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Imagine: summer, the sun, a fresh breeze; you are relaxing in your favorite cottage or in a country house. Or maybe it's evening? The sun is drooping and silence is broken only by the singing of cicadas and crickets. I want to gather friends or relatives, have a picnic and eat fragrant fried meat or fish with vegetables. This will help you built on the site of the fireplace. It is absolutely not difficult to build it with your own hands, the main thing is to choose the right version of the structure, study its features and execute a competent drawing of a future construction.


  • B-B-Q. These fireplaces are intended for cooking in the open air. They are a simple, fairly compact brick construction with an open portal and frying grid.
  • Mangal Its main difference from the barbecue is the lack of top. In fact, it is an open oven, a roaster, on which it is convenient to cook and also to heat various dishes.
  • Smokehouse.More complex design, equipped with ventilation holes. In addition to frying, it is intended for smoking meat and fish.

Preparation of the project, making drawings

First you need to choose the place where you want to build your fireplace. You can arrange it under the open sky or build it in the gazebo or on the terrace. The advantages of the last two options are obvious - the furnace will be protected from the vagaries of the weather; However, such furnaces are more difficult to build than street ones.

Further, it is necessary to find the laying pattern of the furnace along the rows and make a drawing of the future construction, including all the desired elements. They will help determine the choice of materials and roughly imagine what the finished fireplace will look like.

When building a stove it is very important to take care of safety. Therefore, all the details of frying devices (spits, broilers, grates) must be carefully thought out, protection from the wind is provided. It is also desirable that there are no trees near, due to the danger of burning branches.

And, of course, in order to respect the external attractiveness of the site, it is necessary to correlate the dimensions of the future furnace with its area.For example, a huge oven will look very ridiculous on a small area.

Stages of construction

  • Foundation installation. The weight of any stove, even the simplest, will be rather big, so a foundation is necessary for sustainability. Concrete is very well suited.
  • Performing masonry. There are many schemes and educational literature on the laying of brick fireplace-stoves. It is necessary to carefully study the scheme of the selected masonry, if necessary, consult with a specialist.
  • Installation of the chimney. The best solution in its construction will be to buy a ready-made modular chimney, with thermal insulation already laid and an effective smoke exhaust system. Such chimneys can be bought in most hardware stores.
  • Exterior finish. Naturally, I want all outbuildings, including the stove, to be not only functional, but also beautiful. In principle, if an even, smooth brick without chips was used to build the furnace, then you can do without cladding. However, it is recommended to cover its surface with plaster and glue it with tile, which not only improves the appearance of the furnace, but also reliably protects it from damage.You should also not forget that this structure should harmoniously fit into the landscape design of your yard, give it a cozy and romantic look.
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