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A bit of history

The modern world gradually began to forget how people used to live in Russia. Now we can learn about traditions, life and customs only from books on history. The Russian stove is one of the main assets of the Russian people. In those days, it was the center of any home. In the stove, food was prepared for the whole family, used as a heating center.

The Russian stove was considered a favorite habitat of the household. A large bench was the warmest and cozy place in the house. According to people in Russia, this type of bed allowed only pleasant dreams, and the dream was like that of infants.

The Russian stove was truly a unique and functional invention. It was installed in such a way that it could heat all sides of the house. The food cooked in the Russian oven was incredibly tasty and healthy. As the dishes could only be used cast iron kettles, which withstand high temperature.The temperature in the furnace of the hostess was determined using a newspaper. If the paper placed in the under flashed immediately, then the temperature was equal to 300 degrees. And further in time: in 5 seconds - 270 degrees, 15 seconds - 250 degrees, 30 seconds - 200 degrees. And no thermometers could determine the temperature in the furnace more accurately.

Modern fireplace stove

Despite the fact that people now have the opportunity to install absolutely any heating appliance, including compact fireplaces and boilers, in many villages, rural areas, at dachas, people still tend to reproduce the spirit of antiquity by installing a Russian stove in their home. Of course, the modern version of such a furnace is somewhat different from the one that was before. Now it is possible to use the most modern building materials that better withstand high temperatures.

The Russian stove with a fireplace is considered a real trend, which appears in more and more houses. The fireplace in this case performs a decorative function, so he alone is not able to properly warm a large area. The fireplace is used to provide a cozy home environment.After all, hardly anyone will disprove the fact that the crackling of firewood, beautiful flame and light heat are among the best relaxers, allowing you to forget about everyday problems and spend a pleasant evening with your family.

Modern two ovens in one retain their function as a device for cooking and heating a room. Therefore, the Russian stove with a fireplace is also a fairly versatile design. Now there are more opportunities to create a real work of art, which will be not only practical, but also pleasing to the eyes of the inhabitants of the house.

With a bench

If you are a fan of old Russian life and want to at least a little to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity, you can build a Russian stove with a stove bench in your country house. Such a stove will occupy more space than the usual one with a fireplace, so the room should be spacious enough. A modern stove with a stove bench, despite its considerable dimensions, is much smaller than the one that was installed in the old days. The modern design of the furnace makes it a real decoration and the main attraction of the interior.

You choose the size of the beds, nobody forbids to build even a spacious double bed with soft feather beds.

Russian stove with stove can be a combined option to combine several functions at once. This may be an option with or without a fireplace. In addition, you can choose the design of the furnace, providing for a separate cast-iron segment for cooking. Thus, you will completely eliminate the need for hotplates.

The design of the Russian stove can be absolutely any. You have the opportunity to maximally reproduce the old look of the stove in your house or give preference to more modern design ideas. In any case, such a furnace will look attractive, and the spirit of the ancestors will blow from it.


The Russian stove has a rather complicated structure consisting of many details. As in the construction of the house, the construction of the Russian stove requires a solid foundation that will withstand the heavy construction of the Russian stove. Only after the foundation has completely solidified, which may require at least 28 days, can the furnace be erected. The process of building a Russian stove is quite laborious. To make the right furnace, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances, because it will be much more difficult to redo the structure.

Designs of furnaces exist the most various, but the general construction all the same is very similar. Each Russian stove has a hailo, under the firebox and chimney. If you prefer a combined stove, then there will be a fireplace or a separate hob of cast iron. Unlike the old folk method of building stoves, modern masonry allows you to add new elements to the stove.

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All Russian stoves have grates, which are special grids installed between the firebox and the blower. Grate bars do not allow large fuel particles to fall into the ash pit and send only fine ash there.

Oven order

At first glance it may seem that the laying of the Russian stove is a rather banal and well-honed procedure. But in fact, even in the old days it was quite difficult to find a good oven master who could create an ideal design without the slightest error. Only properly laid oven will serve for a long time and perform all its functions without any failures.

The most optimal order is the construction of 40 rows, the last two of which represent the beginning of the chimney.The first row of bricks is laid on a previously prepared foundation ideally even layer. This series is very important, because it depends on the durability and evenness of the whole structure.

The second row is the formation of chimney channels, a place under the fireplace and the furnace. Here the most important thing is to do everything without haste and respecting all proportions. The second row is continued by the third, fourth and fifth, which follow the same principle.

When laying the sixth row, the firebox door and decorative grilles are installed, which are a necessary element for proper air circulation and blowing. For laying the walls of the furnace and fireplace is used durable fire-resistant brick. After this, the seventh and eighth rows are laid out, and the ninth row is closing and overlaps the lower flow channels.

From the eleventh to the thirteenth row is the formation of an arc-shaped hearth. All other rows repeat the shape of the chimney, installed valves and ceilings.

Where to install

Before installing the Russian stove with a fireplace, it is necessary to draw up a detailed diagram of the fireplace itself and the house in which it will be located.The ideal option is to install a Russian stove during the construction phase of the building. So you will avoid having to break the walls and the floor to install the furnace. But installing it in an already finished house is also possible, but now it will be much more difficult to choose the right place that will be well suited for this type of furnace.

The Russian stove should be installed so that it covers the house with its heat as much as possible. If the house is wooden, then a heat-resistant layer must be placed between the partition and the stove, which will protect the house from fire.

For the construction of the stove is recommended to use only the highest quality flat brick, which will not create additional problems during the construction of the structure. In order for the stove to turn out even and look aesthetically pleasing, it is better to first try on each row without using a solution.

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