Stove-fireplace "Rhine"

Heat to every home

Perhaps every owner of his own house would like to have a fireplace. Ideally, it should be large, occupying the entire wall, with a huge hood, and in order to go there like in films, you could throw a couple of poles, stretch your legs and have fun. Unfortunately, the fireplace is not a pleasure for everyone. Usually at the planning stage at home, all the nuances that relate to the construction of the built-in fireplace are taken into account. This process is very complex and requires considerable knowledge.

Unfortunately, not every owner of a private house boasts a built-in fireplace. For those who want to have a fireplace at home, while not destroying half of the building, there is a great option-the fireplace “Rhine”. Such a stove will decorate any room in the house, create an atmosphere of comfort, and it will not be easy to freeze with this fireplace.

The furnace-fireplace "Rhine" - is one of the dominant directions of Meta group. Fully compliant with German standards, the Rhine furnaces are adapted to the Russian climate.The highest quality, wide assortment and affordable price - everyone will find their own fireplace “Rhine”. In addition, the manufacturer gives a pleasant guarantee, at least 10 years, the furnace will last uninterruptedly.

Main functions

The “Rhine” stove is a new generation device that contains the quality of an “open” fireplace. You can also observe an open flame, feel convection heat, while being safe from cracking logs, soot and sparks. This stove is designed in two buildings - open and closed. They get room air, heats up and goes out into the room again. This will heat the room. The ability to adjust the force of the flame, the intensity of the flame and the burning time allows creating absolutely comfortable conditions in the room. The longest possible time at which the stove will burn (with a full load of wood) is 6-8 hours. The fuel for the Rhine stove is dry firewood and coal.

Very convenient design of the furnace will easily replace a particular part for repair. The entire surface of the furnace is painted with heat-resistant paint. Due to this, the oven will retain a decent appearance for a long time and will not peel off.Through the refractory glass, the Rhine stove-fireplace delivers more than 80% of the heat. High transparent windows and doors make it possible to fully enjoy the light of the flame, without at all blocking the view with dull frames. According to the instruction manual, you can melt the fireplace in about 15-20 minutes. A very nice little thing is the presence of shelves for heating tea.

Few reviews

According to customer feedback, you can draw several conclusions. For example, many people praise the “visibility” of this stove. Indeed, the flame does not block anything and creates a real effect of the built-in fireplace. In addition, a big plus on the reviews is the security of the device. Smoke enters the room only if you open the door yourself to throw firewood. After the flame goes out, the fireplace keeps the heat for a long time. In addition to good qualities, the Rhine stove has some drawbacks. For example, because of the accumulated layer of soot, it becomes very difficult to clean the transparent windows.

In general, the Rhine stove is an option for those who want to bring comfort and warmth to their home for relatively little money.Guaranteed warmth and reliability of the device will not leave anyone indifferent when choosing their own stove-fireplace.

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