A mantel can decorate any fireplace, making it more expressive and attractive. It can be decorated with various decorative elements or to underline the minimalism style to remain empty.

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A mantelpiece can become the hallmark of your home, emphasizing the fireplace. Traditionally, a fireplace shelf is placed on top of the fireplace. Pay attention to the upper mantelpiece, arrange, there are items dear to your heart: your photos or photos of loved ones, souvenirs or flowerpots with flowers.

The lower fireplace shelf is most often used for storing wooden logs and fireplace care equipment, if the fireplace care kit does not perform a decorative function.

On the sides of the fireplace can be located racks with books or other interesting things. If the fireplace is made in classic style, it can be decorated with columns or stucco on the sides.


A mantelpiece is an integral part of any fireplace. It is used to create a unique interior design. A variety of decorations are used to decorate the fireplace shelf, for example, watches, books, paintings and other decorative elements.

To create a bright, unique design, but at the same time a cozy atmosphere to decorate the mantel follow some requirements:

  1. Take advantage of large items - exhibit large massive objects that look spectacular and stylish. An example would be a large antique clock that would give a room a historical touch.
  2. Use jewelry made from the same material. For example, figurines made of wood, porcelain, glass or ceramics will be a bright decoration of your fireplace.
  3. Create a balance between the two sides of the mantel, for example, placing bookshelves on the sides.
  4. Combine the decoration of the fireplace with the interior of the room. For example, if the room is made in a strict style, then to decorate the fireplace you also need to use interior items made in this style. An example is strict candlesticks or clocks.
  5. For decoration, use decorative objects made by yourself. If you made a mantelpiece yourself, then why not use your abilities to create decorative elements. You can make charming wooden, metal or paper souvenirs.
  6. Three subjects - you can create an extraordinary design, placing three objects on the shelf for the fireplace. For decoration, use one large object, placing it in the center and two small objects on the sides. For example, it can be a massive clock in the center of the shelf for a fireplace, and one candlestick at a time on each side.
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Fireplace shelves can be made of various materials:

  1. From the tree. For its manufacture can be used in various wood species, including expensive woods. The natural look of the wood shelf for the fireplace will enhance the room. The smell of wood in combination with crackling fire in the fireplace will create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the room.
  2. From plaster. Fireplace shelves made of plaster are durable and environmentally friendly. They are light and easy to install. Fireplace shelves made of plaster can be decorated under wood, marble,create an effect of artificial aging. So they will easily fit into a different interior of the room.
  3. Made of natural stone for example, granite or marble shelf. Granite mantel with a beautiful appearance, elegant lines. The granite shelf for a fireplace reliable, strong and durable. She is not afraid of smoke and ash from the fireplace, spilled drinks and scratches. Granite shelf does not require special care, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.
  4. Artificial stone - acts as an inexpensive analogue of the mantelpiece, made of natural stone. The shelf for the fireplace made of artificial stone will add to your fireplace attractiveness and complete the design of the room. Made in a minimalist style, it can be suitable for a minimalist or high-tech style.
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Fireplace shelves can also be made of concrete or plastic. The material for the manufacture of the fireplace shelf is selected on the basis of the interior design of the room in which the fireplace is located. A mantelpiece, in its design also, should correspond to the design of the fireplace and be a natural complement to it.

Fabrication and installation

If you prefer to make a mantelpiece with your own hands, then opt for a wooden mantelpiece. Wood is very easy to process, and you can easily make a shelf for a fireplace with a unique design.

Granite chimney shelves or shelves for the fireplace, made of gypsum is better to buy in finished form, and set yourself or seek help from a specialist. To make a fireplace shelf of granite or plaster, you will need special knowledge and skills, so it is best to contact a specialized store and find a ready-made solution that fits perfectly into your interior.

There are several ways to install a mantel shelf:

  1. Embed it in the overall model of the fireplace - is used for fireplace shelves, which are made from natural or artificial stone. Fireplace shelves made of this material are very heavy, but durable models. They forcefully put pressure on the supports, so you have to first purchase a shelf, and then build the fireplace itself.
  2. Fix specialized supports to the walls of the fireplace and place a shelf for the fireplace on them. This method is suitable for wooden mantels, as they are very light.Specialized supports may be in the form of columns, special forged fasteners, mounted on the front wall of the fireplace horizontal bar.
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Recently, over the fireplace very often hang up the TV. You will need to carefully consider all the design elements of the fireplace and the mantelpiece in order to combine modern appliances and traditional home in one harmonious interior.

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