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In the old days, going to the bath was only a forced hygienic procedure. Today, everything has changed radically, and visiting the bath has become a complete ritual for the body and soul.

Bath and sauna in modern man are very popular. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, many build steam rooms right in the courtyard of their own summer cottage or a country house. Of course, the heart of any bathhouse is the stove. It is she who works so that people get real pleasure from the steam room.

Features and benefits

Recently, a fireplace-stove has been in special demand among fans. Such furnaces are good because you can sit around them nicely after the main procedure.

The chimney door, as a rule, is made of glass-ceramic. It turns the usual heating unit into a fireplace stove. With this design, you can safely contemplate the burning flame in the fireplace, without fear that you can get burned.

The furnace fireplace is a successful combination of functionality, a practicality and economy. It provides the necessary temperature in the steam room and gives a lot of warming steam that envelops the body like a blanket. In the pre-bathing room, it serves as a fireplace. Therefore, after the basic procedures, you can enjoy your rest, admiring the live fire in the fireplace stove.


The heater is the most important device that should be in the steam room. Without it, a sauna, a sauna, will become a normal room, bearing no benefit. Without such a unit it will not be possible to steam up and even more so to relax. Today, different manufacturers offer a huge range of stoves, fireplaces, so to determine the appropriate device is sometimes quite difficult.

Depending on the material of manufacture of stoves, fireplaces are divided into brick heaters and metal.

By classification are called:

  1. Kamenka with an open fireplace or closed.
  2. Cold and hot.
  3. Furnaces of long burning or direct heating.

There are two options in one when the oven turns into a barbecue. This combined unit is especially good for lovers of steaming and eating.

If there is no opportunity to spend time with this fireplace-stove, you can buy an electric infrared fireplace. Its plus is that the transfer of a large heat flux occurs in a relatively short period of time.

Design or how to issue

The question of how to decorate the stove in the waiting room or decorate the heating equipment for the rest room is concerned with many self-taught craftsmen who have decided to lay the stove with their own power. This moment is also relevant for homeowners who use stove heating. Finishing the hearth with ordinary plaster does not bear any aesthetic value, and after a short period of operation it just requires updating.

There are the following types of finishes:

  • Peasant (used clay, lime and whitewash). Long ago, the furnace was coated with a similar mixture, and then whitened. The dried walls were decorated with different patterns, mostly flowers. Nowadays, this method is almost never used.
  • Decorative brick. Heat-resistant material retains heat for a long time.
  • Heat-resistant ceramics (terracotta, majolica, clinker, granite).
  • Tiles.The most common method of lining the heating elements. It differs from the usual tile box-like structure, which serves as the attachment of the tile to the surface.
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How to build your own hands

There is a lot of interesting authoring in the field of construction of stoves, fireplaces, which can benefit everyone. But the most famous are Kuznetsov's bath stoves. In the kilns of the Russian craftsman, the flow of gases occurs naturally, and not due to the chimney draft.

The advantages of Kuznetsov stoves include:

  • Gradual heating of the furnace from the bottom row of bricks to the topmost one.
  • Low probability of cracks and other defects.
  • The ability to use equipment for heating as a stove and fireplace at the same time.
  • Additional heating of the furnace walls with gases leaving the furnace.
  • The minimum formation of soot, so you can forget about cleaning the chimney for a long time.

The stove is a key attribute of any type of bath - Turkish, Russian, Finnish, etc. Without it, it is difficult to imagine the amazing atmosphere that reigns in the steam room. The stove-fireplace made with own hands is a unique construction, which cannot be found in analogs, and this is what makes it the most valuable.

Of course, at present in many baths there are electric stoves, but they cannot surpass the real heaters.

To make a stove, the owner of households will have to learn basic building skills, master the skill of working with basic tools: float, rule, trowel. Particularly seriously, the question of the construction of a heating device should be approached if it stands on the second floor.

At the first stage, you need to choose a place for heating equipment (layout), take all possible measurements, and then make a drawing and a project based on the requirements of the place.

After paper work, you can begin to build the foundation. The heating system weighs at least 500 kg; this must be taken into account when pouring the base under the furnace. The foundation pit must be dug at least 0.5 meters deep. Its bottom can be laid out with construction debris and poured cement mortar to the floor mark without interruption, so that the foundation is solid.

After pouring the foundation, you need to pause for one week so that the base is completely dry. This time can be spent on the purchase of building materials and making holes for the chimney.

It is necessary to lay two layers of roofing material on the dried surface, which is subsequently pressed onto the cement mortar. The tile is put on it (only if the company fireplace stove will be used). When creating a brick object on the waterproofing layer, the order of the first row of bricks is immediately made.

Professionals advise to use a fire-resistant brick to create a stove, which is not suitable for laying the lower rows. The optimum thickness of the layer connecting the building material is 3 mm.

All stages of the construction process need to control the level and plumb.

Thus, it is possible to build a stove in the shortest possible time.

Review of the best models

I would like to have my own bath, personal sauna, regardless of wealth and belonging to a particular social group. Now the process of the steam room is not only a luxury, but a great way to improve health. Clean steam, invigorating water, the use of medicinal herbs, birch, oak and all sorts of exotic brooms heals the body and soul, strengthens the morale. And so that it was comfortable to bathe, many manufacturers offer their heaters for baths and saunas.

The most famous and popular are the furnaces Feringer, Harvia, Siesta, Termofor, Vesuvius - these units are designed specifically for those who want to get high-quality and reliable equipment at an affordable price.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Stoves-fireplaces for the bath - modern equipment for heating small areas. This method of heating allows you to get absolute autonomy from the supply of hot water. In addition, stoves-fireplaces - a great opportunity to feel away from the hassle and various troubles.

Ideas for a lot of bath design, and each in its own good, especially if you need to think about the interior of a country complex with a fireplace and a bath.

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