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Most of the owners of country houses would like to extend the residence in their gardens for a longer period, but in the early spring and late autumn the cold becomes more sensitive and you want a little bit of heat.

Fireplaces made of bricks and decorated with tiles in solid houses sometimes strike with their size, style, beauty. But if they are really used, then on almost all open fireplaces the top of the entrance is smoked. So often the smoke breaks into the room and makes it difficult to enjoy the warmth, peace and quiet.

For those owners of their own homes who want to have a beautiful, safe, multifunctional source of heat and comfort, it is proposed to install a fireplace-stove Yenisei.

The group "META" produces stoves from components for the import of European enterprises. All components are checked for compliance with European industrial standards and Russian regulations. Constant and deep control at each stage of production has significantly improved the quality of products.From a number of models of fireplace stoves, you can select the fireplace stove Yenisei META.

Common device

The body of the stove is welded from boiler steel and has two walls between which voids are formed. The working body that transmits heat is the air in these voids. It heats up from the inside wall and goes outside. In addition, there are channels for blowing glass and air supply to the furnace.

The intensity of combustion is governed by the thrust function. With a minimum of one load of fuel can last for 8 hours of burning, with a maximum open up to 3 hours. Fuel is firewood, lignite, briquettes. You need to choose those varieties where there is less tar so that soot does not accumulate on the walls of the furnace and chimney.

The firebox door has vitroceramic glass that can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees C. and sealed with fiberglass cord. Fireplace lined with chamotte tiles. The body is covered with beautiful heat-resistant paint.

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The height of the Yenisei stove is 945 mm, the width is 820 mm, the diameter of the chimney is 150 mm. Installation of the chimney in two versions, to the top and to the bottom of the stove. The manufacturer is working to improve the design and improve the economic characteristics of the product.

When installing the Yenisei fireplace-stove, as well as other fire-dangerous objects, it is necessary to follow all safety rules. All described in detail in the instructions for installation, first start and further operation of the fireplace-furnace.

Meta stove with stove

Manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces have taken into account the wishes of many summer residents and have developed a stove with a stove with two built-in burners, on which housewives can cook or reheat food. Such a stove can be placed in the living room, thus obtaining not only a source of heat, but also a small kitchenette. In this corner there will still be placed accessories for the fireplace-stove, artistically decorated and necessary for the care of the fireplace. And the poker, and scoop, and brush, and a basket for firewood with their views will add comfort to the room.

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Some characteristics

The furnace - a fireplace Yenisei with proper operation develops power up to 11 kW and provides efficiency up to 70%. This is enough to cover 2-3 rooms with heat, about 100 square meters. square meters.We must remember that at the entrance to the chimney, the temperature of smoke and air can reach 400 gr.

When buying a fireplace-stove Yenisei attached instructions for installation, the first ignition and further operation of the product. Particular attention should be paid to fire and environmental safety.

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When choosing the type of fuel, it is better to stay on dry wood of birch, ash, avoiding coniferous resinous rocks. Coal is better not to use, but you can use lignite, which, although it leaves a lot of ash, does not damage the furnace because of the high temperature, as in the case of burning coal.


Most people who use the installed Yenisey Meta fireplace-stoves note good and fairly fast heat transfer, the appearance and operation of the firebox. The ashpit is conveniently located, which allows you to keep clean around the fireplace-stove.

Some clients noted that they had to search for the mode of blowing the glass for a long time, until they achieved that the screen remained clean for a long time. Others noted that a stove with a stove is not safe when cooking and heating food.

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