Fireplace doors with fireproof glass

The front part of the design of any fireplace are doors that protect the room from sparks and coals. When buying special doors should focus on aesthetics and performance. In the process of choosing a door, we must be guided by such important factors as safety of use, style and ease of handling.

Nowadays glass doors have become the most popular. They fit into any interior. It is possible to melt various patterns, drawings on them, the ornament looks very impressive. You can combine a metal frame and glass. A metal frame may not be standard, but form something like inscriptions or lianas. Here you can give free rein to your imagination.

Tempered, fire-resistant glass also allows you to safely watch the flame in the fireplace, as with steel doors. It reliably protects the space of the room from soot and burning.Red-hot glass provides additional protection and has high strength and level of resilience in front of the fire.

An important point is that the door must be bought before the construction of the fireplace. The fact is that it will be impossible to find a door that fits the size of the fireplace, so the fireplace itself should be adjusted to the door. Do not forget that you need to purchase a special glass, the usual tempered for such purposes is not suitable.

The only drawback of glass doors is their great weight. In this case, it is easy to eliminate the problem; it is enough to install a door opening mechanism that will allow you to do it silently and easily. The door must be on sale together with a handle made of non-heating material, so as not to burn the hand.

To prevent the door from heating too much, experts advise to make a small hole in it, as this will help direct the fire in another direction.

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Requirements and standards

Glass must meet all requirements and standards.

  1. The degree of quenching plays the most important role. If the glass is of poor quality, it may simply burst on contact with high temperatures.Ideal glass can withstand the maximum temperature - up to 1000 degrees and not crack when the temperature drops.
  2. It is impossible to scratch, break or damage it, as it is made from special raw materials with the help of specialized devices. All this allows you to get the product, the strength is not inferior to the metal.
  3. Glass thickness - not less than 4 mm.
  4. Single-pane glass is suitable for a home fireplace, but a two-layer one is stronger.
  5. There are glasses that do not get dirty from the inside when in contact with fire. To do this, they are covered with a layer of metal oxide.
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Types and forms

Since glass doors for fireplaces are very popular, there are several types and forms: flat, segmented, circular and curved.

  1. Strained glass. It is manufactured using the hardening method, due to which its ability to resist to extreme temperatures and resistance to mechanical damage is manifested.
  2. Quartz glass. He has only quartz (or sand), nothing superfluous. Due to the complicated manufacturing technology, its price is very high, such material is considered the most expensive,however, its design fits perfectly into any range of colors.
  3. Borosilicate glass. It also contains quartz, only added boron oxide. The advantage of this glass is that it is much more durable than other types. This glass is considered the safest and most fireproof, so that buyers leave their choice on it.

Do-it-yourself door

It is possible to make a door for the fireplace and do it yourself, but this is a very difficult task. You should not do this if you do not have certain skills and experience in this matter.

  1. A form is made into which you later need to insert an angle spread out on a perfectly flat surface.
  2. Uniformity can be checked using an ordinary square.
  3. The joints must be fixed by welding.
  4. A metal frame is installed on the body, where holes are made for the future door.
  5. Cook separately frame, the size of which should be slightly larger than the internal, to protect the room from smoke and burning.
  6. The veil must be welded to the frame, then attach the mechanical element.
  7. We remove all the excess that remains of welding.
  8. Attach the handle.


Care for the glass and wipe it is not only possible but necessary. This can be done only when it cools down, otherwise you can seriously damage it. The stores sell special cleaning agents that create additional protection for the door. It is not recommended to use cleaners that are not intended for cleaning doors made of glass, because they can spoil them.

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