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Country house - the dream of many of our contemporaries. Far from the city noise and exhausting activity of megacities, I want to be alone with my loved ones, surrounded by natural contrasts. A modern country house is an area where you can devote yourself to comfort, coziness, and relaxation. Comfort and coziness make up many things, stoves-fireplaces are no exception. This is not only a source of heat, but also an opportunity to contemplate living fire in quiet evenings, sitting in a comfortable chair and throwing a warm blanket over yourself. An impressive picture, isn't it? And for the execution of this idea there are all possibilities. However, it is worth considering some features that are important when developing an interior design with a fireplace. What will it be, where can it be located, how to avoid the risks of spreading fire, what material to use for construction, what functions will the fireplace perform?

Features and benefits

Needless to say, the main functionality of a fireplace stove is heat for the house? The heat source in the Russian hut also served as a cooking place - they baked bread in the oven, cooked porridge. Over time, the functional functionalization has been reduced to two segments - the distribution of heat in the dwelling and a bold two-in-one design experiment with open fire.

Properly designed project will allow to combine both possibilities, it is enough to use proven materials that close the fire in one place, or to use fireproof design constructions that open the view to the flame. The main material for the furnace is quite affordable - it is wood, solid fuel. In any case, in a country house, the principle of combining the heating system and decorative features is observed: a fire chamber made of refractory materials will allow you to admire the hot tongues of flame, creating the entourage of a magical evening.

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Fireplace stoves will always be relevant. More often in a country house they are made of refractory bricks or stone. These materials have many advantages. Firstly, they do an excellent job with the heat distribution functions in the dwelling.Secondly, a fireplace made of stone or red brick looks very impressive in any home.

There are many styles, using which you can create with the help of a stove-fireplace a special interior: Venetian, classic, rustic, modern, you can develop your own creative style design. There are several types of stoves for the home: with a heat exchanger, with a hob, with a coolant, "eco", dual circuit, mini.

The basic principle of the fireplace with a heat exchanger or coolant - even providing the house with heat. For such a design, cast iron or steel is used, from which a closed-type chamber is prepared, which, in turn, “closes” the fire from spreading.

At least 40 liters of water are used in the tubes of the heat exchanger - in a heated state, it circulates through those parts of the room where the pipes are installed. Such a stove is considered safe, and heated water can be used for domestic needs. And another big plus - this design can be considered as an alternative to central heating or gas analogue of the heating system.

Fireplaces with hobs - a good find for rooms with a small area. The design allows you to save square meters, because it is a kind of hybrid of a fireplace and “stoves” - and you can heat the house and cook food. It can become both an oven and a clothes dryer. For such a furnace, it is important to determine its place in the house and choose the right materials. Most often for the construction of such structures used refractory brick, stone and steel.

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If, for some reason, these options are not satisfactory, then you can consider installing an Eco-fireplace. It can be arranged in any room of a country house. It is compact, convenient and is considered not only a source of warmth and comfort, but also a good mood.

The main advantages are the small size of the fireplace, in the absence of a chimney. Such designs need a fuel block with ethyl alcohol, in which you can add aromatic ingredients and bioethanol, which does not spread carbon black, and in a beautiful design performance.

Such a fireplace is the decoration of any home. It is somewhat reminiscent of an improved “Ilyich lamp” - modern designers offer bold options for modernizing this once demanded model of a source of heat and light.

You can build a double-hearth furnace in your house - it will keep you warm in the house for a long time. And you can opt for a mini-oven, which will serve not only as a source of heat, but also a place where you can cook meat on the grill, bake vegetables.

It is possible to consider a variant of a double-circuit fireplace. Chamotte brick is used for the inner part, red brick or natural stone is used for the outer part. The outer part can be subjected to facing, giving a beautiful and aesthetic look.

Device and design

The main part of the stove is its firebox. It is placed inside the case and most often it is made of cast iron. For the decoration used fireclay bricks - it protects the cast iron from high temperatures, destructively affecting the metal. The laying of the firebox has a door - thanks to this hole, the fuel is laid. The door can be made of special glass in any design version, and then you can admire the safe flames.

Also for the proper operation of the structure requires a chimney, - it must be vertical, at least five meters high, to provide the necessary traction force.The chimney can be made of brick, but more often for this purpose they use a metal pipe. As an option - stainless sandwich pipes with basalt wool insulation. For the integrity of the design will need a thermal casing, a chamber of the second afterburner.

How to choose?

Before you install a fireplace in a country house, you need to decide - what is it for? If for heating - should consider the presence of a heat exchanger. If for design purposes, to determine the part of the house where such a design will look most impressive. If the country house is made of timber, the best material for the furnace is brick.

The classic version of a brick fireplace - it's warm and cozy in the house. Proper masonry and properly selected bricks make it possible to retain heat even after the fire in the furnace has gone out. One fireplace can also heat a two-story house: for example, a variant of a traditional English fireplace with an open firebox. Or closed modern fireplace made of refractory glass.

The heating of the second floor is due to air convection - heated layers rise upward through the duct heat-insulated channels.You can use special grilles in the floor between the second and first floors so that the warm air can pass through them freely. In a log house, it is advisable to have not only a beautiful, but also a safe fireplace. At a minimum, use an insulating stone wall. It can be done in a great design decision.

How to properly arrange?

Corner stove - one of the most common options. The choice of location will provide further air exchange, respectively, good heating. This option can perform several functions, including cooking and decorative. If there is a question of heat distribution in several rooms of the dwelling, the furnace should be installed in the openings of the partitions separating the rooms.

A “fairy tale” Russian stove with a sunbed can be a good example, and the effect of heat distribution can be improved by using air vents in rooms that are adjacent. With a lack of space, the stove is installed in the center of the main room, but it should be spacious, and flammable objects should be kept at a remote distance.In the center of the octagonal house, the stove can be placed either in the corner, against the wall, or in the center of the room. In any case, the location of the structure - an important factor in compliance with safety in the home.

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Do it yourself

When developing a construction plan it is important to consider the number of its options - heat transfer, cooking need, beauty of the interior. The next step is to place the stove, determine its size, purchase the necessary materials, from which you can build such an important element for the house with your own hands. Only those that do not require additional industrial processing - brick, stone will do.

A brick base is laid on a special pillow from the tie. It is enclosed by metal bases, where the firebox will be located - they can be made to order, and cast iron or steel is used for this. Metal duct should also be ordered in advance. Independent work on the stove-fireplace is a troublesome business, ordering, the design scheme, the need to disguise the construction are important. But in general, this process is fascinating, because the house will forever change from the imagination of the master and his efforts.

Manufacturers Overview

And the question arises: to build or buy? Building your own hands will be more expensive - only one wall brickwork will cost at least 40 thousand rubles, and the total cost depends on many factors - the height, the materials used, the size. Ready-made stoves for a country house have price "ceilings" and will cost much less.

Popular are such manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces, as the Polish "Kratki Koza", where the models are made of cast iron, "Eurokom Asti" - with features of the Gothic style. Norway offers the products of the company "Jotul", characterized by elegance. Termofor, Meta are known, Shkolnik is known, Teplodar is popular and products of other manufacturers, which are among the best in the country.

Cost of

For example, the Viking stove from the Finnish manufacturer, which requires solid fuel, costs from 46 thousand rubles. The Termofor company offers ready-made wood-burning stoves from 7 thousand rubles. Furnaces from the company "Meta" with a water circuit cost from 15 thousand rubles. They can be purchased both in large retail building stores, and by request on specialized trading Internet sites.And the cost of installing a stove in a country house ranges from 15 to 34 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of the order.


With regard to reviews of stoves in country houses, the majority of users of this design believe that they are lucky - the home acquires a unique style and elegance. In addition, several other problems are solved - heating, the ability to cook food, dry clothes. The presence of the stove in the house allows you to think about the extension to the house, which will heat such a stove. But there is a design and some drawbacks. For example, the safety issue, according to many, is not fully resolved - the open flame must be constantly monitored, despite the flaps and doors.

Interesting solutions in interior design

In conclusion, it is worth noting that there are many interesting solutions in interior design, so that the stove fireplace blends into the overall space of a country house. Modern technology and high-quality materials make it possible to fly fantasy in a private house. Built-in biofireplace or corner stove in a frame house with a luxurious cooking surface,Russian stove with a sunbed or a creative design exclusively for domestic needs associated with heating the home - it all depends on the choice, financial possibilities and interest in making the house cozy, comfortable and unique.

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