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Fireplaces allow not only to create a cozy atmosphere, but also to heat the room. Today, not only classical brick constructions, but also metal products can be found on the market. Such systems are perfectly adapted in any room where there is no possibility to build a fireplace out of stone. But each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is advisable to evaluate them before purchasing.

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What it is

A stove is a definite combination of a traditional stove and fireplace with an open fire platform. The main purpose of such structures is to heat the house, and not to create an aesthetic design in the form of a burning fire. Fireplaces simultaneously combine these two functions, allowing them to be used to satisfy their desires.

Features of the device

Furnace-fireplace is a kind of hybrid, which is characterized by a high coefficient of heat transfer through the walls of the structure. You can understand how a stove differs from a fireplace by comparing several characteristics:

  1. The accumulation of heat. The fireplace heats the room due to the direct burning of fuel. This is mainly transmitted through the open firebox. The stove is also characterized by the ability to accumulate heat, due to the structure of the walls themselves.
  2. The design of the furnace. Furnace fireplaces are often equipped with wide openings that are protected by special refractory glass. Their counterparts can also be performed with open fireboxes, which is a classic design.


Fireplaces of this type are an alternative source of heating, which led to their immense popularity. It should be noted that they can be used both for a country house and for an ordinary apartment. Some models are installed on the street - in the garden, combining them with landscape design.

Among the advantages of stoves, there are several basic parameters:

  1. Relatively small size and ease of installation. They can be mounted in almost any corner of the room, preparing for this hole for the chimney.
  2. A variety of designs.These stoves will fit almost any interior, and the possibility of exterior decoration provides even more possibilities for decorating.
  3. Low fuel consumption and the possibility of using several types of fuel (coal, wood, etc.).

Although such stoves have many advantages, several more of their negative sides should be mentioned. The main disadvantage is the uneven distribution of heat, as well as a relatively short service life. Experts recommend to use fireplaces only with other heating systems and not to use them as the main sources of heating.


Stoves-fireplaces are universal systems that can be not only brick, but steel or cast iron. This led to the emergence of many models of such structures. So, among the classic products of stone or brick can be identified:

  • Swedish oven It is a design that is placed in a special niche between the kitchen and one of the rooms. Allows you to heat a room of up to 35 square meters. m
  • Swedish oven complemented by a small stove bench. Often, such systems have much in common with traditional designs.These combined two in one element perfectly give off heat, and also allow you to cook food. Also, if necessary, you can simply observe the burning of the fire, turning the stove into an ordinary fireplace.

Some modern models are distinguished by combining several materials in one product (brick and metal). These combined stoves are excellent elements of decor, allowing you to give the room originality, simplicity and comfort.

How to choose

When buying stoves, several distinctive characteristics should be evaluated. The main ones are power and type of fuel. Many modern models are designed for small rooms, but there are systems that allow you to connect to them a water boiler for heating other rooms. Firewood is often the standard fuel for such stoves, but for certain models coal and other sources of combustion can be used.

Cost of

This characteristic often depends on the design and material used to make the stove. So, if you are planning to build a brick structure, then you need to specify the cost of such work from the foreman, who correctly calculates all the necessary costs.

As for the finished metal furnaces, their price can vary from a few dozen to several hundred thousand rubles. It all depends on the quality of performance, functionality and directly the manufacturer.

How can you convert an old stove into a fireplace

Many furnace owners are wondering whether it is possible to remake it under the fireplace. Create a classic design you will not succeed, although many simply replace the furnace door on the glass, which allows you to look at the fire. But such systems are not fireplaces at all, and in order to lay out such a structure, it will be necessary to dismantle the entire furnace. After that, it is already possible to build a stove on the foundation of an old stove using a previously selected technology. To do this, use a special brick masonry.


Fireplace decoration is one of the most important stages of construction, allowing you to give them a unique and beautiful appearance. As for the classic brick furnaces, here you can use both porcelain stoneware for cladding, as well as special tiles, tiles or plaster that can withstand considerable temperatures.

For the protection and decoration of metal fireplaces often used paints and varnishes.But many owners do not know which paint to choose. Please note that such a material should not only be beautiful, but also endure high temperature differences. You can buy a suitable paint in specialized stores, where the seller will help you choose the best option.


The operation of the fireplace involves the release of a significant amount of soot and other chemical compounds that precipitate on the surface of the chimney and bricks. Before you remove grease stains, it is desirable to purchase special tools that will help you dissolve them.

Also, in order for the stove to serve for a long time, it is necessary to constantly clean the ash pits from ash, as well as periodically use preventive means to remove dirt from the inner surface of the chimney. All these tools are specific and it is very easy to find them in a specialty store or on the Internet.

Brand devices

The modern market is replete with a huge number of stoves, fireplaces. Among all this diversity, there are several popular manufacturers and models, among which one of the sought-after products is Broad. Details worth talking about these products:

  1. Yauza. Furnaces of this type allow not only to heat the room, but also to cook food. The hob can be made as their cast iron and glass ceramics. Power of a fire chamber reaches 8 kW.
  2. Rumba. Differs more high power (10 kW), which allows you to heat rooms with an area of ​​up to 100 sq.m. It should be noted that the back wall is designed in such a way that the stove can be installed either in the corner or just in the middle of the room.
  3. Edilkamin. The products of this manufacturer are distinguished not only by their unique design, but also by a high level of security. There are several models of such fireplaces, which allow heating up to 190 sq.m. at a power of 7.2 kW.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Furnaces, fireplaces, regardless of design, allow you to give a certain charm to the room. Therefore, many designers use them to create interiors. Such designs are perfectly combined with both the classic style and the interior in the style of high-tech or modern.

To emphasize the beauty of the fireplace, experts trim them with several types of materials. But many owners of private houses hide such structures inside the walls, leaving only the firebox.This technique allows the fireplace to harmonize perfectly with the interior.

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