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Installing a fireplace in the house is only half the battle. In order for the picture to be complete and the interior complete, the portal and the hearth must be decorated with a decorative grid. This element will be a highlight of the interior, as well as protect the room from fire and hot coal. In addition to forged individual gratings of an unusual type, there are also ventilation products. They move the air flow and increase heat transfer.


Fireplace grille performs various functions. Although the fireplace does not heat the room as well as other devices, but more serves for decoration, it still produces heat. Therefore, ventilation grilles are a mandatory attribute of any fireplace. They will increase the heat transfer. Such a grille for the duct, you can buy or make yourself.

Grilles for fireplaces are embedded and local. Externally, the lattice can look like anything: combine a variety of ornaments, patterns.Lattices will help to keep the heat in the room and better to heat it. This detail will save the chimney and duct from overheating, thereby extending the service time.

The protective function of the grille is also in the fact that it does not allow foreign objects to get into the chimney and vice versa: it does not allow soot and smoke into the room. For the firebox, you should choose a screen of high-quality and durable material that clearly corresponds to the size and overall design.

Good traction in the fireplace will provide the grate. They will support firewood and coal. The grate passes ash through the holes. This allows you to make a new bookmark and better heat the room. Grate bars are better to choose from cast iron. The design of such a lattice can be varied.


Thanks to the choice of a certain type of grille and proper installation, it is possible to create a natural movement of air in the room. Furnace grates have holes. The rate of heating of the room depends on their size. The larger their size, the faster the warm air enters the room. So you can warm more space.

For chimneys on the shelves of shops you can find lattices of different shapes. Initially, they were made rectangular, and now diamond-shaped, round, trapezoid. In terms of functionality, there is no difference between such grids. This is just a matter of taste.

Mud forms as a result of the operation on the duct and chimney of the fireplace. They can be cleaned through the grates. They will help to avoid overheating of internal structures.


Embedded grilles - part of the fireplace design, which is thought out at the stage of construction of the entire heating system. The convection grid in the ventilation grille is specially created so that the cold air from the room easily gets into the fireplace, and the hot one also just returns. At the same time soot and soot should not get into the room with heated air.

In the air fireplace for better air movement in the box and space heating, you can additionally use a fan. In this case, the design in size should be higher and wider than the standard. The grid should not be used in this case. Fireplace grilles for every taste and for any purpose today are easy to find in specialty stores.


The ventilation grille is necessarily included in the design of the fireplace.It may be in a convection box under the ceiling. Hot air goes there. The grill located below serves to draw air from the room. When choosing a grille for ventilation, it is necessary to take into account several nuances - the shape, holes, sizes.

If the vent grille is too large, the air will escape before it reaches the desired temperature. The material must be of high quality, withstand high temperatures. The plastic grille will not work, because it can melt from the hot air. In stores you will not find this, but in the manufacture of their own hands it needs to be considered.

Separate grids are local products. They are mounted on a support at a short distance from the source. The main task of this design is to protect the room from fire and hot particles flying away.


In accordance with the style of the interior, you can choose a grid of any shape. As an element of decor, it can be made of any metal and coated with varnish or paint that can withstand high temperatures. Such a screen is designed to serve as an ornament, so its aesthetic features come to the fore.All kinds of interweaving forms and styles can be combined in such a product.


Metal grilles, intended only for interior decoration, may not have high refractory properties. Air duct and fireplace grilles in this case can be decorated with glass, stone, gilding. If in the first place is protection and safety, then for the hearth it is necessary to use a forged grating made of high-quality material that does not give in to corrosion.

Grilles for fireplaces are usually:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • aluminum;
  • ceramic.

These are the most common materials in the manufacture of fireplace screens.

Preparation method

It’s not so easy to make a beautiful and high-quality lattice with your own hands. It is difficult to choose a high-quality coating for metal that can withstand high temperatures. And the lattice itself may not correspond to the drawn sketch.

  • Welding. From wire or curved rods, a lattice is obtained by welding. All elements are interconnected. With this method, you can try to make a lattice yourself.
  • Casting. Cast fireplace grate is usually made of cast iron.It is an integral part of the fireplace and combines decorative and practical functions. Casting is also widely used as welding. These are the most common manufacturing methods. These products are much cheaper than forged.
  • Forging. Forged products are made in two ways. In the first case, the hot method is used. The metal is heated and processed. This method is used in the manufacture of a batch of products. For individual order is used cold processing, allowing you to freely create.

Forged models of lattices will not only ensure safety and will last for a long time, but will still please the eye. This is especially true for hand-made gratings. In this case, you can choose a model that fits exactly the style of the fireplace and the room itself.

For the English style suitable concise and simple solution. Modern or rococo will require elegant ornament or curls. Symmetrical pattern on the lattice will add elegance and refinement to the interior.

Fabrication and installation

It is possible to make a lattice for a fireplace by the individual order. Then this decorative element, made according to the original design, will reflect your taste preferences. In the ornament can be woven family coat of arms or initials.

To do the ventilation grille or any other possible and independently. The main thing is to choose the material. Since we are talking about high temperatures, the plastic in the work can not be used.

When installing a ventilation grid, clearly calculate the place and direction of all elements. To do this, you need to know exactly where the warm streams are moving. Ideally, they should move inside the room and only there. It is better to entrust installation to a specialist.


To decorate the openwork lattice of metal will help additional forged parts next to the fireplace. It can be a poker, a basket, tongs, even a chair can stand on cast-iron legs. The stencil on the fireplace can also act as a decor. With it, a stone fireplace can be turned into a brick. On the fireplace you can stick various monograms, patterns, monograms.

Ventilation grilles are usually decorated with heat-resistant paint with the addition of metals. You can choose gold, nickel, copper, brass elements. The grid should be selected from ceramics.

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