Chimney shelf of wood

Most people associate fireplaces with comfort and a romantic atmosphere. Therefore, many people want to complement their interiors with a stylish fireplace. But, as a rule, the construction of the fireplace - it is quite expensive. Therefore, if you want to supplement your design with such a detail, it is quite possible to make its imitation of wood with your own hands, using at the same time a maximum of "fireplace" elements, among which there must be a shelf.

A wooden fireplace is a wonderful detail that looks good in the interior in the style of boho, country or modern. However, you can experiment and choose a fireplace that is suitable for the style to suit the particular features of any interior.

Fireplace made of wood, most often exclusively decorative. It can be supplemented with a special electrical device mounted inside. It simulates the crackle of fire and the game of flame on a small built-in screen. Another and more affordable option - drawing in the form of a flame,which is simply glued onto a wooden surface.

Wooden fireplaces with a shelf are good in the first place for its attractive appearance. Carved wooden fireplaces are the perfect complement to many country houses.

Fireplace do it yourself

It is quite possible to make a wooden fireplace with your own hands, especially if you have at least some minimal skills in working with wood.

The installation of the fireplace itself is a rather understandable process even for a not very experienced person. First of all, it is necessary to identify the contours of the facade on the wall and the floor and proceed to installation. In the beginning, the metal frame itself is built.

Then you can proceed to the fastening of wooden parts. They can be fixed using high-quality glue or the same screws. When the base, the beam and the drovnitsa are already installed, you can proceed to the decor.

Modern fireplaces, decorated with various decorative elements, decorate the interior and make it more stylish. The easiest way to decorate the lid of the fireplace, countertop or shelf. On a wooden base, you can apply patterns with durable paint, screw metal fastenings on the sides, or simply cover the surface of the shelves with gold or silver paint.

What is it for?

Special attention deserves a mantel.A very popular option is a sturdy wood mantel. She can supplement and a wooden fireplace, and lined with stone. It complements the fireplace and makes it more functional. On the mantelpiece, you can place all the decorative stuff. By its functionality and practicality, the mantelpiece is not much different from simple shelves and racks mounted in a wall or a cupboard.

But there is a wooden mantel and its drawbacks. First of all, it is impossible not to mention the fact that they require special care. So that the tree does not lose its attractiveness, it should be treated in a special way before installation, and after it should be regularly cleaned and wiped with various wood care products.

It is not recommended to use wooden shelves for fireplaces in rooms with high humidity. Due to the fact that the tree absorbs moisture very quickly, such decorative detail will quickly become useless.

Manufacturing process

Due to the fact that the shelves are often too expensive, as for such a simple interior parts, many often do not want to buy them. But here it is worth considering that you can even make such a decorative shelf with your own hands.At the same time, it will be no worse than shoplifting, and even better, because you will be able to show it to your guests as your own creation.

In order to make a mantelpiece, you do not need to have special skills. It is enough just to process the tree properly and decorate it in an interesting way.

The shelf that complements the fireplace can be made of natural wood or its imitation. Both options are good in their own way. So, wood lasts longer and looks more attractive, but its substitutes are cheaper. In addition, you can always disguise the disadvantages of a special coating.

Very popular option with an aged tree, which looks stylish in almost any interior. If you want to paint the wood from which the shelf will be created, for this you should choose heat-resistant paint to completely protect yourself.

It is also desirable to process wood for the shelf with special means that protect the wood from aging and moisture. Such an impregnation increases the life of the wood and makes the material immune to the effects of fire. So, even if the shelf is placed low, you will not be exposed to any danger.In addition, among professional designers are all sorts of impregnations that make wood visually more expensive and stylish.

A wooden shelf can be decorated with carvings, bulky forged inserts, or simply patterns painted with paint. The decor of the mantel is only your choice, so you can do anything with it to fit into your chosen interior.

Whichever option you choose, the main thing is that you like the finished fireplace and the shelf that complements it and blend in well with the interior of your country house, cottage or apartment. And on it you can always place all your favorite books, figurines, frames with photos or drawings and other details. Thus, your shelf will become not just a decorative element in the interior, but also a place to store all the things that are dear to your heart.

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