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Those who like to spend New Year's holidays in a country house, where there is no central heating, often care about the question of how to provide warmth and comfort in a home. The best solution in such a situation would be to install a long-burning fireplace.

The principle of operation of such equipment is as follows: when fuel smolders, pyrolysis gas is released, it goes out and is connected to air. This mixture burns in a special chamber, giving up three times more heat than with standard burning. In the course of this, soot and soot burn almost completely.

The firebox door in long-burning stoves, as usual, is made of glass and closes tightly, not letting air inside. Thanks to the transparency of the door, you can enjoy the dance of the flames.

The characteristic features of stoves for fireplaces for the home include mobility, economy, fashionable design and high efficiency.Many models maintain a certain temperature for a very long time, up to ten hours. However, when installing them, there are large demands on the installation of the chimney. In addition, only dry fuel is used here.

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The advantages of such furnaces:

  1. Room heating is independent of energy suppliers.
  2. You can store fuel for the winter or buy at any time.
  3. Compared to a gas boiler, there is no danger of explosion when using a long-burning stove.
  4. Assembling and using equipment is simple, there is no need to create a project.
  5. Such a heating option will cost you less than a gas or electric boiler.


The assortment of stoves, fireplaces emit many categories.

By production material

  1. From cast iron. Serve for many years and extremely reliable. Their only drawback is that they are heavy and have a high price.
  2. Of steel. They lose heat faster than cast iron and are less durable.
  3. Combined. For the manufacture of this type of furnace mixed iron and steel.
  4. Made of bricks. Most often they are laid out by hand, in a special place.This type of stoves is not afraid of temperature differences and the amount of fuel for kindling is usually minimal.

By purpose

Heating stove-fireplace. They are great even for small rooms, as they are very compact. Their function is room heating. Easily installed and have special compartments for firewood and ash residues.

Oven-fireplace with hob. With it you can not only provide heat in the house, but also to cook food. As a rule, by production of a surface for cooking use the rings from cast iron provided for ware of any sizes. Such models as Okhta, Baikal 8, Marseille mini, Lyon have especially proven themselves.

With integrated oven. This oven allows you to enjoy your favorite homemade pastries.

With water circuit for heating. This furnace can be brick or metal. The principle of operation of such a unit is similar to the work of a solid fuel boiler. The water in it heats up and goes through the pipes. The power of the fire is regulated by the damper, smoldering or intensive mode is used. In addition to heat, such a stove provides warm water and is used not only as the main heating option, but also as an addition.

Oven with heat exchanger. This kind of heater combines the hob and the water circuit. The fuel for this unit should be wood with a moisture content of thirty percent.

By type of fuel used

Depending on the material used for kindling the stove, the equipment was divided into three groups:

Wood burning stove. Such long-burning furnaces due to the large size of the furnace can give off heat for 12 hours from one tab. They are easy and easily installed.

Coal. The furnace, the fuel of which is coal, does not differ in principle from the wood one. Its disadvantage is that coal pollutes the room. Nevertheless, it is a very economical option. As usual, it is possible to provide heat for a day with one fuel tab.

Pelletny. Pellets are wood pellets pressed mainly from deciduous trees. When burned, they release a lot of heat, in addition, this fuel is quite economical.

How to choose

When buying heating equipment, consider the following criteria:

  • Power. For heating a room of 100 sq.m. 1 kW of energy is enough.As a rule, to calculate the optimal indicator, this number is increased by thirty percent.
  • Modes of operation. Pay attention to the presence of the furnace two programs: active and economical. This choice is most beneficial.
  • Properties of glass. It is desirable that it is resistant to temperature and self-cleaning.
  • Features ashpit. Prefer removable options, they are easier to clean.
  • Additional advantages. This could include a hob, built-in heat exchanger, tank under the water, oven.
  • For a spacious house is ideal wall model stove-fireplace, besides, the range of such is now wide.
  • If there is not much space, then buy a corner unit with a deep firebox. Separate models are decorated with beautiful inserts of ceramic tiles.


Russian companies

Among the domestic manufacturers who have received the most positive feedback from customers, you can highlight the company Meta and Teplodar.

The products of these firms are characterized by excellent quality at an affordable price, a pleasant appearance. One of the most famous models of stoves of Meta company is called Meta Selenga and is included in the rating of long burning fireplacesfor home.

The power of this compact unit is 8 kW, which is quite enough to maintain heat in a house of 80 square meters. In such a furnace, two niches are provided - for storing and drying firewood and an oven.

No less popular products manufacturer Teplodar.

Furnaces-fireplaces of this company with a convection system will be an excellent option for heating to give. The room heats up quickly and evenly, the heat is stored for a long time. Such models as OB-120, Tango Trio are in great demand.


Among the popular manufacturers of stoves in Poland are companies Kratki and Eurokom.

The units of these brands are able to give heat without a break for eight hours, have a double afterburner system and wonderfully fit into the interior. The leader of sales at the moment has become an elegant model with openwork ornament Eurokom Ambra.


Since Finland has a harsh climate, the producers of this country have a wealth of experience in developing high-quality, economical and environmentally friendly heaters. Furnaces are made mainly of cast iron or high-strength steel, covered with heat-resistant paint, their body does not overheat and does not crack.

Markers are recognized as leaders in the Finnish market of heating equipment Harvia and Tulikivi.

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