Corner fireplace stove

What it is?

Corner stove - a fireplace - a great choice among fireplaces, because it not only heats the air, but you can also cook on it. With the help of an angular stove - a fireplace, any home will acquire a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The stove can be either brick or metal. Deciding which stove is a fireplace is better, the description of each stove in this article will help.

Of metal

The main advantage of this furnace is that it is compact and heats up very quickly. The corner oven itself is a heating device with a firebox, which is covered with special glass. Some models of metal furnaces consist of a stove and a tank - a heat exchanger that can be connected to the general heating.

The main advantage of such a fireplace is that it is compact and has a small mass. Such a fireplace can be put on any surface and the installation process itself will not take much time. In addition, a corner stove - a metal fireplace is safe and inexpensive.

The model of the fireplace, in which the function of long-term burning is built in, is very economical: a dosed supply of oxygen prevents the burning of firewood. The stove can burn for more than 5 hours without adding additional fuel, which saves on wood.

A metal stove - a fireplace can be connected to the common water heating of the house, with the help of which the whole house will fall off.

The disadvantages of such a furnace - a fireplace include:

  • Occurrence of an unpleasant smell in case the stove is not used for a long time.
  • Some stoves are small, so the standard size of firewood may not be suitable. They will need to hack on their own.
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Installation of such a furnace is very complicated and time consuming. But it is a brick fireplace that creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in private houses and cottages. The main advantage of such a furnace is a high heat capacity, which allows you to maintain the desired temperature for a sufficiently long period of time. It is also important that the brick oven will fit into any interior, because it has many ways of finishing. Brick corner stove - fireplace is durable and safe.

The disadvantages of such a furnace include:

  • Massive construction.
  • Long and difficult manufacturing.
  • The inability to put in the house ready brick oven - a fireplace.

Cast iron

Cast iron stoves are an integral part of the dacha interior. This oven will fit into any room, because it can be decorated with ceramic veneer. A very important advantage of such a furnace is that it can be small in size to fit even in a small room. Cast iron stove - a fireplace can be used as the main method of heating at home, because it heats up quickly and keeps heat well. It is also important that this method of heating is very economical, because there is not much fuel needed for a cast iron stove.

The disadvantages of the corner furnace - cast iron fireplace are:

  • Cannot be installed close to flammable objects.
  • The surface of the furnace is very hot, so it is easy to get burned about it.

Installation Instructions

  1. First you need to choose a place where there will be a fireplace. Mark up at this place;
  2. To install the chimney system, you must open the ceiling;
  3. The base under the furnace must be equipped with refractory materials (floor tiles or sheet metal);
  4. It is necessary to equip the interfloor passage (fire insulation);
  5. Install a fireplace insert;
  6. Install and connect the dual-circuit and single-circuit pipes;
  7. Connect the fireplace to the chimney;
  8. To remove the chimney on the roof of the house;
  9. Install a fungus to protect the chimney from debris;
  10. Cover the chimney with heat-resistant paint;
  11. Mount chimney facing;
  12. Assemble the frame of the box from the metal profile;
  13. Mount the insulating layer;
  14. Build the box itself.
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When installing the stove, you need to bear in mind that there should be a small distance between the stove, the fireplace and the wall of the house.

Which one to choose

Choosing a fireplace, the buyer needs to pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the manufacturer of the furnace - the fireplace. One of the most popular companies for the production of fireplaces is the Russian group of companies "Meta". The products from this manufacturer are of high quality, since in the manufacture of furnaces, the company cooperates with Japan, Germany and France. All furnaces are tested in Russian climatic conditions, so they work without interruption.

Production is made serially.One of the most sought-after series is Metafire. Furnaces fireplaces of this ruler are intended for heating of the house and giving. The main advantage of the Metafire series is that the furnaces are equipped with a temperature equalization function. A distinctive feature is the fact that the furnace is very mobile, because made of metal and have a small weight.

The most popular wood-burning stove - the fireplace from the Metafire series is the Neva. It is in great demand due to the fact that its installation does not require a lot of space. This oven heats three adjacent rooms. The fireplace "Neva" stove is an open fireplace that allows you to observe live fire. A special door will protect the owners from sparks and save the floor from soot.

Such a fireplace heats up quickly enough and keeps heat for a long time. The fuel for the stove can serve not only firewood, but also brown coal. The service life of the Neva corner furnace is at least 10 years. Reviews of the stove - the fireplace "Neva" are positive. The owners are satisfied with the operation of the stove, but they warn that it is not worth drowning with coniferous wood or charcoal.

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