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If you have your own country house, then surely you thought to put a fireplace there. It is very difficult to build a fireplace yourself, because you can not comply with any fire regulations. The easiest way out of the situation would be to purchase an already finished whole product.

Choosing a fireplace for a country house

Fireplace, heated by wood, is very convenient and will be able to warm your house well. In our time, fireplaces have an outstanding appearance. You can choose the right color solution and various options - all of these qualities allow you to choose the fireplace that is not only functional, but also comfortable, and is also perfect for furnishing your home.

An interesting offer - the company "Brandenburg"

We suggest you carefully get acquainted with the model range of the company "Brandenburg". As a rule, there are mostly positive reviews about these fireplaces. This brand represents the broadest choice of fireplaces.They function regardless of gas, electricity or other fuels. If you choose a stove of this brand, then be sure that it will allow you to keep warm in all rooms. Heat will be generated gradually - this will allow the house to warm up for the longest period.

If you choose a fireplace, you should not deprive the attention of Russian firms. They, as a rule, use the latest technologies in production, but at the same time they put not such an expensive cost of goods. Due to this factor, there is a model of acceptable quality even from a low price segment.

Wide range of fireplaces

Furnaces "Brandenburg" set. Among them there are various variations: those in which the chimney is located in the upper part, there are also possessing removable panels, a cast-iron stove, there are various fireboxes and fireplaces intended for installation in the corner of the room. Fireplaces, in which the chimney above, are designed to heat the house. If the fireplace is equipped with a cast-iron stove - this means that you can cook dinner on it.

Corner "Brandenburg 700" perfectly fit even in a cramped room.It costs just over 20,000 rubles and can warm a room of no more than 140 meters in a square. Buying such fireplaces, it is not necessary to call the master to make installation. You can simply open the instructions, read carefully and get started. But still it would be best to invite a professional. As user experience shows, furnaces installed on their own will fail faster.

Consider safety rules

An important point is the safety of operation. Put a fireplace in a room where there is a fairly good flow of air. Chimney should not be low - at least 5 meters. Place the fireplace on the floor, and before that check how flat the floor is with a special tool. The floor should not be flammable. Under the fireplace, equipped with a straight door, place a sheet of steel, which will be not less than 800 by 650 millimeters in size, but half a centimeter thick.

If the surrounding objects are made of light-combustible materials, they should not be closer than a meter from the furnace. Or, if they cannot be removed, then it is worthwhile to attach a special fireproof material to the equipment.

Corner oven "Brandenburg" warms up the room well. It has a steel sash and glass, resistant to heat. Conveniently, such a device is equipped with a fuel economy mode. The oven weighs 156 kilograms. Do not forget about it when you will organize the delivery of the fireplace from the store.

Interestingly, the angular sauna stove from the manufacturer Brandenburg is equipped with a glass cleaning system. It also has fragments of ceramic on the sides. There are options that allow you to set different modes of combustion. Fireclay bricks, which play the role of lining, you can replace if you want. Instructions for use are attached to the product, we advise you to follow the information contained therein.

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Model "Werth" - a convenient option

The furnace of the Werth model from the Brandenburg brand is distinguished by good power and unpretentiousness in installation and operation. It is durable, has the option of operating in economy mode, it has a cast iron grate, a system that cleans the glass on the door and inserts of ceramic on the sides.

The power of such a device is 7 kW; when activated, the long-term mode is able to work up to four to five hours, heating the room as the main source of heating.The house with an area of ​​up to 140 cubic meters, these furnaces will warm quickly and easily. Their big plus is the economy in the costs of firewood and other fuels. The material from which Vert is made is steel of excellent quality (kostruktsionny). In the production of applied some foreign components.

A cord that withstands high temperatures is used to seal connectors. German glass-ceramics is applied when mounting temperature-resistant glass. Firm manufacturer - "Robax". The furnace is made of four millimeter steel - this solution allows you to counteract temperature changes and makes the furnace more durable.

This fireplace is made in accordance with all European quality standards, and the product is perfectly adapted to the climatic features of our country. In the operation of the fireplaces of this brand in any case should not use coal or any of its derivatives.

The largest area of ​​the dwelling that is able to warm this model is 160 cubic meters. Oven size: 640x1220x540 (in millimeters), equipped with tiles for cooking, a chimney of 115 millimeters (diameter), the weight of the product - 85 kilograms.

Prism model

The Brandenburg Prism model is equipped with a heat exchanger. Almost all stoves from Brandenburg are perfect for two purposes - to heat the room and cook dinner. The furnace of the Prism model was no exception. A large glass door, made in the form of a prism, will look very impressive, which will favorably affect the overall interior of the room. The prism, like the rest of the furnaces, is supplied with glass from the German brand “Robax”. The furnace, as well as the “Wind” considered earlier, has the option of operating in economy mode. It also has a cast iron grate, a system that cleans the glass on the door. This model has a very impressive capacity - 14 kW. Its distinctive feature is its economy. In general, the characteristics of such a model is very similar to the "Werth".

To serve the oven should not less than a decade. And the heat exchanger with which the device is equipped allows you to connect water heating to the fireplace. Parameters "Prism" - 935x710x520x150 (in millimeters). The diameter of the chimney is 150 millimeters.

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