Kratki Koza furnace fireplace

Brand "Kratki koza" from Poland is a famous manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces. This brand is attractive because it has an extensive offer of options at a budget price.

Such fireplaces can be the main heating in your home or an additional source of heat. In an inexpensive price segment, five models with various technical equipment are proposed. Consider them in more detail.


Kratki Koza K6 is suitable for small dwellings - up to 120 cubic meters in size. To heat such fireplaces can be wood firewood and coal. The model has a weight of 120 kg and a capacity of 11 kW and can be connected to the chimney 130 mm. The size of such a fireplace: 578 * 630 * 490.

Kratki Koza K7 cast iron fireplace is suitable for homes up to 80 cubic meters. Its power is equal to 7 kW. This model is equipped with a glass door, resistant for temperatures up to 700 - 800 degrees. The furnace weighs almost 80 kilograms, has an efficiency of 63.5%, smoke evacuation of 130 mm and dimensions of 536 * 557 * 413.

The fireplace of the K8 model perfectly will be suitable for use at your dacha.Its capacity can reach 9 kW, and this allows you to thoroughly warm the premises up to hundreds of cubic meters. The fire leaf has a regulator of burning modes.

A variation of the model Kratki Koza K8 T has a different thickness of the shell than the prototype. The sizes of both models: 666 * 626 * 382.

The stove fireplace model K9, made of cast iron, has an original appearance. A production capacity of 13 kW will help make houses warm with an area of ​​over 120 meters in a cube.

The K9 long-burning fireplace model has a variation of the model with the name Decor. The idea of ​​the designers to use the side windows in the fireplace for viewing the fire is unusual and unexpected.

They will expand the review of what is happening in the furnace. Such an original fireplace has an impressive weight of 160 kilograms and dimensions of 766 * 660 * 546. Additionally, the K9 model can be equipped with a turbine and a thermostat.

Fireplaces Kratki Koza, equipped with a turbine, are connected to a 220 watt outlet. With the help of the turbine, the warm air in the furnace will accelerate more efficiently, with greater speed and greater coverage of the space inside the furnace. Heating the room in which the fireplace is installed with the turbine will be twice as fast.

The smallest “Kratki” will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a country house

Cast iron K10 - the smallest of the brethren "Kratki". Such a furnace is perfect for supporting heat, but will not be its main source. In addition, it is very effective to cope with the task of decorating living space.

It, unlike its "older" brothers, has a not so impressive weight - only 11 kg, and its power is about 13 kW. The stove can heat houses up to 130 cubic meters.

Features connecting the furnace to the chimney is the ability to connect it to the side or rear side.


As a rule, positive feedback from owners of Kratki Koza fireplaces is most common. Their popularity is partly due to the optimal price-quality ratio. Their advantage is in a highly accurate and efficiently designed structure that will provide ease of use.

Most Kratki koza users are quite fireplaces. Most often emphasize the pleasant appearance of the product. Some owners notice that the glass on the doors is periodically smoked, and the accessories are made of thin steel.

From laying firewood to getting the first heat, judging by the reviews, you have to wait about an hour.

The advantages of the product at the same time prevail over the disadvantages. Pleasantly surprised owners of the size of the furnace. A lot of wood can fit in it, the stove keeps heat for a long time.

Selecting features, I want to emphasize that the air is fed into the furnace in two possible ways. One mode will allow you to create more active burning of wood or coal. The second will make so that the portion of the firewood prepared by you burned as long as possible, giving heat. This mode can be convenient for use at night.

In the limited air supply mode, a device specially built into the fireplace will ensure complete combustion of all wood.

Each of the stoves of the brand is equipped with doors with heat-resistant glass that can withstand heating and 800 degrees. The door of the firebox is made so that the air has the ability to circulate in it. This measure avoids contamination of the glass and the formation of soot on it.

The advantage of these furnaces is also the possibility of a diverse installation of the chimney. You can install it on the back of the stove or on top. Some stoves can be installed in the middle of the room, which will heat the house more efficiently.


Since these furnaces are low cost, they are made as simple as possible, equipped with only the most necessary details. The walls in the densest places are 8 millimeters thick, so with frequent use these fireplaces are designed for a period of 5 years.

For this reason, such fireplaces are most often chosen for installation in summer cottages.

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