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About brand

Jotul is from Norway. It began its activities more than 150 years ago! And all this time, Jotul stoves pleased their owners with excellent quality and long service life.

Jotul equipment proved to be the best even in the harshest conditions, when the air temperature dropped below -40 C, but thanks to the brand ovens, houses still always were comfortable, cozy and warm.

Modern Jotul ovens, in addition to high quality, are also distinguished by a very stylish and unusual appearance, convenience and practicality, as well as safety of use.

Features and benefits

Jotul Norwegian ovens have a very beautiful aesthetic design - this is ensured by the coating of very durable enamel, which is applied to the uniform cast iron body of the stove.

The performance of the Jotul stove is several times higher than that of standard fireplaces. This was achieved through the use of high technology and innovative mechanisms in the production of these furnaces.Jotul foci consist of two chambers in which primary and secondary combustion takes place. To ensure the final burning of fuel by the Norwegians, a special Clean Burn system was developed. The basic principle of operation of this system is the supply of oxygen from the outside, not from inside the room. And thanks to the adjustment of the air flow system inside the chamber, soot does not settle on the glass doors of the furnace.

The main advantages that lead Jotul among other manufacturers are high product quality, long service life, high strength, simple installation of equipment, easy and convenient further maintenance, safety during operation, a wide range of models, and an ideal price-quality ratio.

Jotul employees successfully introduced a very flexible system of product costs, and this, in turn, allows everyone to purchase a heating system, regardless of their financial capabilities.

Features of operation

While operating the Jotul ovens, several important rules must be followed:

  1. Estimate the required amount of fuel.
  2. Do not use flammable liquids to ignite stoves.
  3. During the operation of closed-type systems, a special shield should be provided for protection, and a furnace should be laid out with refractory bricks.
  4. Closely monitor the pressure and do not allow it to drop to avoid the appearance of carbon monoxide.
  5. In no case can not extinguish the flame in the stove with water.

Model overview

Jotul has been producing wood cast iron stoves. The most popular models are:

  • F 602 - hearth, made in the style of "classic", designed for small spaces. Provides a mode of "slow burning" - at least seven hours. Great for use in country houses.
  • F3 TD - very popular and demanded model. The design is characterized by stylish doors in the Gothic style. In the "slow burning" method can work more than eight hours. In this model, there is also a system "Clean Burn".
  • F 250 - this model of a fireplace is an ideal synthesis of smart design and innovative technologies. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly equipments due to the presence of a "clean burning" system.
  • F 350 - this stove is made of cast iron and is distinguished by its unusual shape extended to the top.Equipped with a "Clean Burn" system and heat-resistant glass door. Does not burn oxygen indoors. Finishing elements are made in several colors - terracotta, lavender, jade and jasmine.
  • F 470 - stove with a unique streamlined shape. The model is equipped with a large panoramic door of heat-resistant glass. Keeps the air inside the room fresh by supplying oxygen to the chamber from the outside. It is equipped with a box for ashes. There is also a system of self-cleaning sashes. The "slow burning" mode provides operation for more than ten hours.


An important factor when choosing a stove, fireplace for the house are reviews of real buyers. And it should be noted that the vast majority of reviews are excellent:

  • customers are very satisfied with the compact size of the Jotul fireplaces, the presence of all sorts of modern features and technologies;
  • the owners of the Jotul furnaces confirm that, thanks to the intake of oxygen from the street, inside the room, oxygen really does not burn out at all;
  • pleases the eye of buyers and stylish modern beautiful design of Jotul stoves;
  • Buyers claimthat the Jotul stoves really warm up the room very well even in conditions of extreme cold, and, which is also important, thanks to the "slow combustion" mode, the stoves work really for a very long time;
  • customers and product quality are praised for their high durability - the fireplace will serve you very faithfully even with constant use.
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