. One of them is the fireplace. Nowadays, electric devices with an integrated steam generator, so-called steam fireplaces, are gaining more and more popularity. They are able to create a very realistic imitation of fire in a firebox, practically unnoticeable from a real flame.

The principle of operation and step-by-step installation instructions

All parts of the fireplace are delivered to the buyer in unassembled form. When assembly occurs, you need to ensure that all the details are strictly where they should be.

There are few details in the steam fireplace, the main ones are the generator, logs and halogen lamps.

Next to the container with the flame is a plate. The red latches, which are used to fasten parts of the fireplace, are located at the edges of the plate.

A water to steam converter is installed at the very beginning. It is a small steel cylinder with wires.The steam generator functions as a water sprayer, creating something like water mist.

Further installed halogen lamps with LEDs. They are equipped with special light filters that highlight the steam produced by the generator. Thus, it creates the appearance that the lower part is denser and glows more brightly, like a real burning flame. Above, on the contrary, more active flames are formed. Highlighted steam creates a very beautiful play of colors. In addition, halogen-free particles stimulate vapor particles to constantly move.

In order for steam not to form into a steady flow, such an important element of a steam fireplace as a diffuser is necessary. The essence of his action lies in the mixing of steam. It is thanks to the scatterer that the appearance of spontaneously swirling smoke is created. The diffuser must be installed on a plastic container, and then attached with special fasteners.

After that, install a water tank. In the generator, the water comes from the drive. A special valve controls this process. The size of the tank is different. A steam fireplace with a medium-sized tank can last up to twelve hours.

As for laying logs, then, as a rule, they are placed on top. The material from which they are made is a special plastic that can diffuse light. From the bottom light up the firewood special lamps.

And now, when the installation is complete, and the fireplace is ready for operation, you can turn it on. But immediately after you turn it on, you can see that the picture in the fireplace is quite faded. In fact, you just need to wait a bit. After the steam starts to appear and the fireplace warms up, you can finally see the real flames in the hearth.

Advantages and disadvantages


Fire in steam fires looks so realistic that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from a real flame. No device is able to create even more real imitation like this. There are only biofireplaces with the effect of fire, which practically catch up with the steam fires in this, but there is a different principle of action. A very big plus of steam fireplaces is that no special permits are required to install their home. The installation itself is fairly simple and safe.


In order for the operation of the steam fireplace on the water to be the safest, it is important to ensure that all sockets are grounded and all electrical networks are in good condition. Otherwise, no difficulties should arise.


In addition to the fact that the steam fireplace creates the realism of real fire, it also warms up an apartment or house by as much as 25 square meters around. It helps people in the house to feel especially comfortable and calm. Fireplace with steam is a real discovery for lovers of the most unusual and modern. In addition, steam fireplaces can be completely different shapes and made of different materials. Everyone will choose the one that will fit their tastes and preferences.

Easy to use and install

As mentioned above, the installation and operation of a steam fireplace is very simple and does not require any special skills. Only a grounded outlet is needed. In the future - water and good electricity. When there are evaporations on the details of the steam fireplace (which happens about once a month), they must be removed immediately.

Since steam fireplaces are available for sale relatively recently, their price is quite high and many may not be able to afford such a purchase. And this, of course, is a significant minus of parokaminov. They are much more expensive than gas and electric fireplaces.


The market now provides a fairly large selection of models of the fireplace for a couple. The most famous and popular ones are Martin, Sherwood, Ford Castle, Exterion, Nice, Ottawa, Versailles and many others.

The most popular and sought-after model is the steam fireplace model called Athena from the manufacturer Alex Bauman. It is the first with the largest fireplace hearth format with steam in the Russian market. There are no analogs for him yet.

Thus, as mentioned above, Parokammin is currently the fireplace with the most realistic flame, and, at the same time, with heating, which is capable of spreading over 25 square meters. It heats up and creates a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, which helps household members to feel very good, being in a great mood all the time. And what is also important, the choice of colors, configurations and sizes of parocamines in the shops is a great many, suitable to any interior and meeting the most sophisticated tastes of customers.Only one minus is in steam fireplaces, it is their great value. But if you are not ready to save money by acquiring a truly high-quality and necessary thing for your home, then this is an option for you.

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