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Comfort and comfort are often associated with soft light and warmth in the house. It helps a person to relax, to plunge into dreams, to forget about vanity. Such an atmosphere can create a fireplace-stove. Thanks to innovative design solutions, the fireplace becomes a relevant addition in any interior. Before you choose one of the many models that will look perfect in your home, consider some of the nuances of each of them.

Distinctive features

Electrofireplaces or biofireplaces are usually installed in the apartment, as they do not require the installation of a chimney. In a private house, you can afford a full-fledged wood-burning fireplace-stove, which gives a special warm atmosphere. Depending on the interior idea, the fireplace is installed:

  • angular;
  • wall corner;
  • wall facial;
  • rotary ("island");
  • built in.

When choosing a fireplace-stove, you should decide in advance how much space it will heat and whether you need water distribution in other rooms.For example, Romotop Tala stoves are designed for rooms up to 220 sq. M, while they easily fit into a modern design, compact, reliable, and manufactured using innovative technologies.

It should not be overlooked whether the selected stove has a fireplace type:

  • Various chimney directions;
  • Regulators supplying secondary and tertiary air;
  • Double walls;
  • Cold hands;
  • Large viewing glass;
  • Burners for cooking.

The most common model with these characteristics is Ferlux Lava. It is not only multifunctional, but in its manufacture curly castings are used to give a luxurious appearance.

It is better to choose the location and type of the fireplace at the construction stage of the house, in this case, you can pay attention to the closed built-in fireplaces, attached semi-open or open island. Closed fireplace-stove is a classic option, but assumes the presence of sufficiently thick walls. The most economical option would be half-open fireplaces, which can be wall or corner. Open fireplaces have the most disadvantages:

  • can be located only in large rooms with high ceilings;
  • when using them, there is a high probability of fire;
  • low heating efficiency

In case the fireplace stove is planned to be installed already in the finished house, then an iron or steel stove becomes the ideal option.


This is a universal version of the heating device for both cottages and cottages with a small area. Metal fireplace stoves have their advantages:

  • they quickly heat the room;
  • compact in size;
  • safe to use;
  • you can watch live fire;
  • high heat transfer efficiency with low consumption of firewood;
  • a variety of design and design allows you to put a fireplace in the interior of any style;
  • can withstand high temperature extremes.

A metal fireplace stove is something that everyone can afford for a private house or house. On the one hand, it is an indispensable helper in space heating and cooking, and on the other hand, it is an element of the interior, near which it is always pleasant to get together with the whole family. Such a fireplace can look simple and restrained, or it can have intricate cast patterns.


Economical, time-tested, made of eco-friendly materials - all this is about a traditional Russian stove. She very often began to appear in modern interiors, only now she is both practical and stylish.

If space permits, then a full-fledged large stove is installed for heating the whole house, which has beds, cooking rooms, and sub-pipes for storing firewood and dishes. The option of an angular stove of a more modest size will suit for giving, but which will easily cope with the heating of one room.

The design of a brick kiln may vary depending on its purpose:

  • For kitchen. In this case, it is better to equip the oven with an oven and a cast-iron stove.
  • For the bedroom, a stove with a spacious, warm and cozy stove bench will do.
  • For the living room is to choose the design of the stove, connected to the fireplace.
  • To divide the interior space. Then one part of the stove will serve as a stove in the kitchen, and the second part will be a fireplace for the living room.

Considering that the brick is very hot, a safe design of terracotta or clinker ceramic tiles is selected for the furnace. To give a luxurious look is used tiles or Maiolica.The furnace can be plastered and covered with heat-resistant paint of any color you like.

A special place among the stone stoves occupy tiled. If the solid-color stoves look minimalist and reserved, the tiled stoves bring a sense of sophistication, wealth and antiquity to the house. Such an element of the interior will help to harmoniously combine modernity and classics. Next to the tiled stove will look good and wooden furniture in the style of Russian hut, and classic, and furniture in the style of Provence.

The stove is the central element of the room; accordingly, it is better to select materials for decoration that will only emphasize its grandeur. For example, stone, wood or decorative brick finishes are ideally combined with a Russian stove. The painted version of the stove looks advantageous in a room with leather furniture and massive metal chandeliers in the medieval style.


It may seem that the stove is a relic of time, but nothing else creates a warmer atmosphere in the house, like this simple piece of furniture. At the same time, the choice of fireplaces, both in size, in functionality, and in price, is now more than ever.

Fireplace stove can perfectly solve any interior tasks. Corner stoves save space and fit in almost any design. For the modern style, you can choose a fireplace with panoramic windows and give it a leading role by setting it in the center of the room. The fireplace built into the wall will only emphasize the exclusivity of high-tech design. A traditional stove with a stove bench will decorate the house in the Russian style.

Regardless of whether it is a cast-iron stove or a stone stove, she will be able to bring a special atmosphere to the kitchen. You can not only enjoy cooking, but also relax, contemplating the kind of flame in the oven.

The classic style of the interior assumes the presence of a U-shaped fireplace, decorated with ornaments or columns. Usually it has a shelf for decorative things and forged grilles. At registration of a classical fireplace marble, granite or a natural decorative stone are used.

The country style is characterized by a D-shaped fireplace with a niche for firewood and decorative beams that can be used as shelves. To make the whole interior look harmonious, you can put wicker furniture, a textile sofa in the room with a fireplace, decorate hand-made things.

A fireplace stove, regardless of its size and properties, is able to bring a joyful and cozy atmosphere to the house.

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