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To create a magical atmosphere and extra comfort use fireplaces. They not only perfectly complement the overall design of the home, but also warm in the cold evenings. Many are more attracted by the decorative function. Various portals invariably come to the rescue. Manufacturers offer such a wide range that everyone will find a product to their liking and style.

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What it is

A fireplace portal is an exterior decorative part that frames the fireplace's firebox. Portals have two main functions: decorative and protective. Fireplaces with natural fire use portals made of heat-resistant materials. Such portals protect the furnace from the ingress of foreign objects. But in the electronic fireplaces portal only decorates.

Among other things, the fireplace portal can bring additional heat. The portal heats up and additionally warms up the space around it. Antique forged iron portals combine all three functions: decor, protection and additional heating.The refined appearance complements the interior of the room and creates a special emphasis on the fireplace.

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Choose a portal should be guided by several principles:

  • Type of fireplace. The material of the portal depends on it.
  • General style. Portals are made in a variety of stylistic variations.
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These two simple rules will help narrow the range of products. Then it is solely for your taste and desire. Experts recommend choosing a portal so that the fireplace itself is 1/3 of its height and 1/2 its width. Then the size of the fireplace and decorative cladding will look as harmonious as possible.

Purchase a portal when the fireplace is already in your home. This is the only way to calculate everything to the nearest centimeter. This advice is relevant in the production of the portal as well.

Interior styles

The main decorative element of your fireplace should be in complete harmony with the overall style. Each house has its own style, expressing the character of the owner.

And the fireplace should complement and decorate it. Consider the most common options:

  1. The classic style provides for the severity of lines, complete symmetry and minimal use of decorative details. Such an element of decor will fit into a strict interior. Great portal for a fireplace in the work area.Such detail is made of any material. As a rule, such portals have a strict color: white or black.
  2. Country style portals are the most suitable choice for a country house or a summer house in the style of a country house. Such portals are decorated with brick masonry fireplaces. The portal itself may have decorative elements in the form of an artificial stone.
  3. Stylized baroque portal should decorate the fireplace in the style of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Such an element is not suitable for modern interiors. It is designed to complement the special old atmosphere with its sophistication. Such a fireplace portal will look good in a house with a similar theme. Intricate relief structure will delight its owner.
  4. Modern combines modern trends and classic materials. Such portals are diverse in their shapes and lines. They can decorate both a modern interior and a classic one. Despite the variety of directions portals of this style are not overloaded with details.
  5. For decorating the fireplace you can buy a portal in the style of high-tech. This view has its own rules. A clear frame of the correct form with drywall is a bright representative of this direction.Such portals are often used specifically for false fireplace because drywall can overheat from contact with open fire.

Materials used

It is important to know what makes the fireplace portals. Each material has its own characteristics and is applicable to a certain type of fireplace. Materials vary about their sensitivity to high temperatures. Some portals can be used for brick fireplaces, and some - not. Be careful, there are materials that release toxic substances when heated.

Wooden portal is often used for decorating brick fireplaces. Fireplaces with wood fuel are a source of open flame, which means wood undergoes a series of procedures that make it fireproof. Install such a part as far as possible from the firebox so as not to provoke a fire. Wooden portals can be used with decorative fireplaces without the slightest risk.

For decoration of fireplaces such material there are no restrictions. Wood can be taken as a solid base or assembled from wooden parts. The cost of such portals is quite high. As a rule, all the elements are made by the hands of a master.The total cost depends on the type of wood and the complexity of the carving, reliefs.

Polyurethane make portals for false fireplaces. The material is sensitive to high temperatures and will not make a neighborhood with a fire center. Such material is similar to plaster, but surpasses it in strength and durability. The surface of such a fireplace can be painted in absolutely any color and add some similarity with more expensive materials. If the power of your electric fireplace is not higher than 2.5 - 3 kW, then the portal made of polyurethane will suit you perfectly.

Decorative elements of polyurethane are popular. A variety of columns and borders can be purchased at the building shopping center. On sale there are also details with imitation of a molding. Such material can be given any desired shade. Decorative granite or ceramic tiles can decorate such a portal. Heating of the material is strictly prohibited. From this it becomes soft and releases toxic fumes.

A portal made of marble perfectly decorate the overall picture. Such fireplaces are applicable in various styles. The size of the portal of natural stone can be absolutely any.Beautiful sight - tongues of flame through the portal and marble. Such a portal may have a finish of malachite.

Marble portals are rather bulky and are used exclusively in homes. The uniqueness of each marble stone guarantees the uniqueness of the product. White marble is considered a classic, but other options are available. Marble perfectly keeps heat and is one of the most reliable in terms of fire safety requirements.

Marble can also become a decorative finishing material. The cost of material sometimes does not allow to make a portal completely. Marble is often added to the stone. Often portals only imitate the marble surface. When choosing a finished product, be sure to be interested in its composition.

A gypsum portal can have a diverse array of painterly components. This kind of portal can be made from gypsum or gypsum sheets, gypsum boards. In this case the skeleton will not be required. Another option is possible - a frame made of metal, sheathed with plasterboard. As mentioned above, this is an option for a fireplace without a source of fire. Gypsum portals often have stucco decorations.

You can attach decorative elements to the portal made of plaster in two ways: on glue and on screws. The only negative point in using this material is a lot of weight. Sometimes this complicates the manufacture and installation of the fireplace portal.

Cast iron portals - ideal for real fireplaces. This material tolerates high temperatures for a long time. Such a portal can become a true heirloom and serve you and your family for over 100 years. The cast iron portal will heat up in a short time, and it will cool for a long time, giving additional heat.

Portals made from MDF and polyfoam are suitable for trimming fireplaces. Such a simple and cheap way can give an interesting result. With proper approach, the portal will look very attractive. This material is very easy to use and is suitable for making a portal with your own hands.

A particular interest of consumers to brass portals has been noticed. The use of brass fireplace is more common in homes of modern styles. Such material may have interesting murals and ornaments. This is the best representative of excellent decor with all the severity of forms and lines.

False fireplace can have a mirror portal. This unusual detail can be a piece of the interior. Quite an interesting decision. Mirror inserts can be located on the inside. Then the imitation of fire will dance in the reflection and doubly delight.

Brick portals have not only a decorative function. They perfectly accumulate heat and benefit. If the brick portal is subsequently decorated, then the quality and external data of the material are completely irrelevant.

Ceramic tile decoration often attracts fireplace owners and portal manufacturers. With it, you can align the walls, imitate other materials. The use of such decor is available for decoration of portals for fireplaces with an open source of fire. The tile is not afraid of high temperatures at all.

For false fireplace

The most ideal and interesting portal you can create with your own hands. There is quite a simple way to create a product from drywall, a beginner can easily cope with it.

Before you proceed to the first stage, decide where and how the portal will be located. Instructions for making:

  1. We make a drawing and preliminary work.This stage is performed prior to the purchase of materials. Take measurements and make a detailed picture. Experts recommend to build a mockup of cardboard in full size. This is how you can consider all the nuances of the work and, perhaps, add some details.
  2. Now you can purchase all the necessary materials in the right quantity. Choose any drywall, metal profile, screws. You will also need a specialized starting and finishing putty, finishing materials to choose from. Make sure you have the necessary tools: screwdriver, metal shears (Bulgarian), level, tape measure.
  3. We make the frame in accordance with the outline of the first stage. Do not be afraid of a variety of bends, you can easily twist drywall blanks. Therefore, rounded ends can decorate your product. Made frame attached to the wall. Smaller membranes will give the structure greater strength. At this stage, you can still make some amendments to the project.
  4. Now we cut out the drywall pieces from the slab and fasten them to the frame with screws. The distance between the screws should not exceed 10 cm. To round off the details, an additional template must be made that will exactly repeat the bend on the frame. On the one hand, drywall is perforated with an awl or roller.The surface is wetted, but not reaching the reverse side. Now apply the material to the template and carefully wrap. Further plaster in this place will require a certain skill.
  5. Now you need to seal all the seams, arrange the corners and primed the surface. Choose a way to decorate the portal. To apply the paint, it is necessary to putty and level the surface several times. You can glue the decorative elements after the primer. The most spectacular models are decorated with facing method.
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Review of finished branded products

Before purchasing the portal, you need to familiarize yourself with what manufacturers offer. Dimplex offers quite aristocratic frontal portals for electric fireplaces. There is a tendency to dark colors, but there are also white models. Such portals will attract attention for its severity and grandeur. A good representative is the Queen model. Deep noble colors: cherry and walnut. This portal has the correct form and well add interior.

Italian manufacturers make marble portals in demand. A good representative can be considered EdilKamin.Here you will find portals in modern style and more standard options. If you decide to make the portal yourself, then pay attention to the decorative parts from China. They are chosen by many experts.

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