Fireplace order

What it is

Ordering is one of the most important stages in the construction of the fireplace. It is necessary in order to properly carry out the future laying of the fireplace. The final result depends on the correctness of its preparation and planning. To protect yourself from unnecessary mistakes and waste, you need to make a diagram of the laying of the fireplace.

If you wish, you can create such a scheme with the ordering of the fireplace yourself, or you can use ready-made samples or the services of qualified craftsmen. Thus, you will be able to independently carry out various orders, as well as, for example, the ordering of a stove with a heating shield.

What is required

To complete the fireplace yourself at home, you will need only a sheet in a box, a pen and calculation data for a future plan. And, of course, the proportion of your attention and patience. If you choose ordering from ready-made drawings, then first you should pay attention to the area of ​​the room where you decided to build a fireplace.


You can use this procedure for a fireplace that will be located in a medium or large room. In addition, the classical order is used for a simple brick hearth. The classic version of the fireplace order is beneficial because you can reschedule it yourself, and it will not take you much time.

To make a classic or simple ordering, you must follow the instructions.

In the first stage, if you want to get an unusual and uncomplicated appearance of the fireplace, you need to spread the basement on the edge. When forming this series, it is best to use a pre-prepared drawing. In addition, the scheme - a drawing in many ways will simplify your task and help you place all the stages in turn.

In the second and third stages, laying is performed flat, i.e. layer. From the first to the third rows should be filled with building materials. The fourth row is the lower horizontal surface in the fireplace. It is folded according to your drawing.

At the fourth stage it is necessary to make a blower. A wood burning fireplace or stove should always have a place for the collection of waste products of combustion.In addition, here it is necessary to make the lattice, most often, make metal options. This grille will be necessary for the next fifth row, you put it on the bricks. In the next step, you should press the metal grid in the following layer.

At the sixth and seventh stages, you must begin to lay the portal. Laying must start at the bottom. The portal should be built up to the thirteenth row. It is worth noting that in the eleventh row it is necessary to make a special mirror tilt. At the eighth stage, you should complete the formation of the slope, it will be the sixteenth row. The laying is necessary to continue to the seventeenth row and then begin the formation of the facade.

At the next stage in the nineteenth row it is necessary to begin laying out the chimney. On the twenty-second row should be positioned the valve, which will close the fireplace or stove.

And finally, at the last, tenth stage, you can create the desired shape of the chimney. Fireplace of brick, made according to these instructions will have increased heat dissipation and heat even large rooms.

For corner fireplace

As already mentioned, the order is a detailed scheme that indicates the position of each brick.In addition, ordering will greatly simplify your task and help you calculate the required number of bricks that you will need when building a stove or fireplace, moreover, you can avoid unnecessary waste.

The order of the corner fireplace is almost the same as the simple or classic version, you just need to take into account a couple of moments. One of such important points is that the foundation should rise 10 centimeters above the floor. You can do this by following the instructions.

At the first stage, it is recommended to lay the base on a clay mortar. Continue to do it until the fourth position (row), where it is necessary to divide the fireplace into two blocks, covered with a stove.

Second phase. The first block should be arranged under the niche for logs, and the second block under the front facade. At the next stage, it is recommended to use a refractory brick, here you should also form the base for the furnace.

At the fourth stage, after the fireplace itself overlaps with the help of a plate made of solid metal, for example steel, the fireplace should be erected according to a previously prepared scheme up to the twelfth row.In order for the entire heating system to work efficiently and without any failures, it is better to use refractory bricks for interior wall decoration.

At the next stage, it is necessary to continue laying, as in the beginning, according to a previously prepared pattern up to the twenty-seventh row. If you want to make additional rigidity, you can install iron corners between the bricks. They can be made by hand.

And, finally, at the sixth stage it is necessary to make valves on top of the building. The corner of the fireplace is in many ways different from the classical, but is not at all impracticable.

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For english fireplace

English wall fireplace has a specific hearth, which has a direct chimney. In addition, in the drawing or design of such a fireplace, a trapezoid-shaped incision should be made in order for heat to flow directly into the room.

Following the instructions you will be able to independently carry out the order of the English fireplace.

To start ordering it is desirable to use ceramic bricks. The first row must be done with the side of the brick. Further and at the subsequent stages the brick should be laid flat.Do not forget that the order of the English fireplace does not provide for the presence of a blower and grille. Most often stove with a blower must be in the design for large rooms. As the elements for fasteners, you can use different sheets of metal.

Further metal fasteners should be blocked by four rows of bricks. On the sixteenth row should be left behind a small hole for equipment for heating.

The variant of the English order implies the location of the furnace in the open form. The firebox should be lined with refractory building materials. In addition, many people forget about the features of water absorption by bricks, so it is recommended to soak the bricks before masonry. Upon completion of construction work, you should wait a few weeks until the brick is completely dry. And only after drying the fireplace can be put into operation.

Other options

On the basis of the previous procedures, you can easily perform the ordering of the furnace - Dutch or Swedish. The main thing is to make the correct drawing and plan everything clearly.

In addition, ordering a fireplace for a barbecue with a cauldron can be a very interesting option for creating your own hands.The draft order of such a fireplace is simple and is a brick bollard with a hollow for the pot. The whole structure has a rather small weight, which is why you can do without a bulky foundation.

If you like to bake homemade bread, then why don't you consider the option of ordering with a bread chamber? Baking a fireplace with a bread maker is quite relevant lately. The stove with a stove bench can be no less interesting, such a stove is considered unique due to the fact that it combines not only heating functions, but also the possibility of cooking. Such a stove will allow you to feel the Russian traditions and touch them.

You can also perform the order of the bell furnace. This design will not only heat the room, but also effectively keep it warm. Kolpakovy fireplace - the furnace will become the successful decision for installation in a country house.

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