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For many people, the fireplace is associated with warmth and home comfort. Such a functional and at the same time attractive in appearance item well complements the atmosphere in the house, making it cozy and more family-like. The hearth is the central element in the room, and always attracts special attention. But in order for the fireplace to look more harmonious and complete, it is best to complement it with small decorative options.

What is it?

One of the most popular options to add a fireplace is a stand. Today, these models perform more decorative than a functional role in the interior. By this, the notion of mpredvolya means the portal that is used in the frame of the furnace. There are several main types of such devices, and each of them differs not only in appearance, but also in functional qualities.

The advantages of coasters include:

  • advantageously complement the interior;
  • harmoniously look against a fireplace;
  • may have high functionality.

Modern coasters are different original performance. Due to the wide variety of models, you can choose the option in accordance with the features of the interior. The most popular are coasters, in the design of which ethnic and floral motifs are used. With similar options, you can safely complement both modern and classic interiors.

It is worth noting that the supports under the fireplace are often called and other items that are used for specific purposes. There are models for skewers or for firewood, characterized by an interesting design and small dimensions. Such options are located near the fireplace.

Main types

As noted above, there are several basic types of supports. All options are classified according to certain features: material, shape and style.

The most popular are classic coasters. Products have clear straight lines, are based on notes of monumentality. The main advantage of these species is precisely in the external design. In the design of coasters used a minimum number of decorative details.Valuable and expensive woods are used to create classic variations. Marble is often used as a base.

It is worth noting that many owners of fireplaces in the house independently create such coasters. It is based on the usual drywall, which is further decorated with materials that imitate wood. Most often, such options are equipped in rooms with a large amount of free space.

The next popular look are coasters made in country style. Often these models are called rustic portals. Basically, coasters are used for traditional wood fireplaces that create a unique atmosphere of home warmth and comfort in the room. Structures do not differ in complexity, to create the most often used stone. This material is ideal for rooms in this style.

There are stands made in the style of high-tech. Such models are characterized by non-standard and original form. Basically, for the manufacture of coasters used metal or durable resistant glass. Uniqueness and bold performance - that’s what such options combine.

No less interesting style is modern. Stands, made in this direction, perfectly combine classic notes and modern ideas. Models have curved lines and original shapes. Designers try to use in the design of various shades. Each option has in itself unique and special features.


There are several common types used to create coasters. Traditional variants are models based on stone. For the manufacture of stands can be used expensive materials, providing elegant and expensive design of structures. These options include marble and granite coasters. Feature of the models is a big weight.

The next type are coasters based on wood. For the creation of structures used valuable breeds that have a beautiful and elegant execution. Stands are processed with the help of modern technologies and means, which prevents deformation and loss of external qualities. In the design of models often used carving and gilding.To prevent ignition, the furnace part is lined with strong and resistant materials (most often bricks).

Often to create coasters used cast iron. Cast models have an acceptable cost and are based on a lot of interesting decorative details. Forged items occupy a special place in the design. Designs differ in shape and size, but all options look beautiful and interesting.

It is worth noting that modern coasters are quite often amenable to improvement, and therefore a wide variety of materials are used as the basis. Recently, the design is made of concrete and even refractory glass, which has excellent performance characteristics.

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