Invicta Stove - Model Review

You have a country house and you want to enjoy the flames in the long winter evenings under a warm blanket? Then you should pay attention to the Invicta stove.

A bit of history

Invicta is a French company that has been producing fireplaces and stoves for more than ninety years. This company has also established itself in our country. For about 15 years, Invicta has been represented on the Russian market. Its main difference is the unsurpassed quality at very reasonable prices. In addition, all products have an original design.

Among a wide range of models, almost everyone will find a stove that fits to the interior of their home.

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Classic style

Bradford stove successfully emphasizes the classics of your home, black or ivory enamel, it will not distract attention from the main interior. Bradford red fireplace, on the contrary, will be a bright spot and the main focus in the design decision. Heated volume - 120m3.

The Boheme stove is a return to the 19th century. Perfect fit in bohemian boudoir.Outside it is lined with ceramics decorated with blue paint. A little expensive, but her look is worth it. Heats up to 224 m2.

Invicta Chambord would be an excellent option for a hunting lodge or for a winter garden. The facade of the fireplace is decorated with forging in the form of reeds. The heated area of ​​this fireplace is over 120 m3.

The design of the stove with a vertical load of firewood Sologne also will not leave indifferent lovers of antiquity. There is no viewing window, it is made in the form of a column according to drawings of the XIX century. The low cost of this model makes this oven very popular. The heating area is up to 320 cubic meters.

The Chaumont stove is suitable for an ascetic interior in the style of English castles of the Middle Ages. The area of ​​the room that this furnace can heat is, however, not so large - up to 180 m3.

Another stove for a classic interior is Seville. Large arched sight glass, standard shape on round legs - this stove can be inscribed if desired in any interior, especially since it is made in three colors. It will heat up to 400 cubic meters.

The Altea stove also has a classic design. On the facade there are two brass knobs to adjust the burning rate. The area of ​​the heated room at this furnace is 100 squares.

Modern design models

Chamane oven design is made in high-tech style.It has a geometric shape of a trapezoid. This stove is made entirely of cast iron, but Invict's designers have perfectly incorporated this material into a minimalist style. Through a large trapezoid glass opens a gorgeous overview of the flame. Despite its small size, it heats up to 320 m3.

A modern Itaya stove is suitable for a modern home, its huge glass will allow, like on a large TV screen, to enjoy a film with tongues of flame. The volume of the room for installation is 160 m3.

The designer of the Ove stove, when it was created, was inspired by a glass of wine. As a result, the unique appearance of this furnace appeared. The oval shape on a thin leg and has to take a glass of wine and sit near the fireplace in a romantic setting. This oven will heat a room of 200 cubic meters.

The huge screen of the Antaya furnace will give the opportunity to enjoy the flaming flame in full. Its design is minimalistic, it will look great in the interior of a modern house. Warmth and beauty - this is the slogan for this stove-fireplace. Heated volume up to 480 m3.

Practical design

The Chatel stove with a versatile design will find its place in both the antique design and the modern interior.And its shape, extended vertically, does not take up much space. Heated area 80 m3.

For a small living room with an area of ​​no more than 120 cubic meters, a Cassine stove is suitable. An enlarged door with a large glass will allow you to enjoy the flame of fire and control the burning. The design of this furnace is also neutral.

The practical design of the Carolo oven will also fit into any interior. The volume of the heated room at this fireplace reaches 400 m3, which will allow it to be installed in large halls.

The Gomont stove is designed for heating a small room (105 m3), and its simple design is perfect for a country house.

All Invicta furnaces described are made of high-quality cast iron, heated with wood or briquettes. Fireplaces of this company have a self-cleaning system of glass. It will not be smoked or stained, it is cleaned by means of air flow. Due to the tightness of the structures, the burning time varies from 5 to 10 hours.

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Furnace fireplaces from France Invicta have established themselves for their long history only from the good side. According to reviews, people who bought this product, advise her family and friends, or come after her again,choosing a stove in a new room. The warranty on them is 5 years, but they will last at the expense of high-quality cast iron ten times longer.

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