Portals for fireplaces made of artificial stone

The fireplace, regardless of the features of its design, is able to make the house cozy and homely atmosphere. Everyone agrees that the flames emanating from the burning logs, fascinates and contributes to the pacification. This fireplace or electric, has long become an integral part of the interior not only of country houses, but also apartments. They perform the function of an incomparable decorative element, as well as give a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Types of fireplaces

Modern fireplaces are presented in the following versions:

  • classic;
  • electrical;
  • decorative.

Classical types are intended for erection in private houses and are heated by firewood or special coals. Electric - create an imitation of fire, the intensity of which can be adjusted. Decorative - they look like original structures, inside of which there are special hot-water bottles or candles. The last two options are suitable for the design of almost any room. Quite often, such fireplaces do their own hands, applying in practice personal preferences and their own taste.

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Nowadays, beautiful home fireplaces have become very popular. Their important component is portals, which serve not only as a stand, but are used as a stylish element of the interior. This item radiates heat and fills the house with happiness. Its appearance can be very different from light to dark colors. Direct and strict forms of these designs are harmoniously combined both with a classical interior, and with modern types.

Electric with imitation of "live fire"

Electrical products allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in the room, with the help of playing tongues of flame. The effect of live fire looks very realistic, filling the soul with positive emotions. Such devices are the most convenient to use, and a special imaging mode allows you to enjoy the so-called "cold" fire, even in summer. Imitation of a burning flame will make the interior design more romantic and noble.


Modern technologies allow to install the corresponding fireplace absolutely in any room. The category of universal designs can safely include a false fireplace, which has many advantages.They are easily installed, characterized by excellent decorative properties, so that they can become the center of attention for guests. Decorative fireplaces look especially beautiful, elegant, luxurious and original.

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Since the design style is an important indicator of the good taste of the owners, as well as their hospitality, it must harmoniously combine every detail. It is believed that the portals for fireplaces made of artificial stone can bring a touch of originality and novelty to the decor. They give the house reliability, good quality and uniqueness. The most famous and popular design styles include:

  • country style;
  • classic style;
  • baroque;
  • high tech;
  • modern

Country style portals are great for houses and apartments with a “rustic” interior. The best option here will be brick fireplaces on the wood, which can be decorated with decorative elements and lined with artificial stone. The designs in the style of the classics are notable for their strict decoration and are an ideal addition to the strict interiors. Baroque products fit perfectly into the atmosphere of country houses and are almost irrelevant in apartments.

High-tech instances are well suited to the minimalist design of the room. They have clear lines and are subject to multiple repainting, depending on the needs. Stylish portals made in the direction of modern harmoniously combine modern trends and materials, which allows them to perform the role of decor in a particular interior.

Types of materials

As for the finishing of fireplaces, it can be made of a variety of materials. Tile coverings of the following types are in great demand:

  • ceramic;
  • terracotta;
  • majolica.

The first type is a heat-resistant coating that is resistant to high and low temperature drops. These products are able for many years to retain their original shape and color. Terracotta tiled flooring is actively used for decorating fireplaces, and its matte surface looks like a brick, which makes the material very popular. Majolica belongs to the category of elite, as this type is produced by pressing and can be characterized by original drawings.

All these varieties are ideal for finishing fireplace designs. It should be noted that this kind of finishing materials have an increased impact resistance, contributing to their widespread occurrence in the construction industry. A huge range of colors allows you to easily select and decorate the appropriate option for a particular interior and make it a special flavor.


There are a number of requirements for finishing materials, such as:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • thermal conductivity;
  • refractoriness;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • resistance to adverse factors.

Especially for stoves and fireplaces, modern ceramic tiles are used, which is a perfect alternative to facing bricks.

Portal structure

Fireplace portal is considered to be the "face" of the fireplace, so its appearance should be simply excellent. This decorative part can have different style solutions and be made from different materials, both expensive and more affordable. In addition, the portal is often lined with wood or artificial stone. It contributes to a distinct memorization of impressions about the fireplace itself, giving it a suitable configuration.

For the manufacture of such portals used different materials that meet certain fire safety requirements. This approach allows you to create not only aesthetically beautiful decorative products, but also as safe as possible for home use. Particular attention should be paid to a neat mantel, which should be not only beautiful, but also functional. Equally important and practical countertop, harmoniously complementing the overall design.

In the process of arranging the portals, the owners pay attention not only to the attractive appearance, but also the practicality of the product, so that its care is convenient and easy. Thanks to modern technology, everyone has the opportunity to extend the life of the fireplace portal made of artificial stone, without causing damage.


Now the presence of a fireplace in the house is considered a fashionable and current trend in interior design. A beautiful portal of natural stone is perceived with particular enthusiasm due to its unsurpassed appearance. They can have different shapes and sizes, which are selected individually for the overall design.The artificial stone on the portal significantly changes the overall look of the design, filling the house with coziness and comfort. Such portals are characterized by environmental friendliness, durability, and also have excellent waterproof, odor-absorbing and sound-absorbing features.

The production process consists of several stages, starting with the development of a project for a future portal model and ending with the molding of the product itself. Each stage takes place under the careful control of professional craftsmen who skillfully construct chic and unique instances of portals for fireplaces. All of them provide ease of installation and installation, although such a serious installation process is recommended to entrust experienced craftsmen in this direction.

Whole panels

Even without additional details, a fireplace portal made of artificial stone can look elegant and stylish. For example, the so-called portal plate perfectly fulfills the functions assigned to it and serves as a chic decoration of the interior. Such plates are made of different materials and can be decorated with the appropriate elements.Each model is a real work of art, designed to emphasize the dignity of the room and its design.

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Lining tiles under the "natural stone"

In order to give a fireplace of respectability and a solid look, it is necessary to revet it with decorative tiles under the “natural stone”. This type of lining is classified as lightweight and relatively inexpensive. It does not lose its relevance for a long time and allows you to achieve the perfect balance between home comfort and a grand design decision. Fireplaces in such a frame have a great appearance.

The main advantages of tiles under the "natural stone" include:

  • wide range of colors;
  • a wide variety of textures, textures and reliefs;
  • universality in application;
  • a light weight;
  • simplified installation;
  • excellent protective properties;
  • environmental safety;
  • affordable cost.

That is why, as a decoration for gypsum portals, such facing material is often used. It is a good analogue of natural materials, and its quality has already been appreciated by many owners of home fireplace designs.This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to highlight their homes on the general background and leave unforgettable impressions of the guests.

The advantages of artificial stone

The artificial stone is the universal material applied both to external, and to internal finishing of the room. This material is produced from gypsum or concrete solution. In order to increase its decorative properties, a special coloring pigment is applied to the surface of the products. This technology allows you to create as close as possible imitation of natural stone.

Decorative materials from an artificial stone easily gives in to cutting and installation. Its quality and aesthetic data are almost as good as natural materials. In addition, the choice of structure and colors is much wider in relation to the stones of natural origin. An important feature is the fact that artificial stones do not create unpleasant odors in the heating process do not emit toxins, which is very important for health and well-being.

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