Stove Angara-12: reviews

Building your house, you begin to think about how to organize heating. According to the old Russian tradition, it is customary to heat a dwelling using a wood-burning stove. The Angara-12 stove of the Belarusian company Meta will perfectly cope with this.

Design features

Angara stoves are made of high-grade steel, thickness of which is 5 mm. Outside the case is covered with heat-resistant enamel, on the sides there are inserts of ceramic tiles, which carry not only aesthetics, but also increase the heat transfer of the furnace. Inside, the firebox is trimmed with fireclay bricks, which protects it from rapid burning. The grate is made of cast iron. These stoves have a door with a large viewing glass, which allows you to fully enjoy all the beauty of a burning flame, while you can not be afraid of sparks emitted from the fireplace. Furnaces Angara fireplaces have a convection method of work that allows you to quickly warm the air in the premises.

All furnaces of the Angara line have a niche for storing firewood below, which is very convenient, no additional sites are required for this.

The stoves of this line are produced with a stove that will allow you to cook food. It is also possible to purchase a stove with a heat exchanger to which you can connect heating radiators.

The Angara-12 stove-fireplace is produced with increased dimensions, which allows it to be heated with wood, up to 50 cm long. All the design features of the Meta Angara stoves are preserved in it. It can also be purchased with a stove or with a heat exchanger, depending on your need.

Characteristics of models

All models of Angara stoves by Meta have a heat output of 12-14 kW, with an efficiency reaching 70%. They are able to heat an area of ​​up to 120 squares. The built-in long burning system allows continuous operation of these furnaces for 4-8 hours. At the same time laying firewood is 3-4 kg. Dry firewood or brown coal briquettes are used to operate the Angara stoves.

MetaFire categorically prohibits the use of coal, due to the high temperature of its combustion.

The Angara-12 furnace due to its size has the highest performance: thermal power of 14 kW, efficiency of 70%, heated area of ​​120 m2, burning time up to 8 hours.It has a size of 0.535x0.7x1.040 m. Its weight is 195 kg.

Principle of operation

Before using the Angara-12 stove it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions and strictly follow all the points.

Installation at this fireplace is simple. The main task to bring the chimney. Attach it to the furnace is not difficult. Detailed drawing on the installation of the fireplace can be found in the figure.

The furnace fireplace Angara-12 in operation is simple.

At the first firebox, to prevent damage to the paintwork and fireclay bricks, it is recommended to lay 1-2 logs, reduce the time of the firebox to one and a half hours. During this period, the lacquer, which covered the oven, will harden and bake. At the first firebox, there will be an unpleasant smell, so it is recommended to open windows in the room.

The second kindling can be already 2-2.5 hours, will increase the amount of firewood to 3 kilograms. Further it is possible to heat the furnace in the usual mode.

First, the intensive burning mode is established, for which all the valves are opened on the furnace. When the room temperature reaches the necessary, the furnace is transferred to the fuel economy mode - all the dampers are closed, which limits the flow of oxygen.In this mode, the furnace can operate up to eight hours without lining the wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the Angara-12 stove is undoubtedly its price. Furnaces of this level are much more expensive.

The indicators declared by the company "Meta" fully justify themselves. With proper operation of this fireplace, it will fully take over the heating of the room in 120 squares. You can use this furnace without connecting the heating circuit, however, always with a filled heat exchanger. Although it is worth noting that such operation increases the wear of parts.

Ceramic inserts retain and give off heat for another two hours, after turning off the fireplace. Choosing the Angara-12 stove with a stove, you can warm up the kettle or cook food without using additional energy while it is working.

A spacious firewood box allows you to store their number for several fireboxes. The ash box is completely removed, allowing you to remove the garbage without any problems. Firewood can be used with a length of up to 50 cm. It is possible to fill the heating circuit with antifreeze and operate at the cottage in the winter if necessary. But according to reviews, the Angara-12 stoves also have minuses.

Firewood leaves more declared. Sometimes glass is smoked, even with the use of recommended firewood. You can only heat with wood, moisture content of which is less than 18% or briquettes.

Ceramic inserts quickly become dirty, it is better to choose darker colors. Based on all of the above, the Angara-12 stove is an excellent budget option for a country house or a dacha, all the more so since there are fewer minuses than advantages.

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